Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Vacay Hike: Where I Wasn't Supposed to Be

I'm almost done wrapping up our hikes from vacay. This hiking day will be a two part post. The first part was on the Rough Ridge trail, which isn't too long, but gives spectacular views! It was trail 1 of mom's b'day hiking.

So anyways, why we loves the Blue Ridge Parkway is they do be very puppy friendly. Which is good. But mom and dad saw something on this trail we'd never seen before...a sign that said "No Dogs on Trail."

What....the....crap. Guess what. We ignored it. We ignored it so good, we don't even have a picture of it. Now, we're not big on breaking the rules, but it said nothing of this dog-discrimination in our trail book, in fact look at this picture:

That dog don't even be on a leash! Of course, this might be a little dated, since the peoples look like they stepped right out of a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode, but oh well. So up we started!

A little after we started, here came two peoples real fast up the trail, and guess who one was? It did be a Park Ranger. Oh snap! So mom put me in a sit and we hoped he would be distracted by the cuteness of the BP and he just said hi and kept going! Whew!

Do you know that BP climbed up that whole trail?  I was impressed, but was getting more impressed as we noticed the leafs were changing colors.

Then we got to the top and WOW!

Mom and I even took a selfie!

We ran into Park Ranger up there and he said Hello again and that I was pretty. So I guess it was my looks that got me by! Whew!

Mom tried to take a picture of Dad, BP and me, but I guess neither me or the BP was in the mood...

On the way out, we did see a sign that we followed, it said "NO BODY COME UP HERE!" so we listened and got ready for trail 2!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vacay Hike 3: Dad's B'day Lake Day

On this day, it was Dad's gotcha day! I won't say exactly how old he is, but if you do the doggy to human years thing, he's still technically younger than me and WAAAAAY younger than Duncan (but seriously, who isn't?)

We went to Price Lake, one of dad's favorite trails. It's a 3-mile loop. And I like it, cause there's A LOT of big water for me to get in.

There's also some awesome rawks to crawl around on. I got to show BP how to do it. He still needs to work on his photo posing though.

See, I got this majestic, super model posing DOWN!

It's a good fun trail, and you know what? Not only is BP learning stuff like climbing on and posing on rocks, he's learning about how to hike! He was a beast on the trail!

He would even get ahead of mom and dad, but no body gets ahead of me!

Like I said, no one gets ahead of....oh crap!

Pretty fall trees with fall leafs....

Do you know that BP walked 2 Miles of this three mile trail! I is quite impressed! We even got a family shot at the end!

That afternoon we went back to the lake trail in town (Bass Lake) which is part of Moses Cone Park, that white house WAAAAAYYY up there is part of the park. Mom said she'd love to live there and own this land. Come on lottery!

I couldn't swim in this lake though. Boooo! But maybe that's a good thing, all that lake hiking and swimming may have made me a bit sleepy...maybe....

Monday, October 13, 2014

Vacay Adventure: Kitties in Shells and a BP in a Tree

On one day of vacay, it was kinda rainy. So we stayed in and chilled out. Which is good, we MIGHT have been a little tired from all our hiking adventures....

Also, dad had to go into town to take an online test for school (He is going back to college to get a degree in something that brings more treat/nom green papers. I support this fully.)

On the way back, he brought back a friend. Neither the BP or I were very sure about this new "friend"

We both gave it the sniff test...

The BP picked it up and it done went HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS at him! Do what?!?! It was like a kitty in a shell! The BP did not approve!

So, we set him free. We already have two kitties back home, we don't need no kitties in shells!

After they let the shell-kitty go, everybody went to to a nice lake trail in town. I said I needed to stay back and get my rest and protekt the cabin. It's a nice trail that is pretty and stuffs.

Also, there is a tree there that LAST YEAR mom and dad put the BP in. Well guess what, they did it again! Here's a comparison photo. Pretty cool, no?

Tomorrow I'll post about Dad's B'day hike. :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hike 2: Linville Falls and George

So, the next day after the Yellow Jacket day, we decided to go to a well traveled trail. The BP even wore yellow to help sway any guys in yellow jackets from heading our way.

 BTW, thank you for the concern about dad's booty. He was okay and able to rejoin us on the trail!

And we're off!

Linville Falls is very's like some major water!

For this part, both BP and I needed to be contained, a little bit dangerous around all this water and rocks and cliffs of death and stuff. I wasn't too happy about this, but apparently the BP thinks it's kinda awesome being carried around...why doesn't I get carried around?!?!

Next, we had to go up up up to get to see Linville George.

Umm, what is holding up my progress? I want to go see this George fella.

Oh, it's the BP slowing us down! He's free and jumping on and over EVERYTHING!!


Mom, there is no George....and why does the sign misspell his name as Gorge?

I was still looking for George, but the BP and the parents saw this awesome view of the falls from way up high. Why aren't they worried for George!??!

Oh well, we never found George, but I did find some nice cool waters for my feets and to drink. I hope someone finds George! Maybe he got taken off by the guys in yellow jackets?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Back from Vacay! Hike 1: Guys in Yellow Jackets are Buttholes

Hey everybody!!! I is back from vacay! Man, I sure needed some time away to unwind, run, roll in mud, smell animal poo and just hang loose! Mom and dad said they really needed it too to get away from the world, since our cabin has no "connecktivity" with the interwebs and stuff. So, after I write this I is going to go back and try to catch up on Bloggerville.

So, I is starting with our first hike. It was on our favorite trail...the SPOOKY trail! We've done it several times (not always with good results...ahem) but we were ready to go! It was a kinda foggy day, so we knew it would be perfect for good spookyness!

We got out and there was NO ONE there, so the Bald Puppy and I got to run free!

Then I heard an "Uh Oh and CRASH"

It's okay, the BP just got excited and kinda, um..rolled off the trail! BOL! It's okay, we can handle that!

(By the way, way to go Mom of the Year, taking a photo instead of helping! BOL!!) So then we got to the stream on the trail. It's awesome. So I went to go get my feets wet, and mom and the BP stopped to do some "selfies" by the water.

Then it happened. We does not have photos for this, so here is the down low on what went down. So, mom and BP were taking "selfies" when dad said "What's going on with Anna? Anna is you Okay??" And to answer it nicely no I was NOT OKAY!! WE CANNOT HANDLE THIS!!!

Mom looked up and saw me kinda running/scooting and jerking my head back. Then mom said "Something is on her...." Yes, something was on me and putting the bitey on me...and then it put the bitey on the BP and he started screaming...then mom realized and said BEES!!!!!!!!!!

She picked up BP and we all ran down the trail, we stopped and dad was trying to get the bitey bees off me and mom got them off BP but they were still following us, we went further and they was still there, finally about 30 yards away we was safe.

But they wasn't bees, they were Bees in Yellow Jackets. And bees in yellow jackets are buttholes.

BP was only stung twice, once on one ear and behind the other ear. Me, I don't know how many times they bit me. Thank dog for long, thick furs! Mom got bit on the hip, shoulder and back...and dad...well, it in the butt (which I have to admit, mom and I giggled at this).

At this point, we was done. So mom carried BP to the car (thank dog mom has strong yoga arms) and dad kept an eye on me since I got the bitey a lot. We got home, took bennydrill and passed out.

Later that day, mom, BP and I went for a hike on the property, property with no guys in yellow jackets.

We was all feeling much better...well except dad with his butt, so he stayed at the cabin. Mom took another selfie with BP... cute! So I decided to get in on the kissy action too...

Whew! I have to say, this was the most adventurous of our hikes. Everybody was fine and dad's butt was okay by the next day. So I'll have more of our non yellow jacket butthole hikes this week! Off to catch up!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Danger from Above...Be on Guard!

Well, it's a first. It's actually the first day of Fall and it ACTUALLY feels like fall here in Alabama! I don't know if that's ever actually happened before!

So yesterday afternoon, we was outside enjoying a nice fall evening. Dunc and I were chilling in the yard, the Bald Puppy was running around with a stick, Winston was chasing bugs, Mia was doing whatever it is Mia does.

It was great. And then IT HAPPENED!

Do you see it? Do you see what my supersonic ears and doggie senses caught RIGHT above the Bald Puppy's head?!?!

Look close....

I'll even biggyfy it more...

That do be a no good tree rat skwirl leaping above! I know for sure it was going to try to attack the BP, but I was there and skeered it away! I made sure I chased it into our neighbor's tree and out of our yards.

This is the season of the Tree Rats my friends....they are out and planting their acorn bombs and acting all brave. Be on the lookout and proteckt your peoples!! Viva la revolution versus the tree rats!

PS. we'll be leaving for vacay tomorrow and won't have much internets, so I hope you all are well while I'm gone. I'll check back in mid October and let you know about our travels and catch up with all the latest Blogville gossip! Hugs and licks!