Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mom on the Blog. Help Us All.

Anna's mom here. Well, apparently today is the day we parents get to grace our fur-kids blogs with our presence, but only briefly. First, a big shout out and thank you to Anna for letting me use her social media, although she said it must not be boring.

Secondly, I'd like to give a shout out to all of our Bloggerville family. Over the years I've virtually met so many great pets and occasionally their people on this community--even meeting a few in person. I've cried as friends have left us, smiled as new ones were found and laughed at countless stories and experiences that others allow us to enjoy.

And finally, to the reason I'm allowed to post today, to brag on my kids. The reason I've even had the pleasure of meeting these pets and their people. Each one holds a special place in my heart and fills a particular void in a way only they can.


The newest member of the family, I'd say this fella doesn't really know he's a cat. I really think that he thinks he's a dog (Anna says NO KITTY!). He's Anna's buddy, lets the Boy do whatever to him and is always entertaining. While not a major lap cat (he'd rather stretch out on the couch) he does like to be around his people and fur-family. He's the perfect clown for the family!


Mia is the quiet sweetheart. She'll curl up on you and take a nap. She'll sleep on your feet in the bed and keep them warm. For a large kitty she has a quiet mee-yew. She reminds me of a somewhat sophisticated lady, she's picky in her tastes, enjoys the finer things in life, but will also smack you if you deserve it. We rescued her from the back of a dogcatcher truck 8 years ago and she's gone from the young, wild one to the cozy, fluffy companion.


What can I say about the old guy? He's been with us since before we were married. He's a quiet guy. Not a lot of play, doesn't care about toys but can throw down food like no body's business. He wants nothing more than to be petted (for hours if you'd let him), sniff the grass and to lay in the sun. If he could talk, he could speak volumes to every part of our marriage. He's seen it all and gone through it all with us. From dating, to engagement, to wedding to parenthood, he's gone through it all with us. He is the gentlest soul, but will defend his people. At 17  I think he believes he could still kick anyone's butt. We couldn't imagine our lives without him, he's been there for all of it. 


First, do you know how hard it is to just find one picture of Anna to use? Anna is my heart dog. She is my best friend, buddy, protector and confidant. Anna has made me the better dog mom I am today. I trust her like no other. With my life and that of my child. To say she has personality is an understatement, but she also has a huge heart. She's ready for an adventure or just to be near her people. When we brought Anna home, I was still grieving Maggie, but it's like this little bundle of fur knew that and just filled my heart. Is she perfect? Well, okay, just to avoid an argument, yes, yes she is, but even if she wasn't, I wouldn't trade her for the world. She's a goofball and, in reality, quite a chicken, but will stand her ground if she needs to. She has a big bark but an even bigger heart and soul. Whenever people say things like "Dogs don't feel guilt, joy, human emotion or have souls" I am saddened that they have never had a dog like this in their lives to show them that there is a reason Dog spells God backwards. 

So, that's it. My one time to brag on my kids on her blog. In fact, I brag on them all the time. When people ask me how many kids I have, I respond: Five, four four-leggers and a two legger. And I love them all with all of my heart. 

Much love,
Dog Mom

Friday, January 23, 2015

Duncan's Football Career is Over

Well, the verdict is in--Duncan won't be playing in this year's Superbowl. The Brett Farve of dogs is on the sidelines.

Mom and dad noticed on Wednesday the old fart's left back leg was stiff. He could get around okay, but when he got on our wood floors, he didn't want to put any weight on it and would slip and fall and go boom. Thinking it was arthuritis, they took him to Dr. Vet yesterday.

After an examination, Dr Vet said:  "First off, at his age (17 in three weeks) and size, I'm impressed the old guy is still with us, let alone in such great shape. I know dogs half his age I wish were in such great shape! But for the bad news, Duncan has a crucial ligament rupture--like a football injury."

Basically, the old guy's knee is shot. He can get around fine, but when he's on an unstable surface (the aforementioned wood floors) it slips and he goes boom.

Put me in coach! Wait, what?
At his age, surgery just really isn't an option. So here's our protocol for right now:

1. Adequan injections
2. Carpet runners on the wood floors for the Duncan trails
3. He needs to lose a few pounds (Mom called out dad for giving Dunc extra noms)

QUACK! QUACK! Do you hear a duck? This doctor has clearly lost her mind. Shots and reduced noms? I'm not amused and ready to go.

So, what do you get an old fart that's for his b'day in three weeks?

No bow needed.

Ta-Da! Rugs and needles! Mom has purchased about 40 ft of matching rugs and made a Duncan trail, which has actually really helped. The old guy is still a little wary of the floor, but is learning that he won't fall on the rugs. I've learned that the kitties can't hear me coming down the hall so I can pounce on them! Muwhahahahahahahaha!

We'll be trying the adequan for  month or two, if that doesn't help, the ortho Dr. Vet says there's a shot they can give in the knee (OUUUUCH!).

So there you go. No Superbowl for the old man, just a reduced nom bowl. Although, mom said he still gets his cheeseburger and fries for his b'day. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Something Stinky, and Fabulous

Hey all! So, it's been since Christmas huh? I don't know about you, but January is sure a busy time for my peoples. Mom's work is very demanding at the first of the year, which is totally not fair for my and my computer time! Oh well. We're all still here, had a fabulous holiday with lots of presents and noms.

Side note before I start today's post, can you zoom good thoughts for Duncan? He's going to see Dr. Vet today. He's not putting much weight on his left back leg, making it hard for him to get around on the wood floors in the house. Mom and dad think it's Mr. Arthuritis, I mean, Duncan does turn 17 in three weeks, so we're hoping it's something we might be able to handle with Adequan shots. I'll post tomorrow what we find out. Paws crossed!!

Now, on to my stinky, fabulous post! The holidays were over, but the Mr. UPS man brought a box! Yay! And mom said it did be for me and not the kitties like last month's delivery. Thank you people at Chewy. com for not letting mom just order kitty crap anymore.

Back off Winston!!! This is mine!

Hmm...what's this? It is Wishes (fishes!) from the Honest Kitchen. It's pure dehydrated fishes. Mom likes the Honest Kitchen, they do make their pet noms in the same place as they make people noms so they is all up to standards.

Here Fishy Fishy....

While Winston got in the plain ol' brown box...

Kitties...I can't even understand them...
I got right to it in the box that mattered!!!

Now, let me tell you, at first mom was like oh these are nice, dry and can be crumbled into kitty/smaller sizes quite easily...

But then Dad was like: OMG WHAT IS THAT SMELL?!?! And then they did realize that it smelled like a fish boat in the house. Now, we see no problem with this, but dad was like YUCK!! We decided to see just how stinky these things were....could they awake a sleeping old fart from a dead, snoring sleep?

When he's out, an earthquake wouldn't move him...

We put it in front of Duncan's sniffer, and then....

He's alive!!!
Yep, the fishy treats were stinky enough to wake up Duncan from mid snore! But he didn't mind...

It was as if the Prize Patrol showed up to the front door, Duncan was very happy!
Neither did I! Nom!!

Overall, us three really liked them. Mia, sniffed it and walked off. So, we give it three tails out of four. Between the three of us, we ate the whole box, which dad was glad because of the smell. It only lingered for a bit, but Dad told mom not to get these. But, if your peoples don't mind a little bit of fishy-ness, they're pretty good. I didn't drool over them, but they were quite nommy.

Chewy. com nor Honest Kitchen did not pay us for this review. We is part of a blogger review program, so we get stuffs to try out in exchange for our honest opinions.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

July in Christmas

So you ever seen those commercials in the summer when they say they is having a Christmas in July sale? Well, guess what, I just got July in Christmas!

We've had a lot and I mean A LOT of packages delivered to the house. Mom does all her holiday shopping online. Between that and the last package being for the kitties, not me (boo!), I didn't really pay any attention to the mail yesterday. Until mom said: Look Anna! A package for you!

I was like, what??

So mom did open it for me and I read the card.

It did be a gift from Noodles! I had won a wacky hat contest back in July. This is was awesome timing on Noodles part, since I didn't receive my monthly Chewy surprise. So way to go Noodles! Now, on the the presents!

Check out this swag! Swag I don't have to share with kitties (in fact, mom shooed THEM out of the house so Winston wouldn't try to eat my stuffs!)

Check out these pawsome, homemade doggie treats! NOM! Wait, what's behind me...oh that do be Duncan sniffing the noms. He may be deaf, but his snooter knows good noms when he sniffs them.

So, I does share with the old man. I don't know if he actually even tasted them...

I did....they were delicious! Props to the chef!

Then I played with the squeaky bone!

It was fun! The BP even threw it around for me! Thanks Noodles! It was a great, and delicious surprise!

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May it be filled with love, laughter and delicious noms!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Chewy Kitty--No Cubelets

So our item for review came in! Yay! But, what the said it was for the kitties?!?! I feel so betrayed! And if that wasn't bad enough, I was shooed out the door so mom could let the kitties try out the item. Humph. Santa better make up for this, and this better not happen again---I'm looking at you Mom and the (nice) peoples at Chewy that allowed this slip of insanity to happen.

Oh well, here it is. Mom chose the Wellness Divine Duos kitty noms. These feature a Chicken Pate and Diced Duck cubes. It's all real ingredients and Mom was so happy to see that this meaty, wet kitty nom did not have the nasty ingredient carrageean in it. Mom learned all about it when Simon got older and sickly. It's very bad for kitties,can cause inflammation, intestinal cancers, bad poops (which is what we think ended up taking Simon from us) and so on.

It is very common in wet foods (even people foods, so watch out!) to make it gelatin like, and trust us, it's hard to find a wet food that DOESN'T have this stuff in it. Mom read labels after labels after labels and it was hard to find. So, she was so happy to see it wasn't in this kitty nom.

I think Winston knew this was just for him!

Initial Winston reaction: He was all over it! But then he kinda slowed down, and took his time to nom it up. Which mom liked. But then we noticed something...

He ate the Pate stuff, but wasn't into the cubes. In fact, he kinda played with them. Winston, stop playing with your food!!

Winston says: I gives it 2 out of four paws, I'd give it three if it was just the mushy pate stuff, I don't think I'm down with the cubelets.

So then it was on to Mia to try this out.

Mia was being a diva and insisted that her food be served to her by the light of the Christmas tree. Ugh, kitties.

Mia nommed nice and slow. But guess what she did....

Yep, she left the cubelets too. So, I guess there you have it folks. Kitties are picky, whereas Duncan and I would have just inhaled it all. Final verdict: 2 of 2 kitties agree, pate only, no cubelets. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Crying over a White Christmas

Last night mom was moving groceries in and this happened....

Mom was close to crying (That's $6 organic whole cow juice on the floor....)

While Winston and Duncan thought it was the most magical, exciting Christmas gift ev-er! Sigh, I guess we did have a White Christmas after all!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014