Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Winston Wednesday--Where the Wild Winston Things Are

Hey all! Does it seem Winston is taking over my blog?? Well, mainly he is cause it's just hot out, but that will soon change in:


DAYS when we go on Vacay!! Woot woot! Until then, here's the newest happenings at the house:

So Saturday it wasn't too hot out, we were even able to go on a walk Friday night. Dad was outside smoking some pork (NOM!!!) and so we were all outside, when Mom said: Let's let Winston outside!

I was like heck yeah! But mom thought I might be too much do better if I were inside the first time we let Winston out. 

Eventually, he'll be an indoor/outdoor kitty like Mia. Outside during the day if the weather is okay and inside whenever he wants and at night. At first he was a little WHAT THE HECK?!?! 

But after chilling out (literally, the Bald Puppy poured some water on him as you can see above....sigh) he did really good and was all into nature. 

But then the Bald Puppy saw him in MY PIT!! DO WHA?!?!?!

He even started digging in my pit!

I don't know how to feel about this. At first, I don't like it, it's MY PIT! But then again, it's nice to have some help on those days I don't feel like hearing: ANNA! WHY ARE YOU COVERED IN DIRT/MUD!?!?! UGH! It might be nice to have someone else to blame it on....

Overall, Winston was very comfy with being outside. Right now, he's only allowed on chaperoned outings. Mom says after he gets his final shots, we'll work on letting him be outside while Mom and Dad are home to keep an eye on him. Duncan is quite excited about this since he already noms on any of the voles or whatnot Mia catches and brings to the back door. Duncan may have to go on a strict diet...

BTW, look how deep my pit is! You can barely see Bald Puppy's head sticking up back there! AWESOMESAUCE!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Winston Wednesday--Cat Stick

My friends, we all know that kitties are, well, weird. They do weird things. They poop in boxes (NOM!), sleep all day, run around at night and countless other things. So it should come as no surprise that Winston, is indeed, weird.

The other night, we're all chilling out. I'm chewing my cow ear. Duncan is passed out and mom and dad are chilling. Then we hear this noise of something being batted around the floor.

Then Dad is like: Winston is carrying something in his mouth...

This is the only thing we saw, it's like catching a glimpse of Bigfoot:

Finally, mom got him to slow down and quit spazzing out...

Hmm...still don't know what that is!

Okay, this is out of control, I had to put down my nomming cow ear and go clarify the situation:


Do you know what that is??

I do believe that is something they call "Cat Stick". I don't know why mom had this in her purse, but Winston went in there and got it, then made it a toy! I guess it makes sense, being "Cat Stick" and all. :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Peeper Check!

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a funtastic weekend! Mine was pretty good. I played with the BP and chilled out. And on Saturday,  I had my first of two yearly visits with Dr. Eye Vet.

I has Pannus, an eye condition that hits us Shepherd's pretty hard. I just have to have two eye drips, twice a day FOREVER!! I don't really enjoy it, but mom says if I don't my eyeballs will fall out! YIKES!  (I don't think this is true, but I'm not taking any chances!)

Dr. Eye Vet is only at our clinic once a month, so going is a big deal. I usually see a lot of other shepherds up there too, and pugs.

Here I am in the waiting room, looking out the portal of freedom!!!

Well, we made it into the exam room. I wonder if Frankie has been here yet for his eyeballs? Oh well,  I'll hide under here, maybe they won't find me?

Hey, what's all that stuff??

A closer look at all Dr. Eye Vet's instruments. Whoa!

She came in and looked me over, then she had to turn out the lights so she could use some little flash-lighty things to look in my eyes. No flash photography allowed, so here's what mom said it looked like:

After Dr. Eye Vet turned the lights on she told mom I looked good (well duh!) and we was doing well with my eyeballs, so they shouldn't fall out or anything.

Okay, so can we go now??? I don't have to see her again until February! Whew! Good news! But mom said I will have to go back up to Dr. Vet soon for my shots and stuff. BOOOOOO!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Snow in August = Early Fall

The other day, we were in the yard and mom looked up at our big ol' hackberry tree and went:


I thought she was either about to be attacked by a squirrel or maybe had a seizure or something, but then she got real excited about the snow in the tree.

What you say? It's August in Alabama and a gabillion degrees! There can't be no snow! That's what I said, so mom showed me a leaf:

Hmm...Okay mom, we're worried about you....

Maybe the leaf is an alien and getting in your brain....

So I put the bitey on it....

But then she told me to look. Wow! See the snow!

Well, it's actually not snow. It's these little white bugs that mom says always appear a few weeks before fall arrives! I'll biggify it for you:

Well what the dog! That thing does have little antennae and stuff! Shockingly, their real name isn't: White Fluffy Fall Bug, but instead the Asian Woolly Hackberry Aphid. They does only nom on Hackberry trees and typically, by the time we see them everywhere, it's late summer to early fall! The Woolly Fall Bug may be on to something!!

Speaking of fall, they do fall everywhere! Duncan looks like he has dandruff, but nope, it's the Woolly Fall Bug.

I sure does hope the Woolly Fall Bug is right and we'll be in cooler weather soon! And don't worry, the Woolly Fall Bug doesn't hurt the tree, he just noms on some leaves, but the tree is fine! Maybe if the Woolly Fall Bug is right, he could replace that stupid HedgyHog that never gets the weather right!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Hiking Training

By the weirdest fluke ever, the weather here last week was actually not unbearably hot! It was like 80 degree and no hoomidity (don't worry, it's back to the normal gabillion degrees and 1000% hoomidity).

It was so nice, we actually got to go for an afternoon walk! I know what you're thinking "Shut the front door!" well we did, we shut it and set off!

Mom put my backback on me so we could carry waters and my bowl, and she also said it would be good for me to get back into the swing of wearing it. We are only:


away from our vacay/mountain hiking trip. OMD I'm so excited!! So time to train!

Now, I don't need much training, I'm a pro yo. I got this hiking thing down pat. I know my "Stops" and "Sits" and even the dreaded "Leave Its" so I'm good to go. But now I have a new task, of keeping an eye on the Bald Puppy. So we started off easy at the grassy area at the school by our house.

I taught him how to follow me through the rugged terrain....

Not to go too far or I will be forced to run after you and herd you back...


Do not taunt the Anna with sticks, or ....

 ...the Anna will take your stick!!

 But most of all, that the trail is fun and it's good to have a hiking buddy!

All in all he did pretty good! He walked the whole way there, around there and back home for about a total of a bit over a mile. Can't wait for it to get cool again so we can do more training!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Winston Wednesday: Mystery Science Theater

Okay, a little back story:

Two Friday's ago, our TV in the house went kaput. Like it would get all green and you couldn't see anything. The best it would get after an hour was this:

Mom tried to blame those "meddling kids" but she knew that with it being the weekend, the BP (and her too, she has some shows she loooooves to watch) would need the TV. So, she went and bought a new one. It's pretty big. Dad was very impressed.

Okay, so now to this weekend. Winston, the crack head kitten, has discovered the TV. He'll jump up there and try to catch the TV peoples. Which is just stupid (I know, I've tried).

Mom was watching one of her favorite shows, Mystery Science Theater 3000. In it, a man and his two little robot buddies watch and make funny commentary on old, horrible horror movies. It's pretty funny. Well, while she was watching it, you see the heads of the little commentator peoples and then mom was like "one of these is new!"

Do you see a set of kitty ears?? Mom didn't know what was funnier. The fact that Winston fit PERFECTLY into the MST3000 set or that our TV was big enough that he looked like he fit in there!

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Little Dirt Don't Hurt

I like the finer things in life. A nice sip of ice-cold water. A fantastic pink collar and matching leash. A delicious piece of bacon. A wandering stroll in the mountains, contemplating the meaning of life and our place in the universe. I also like dirt.

Its' hard to find someone who has the same affinity for dirt as I do. Dirt is awesome. It smells great, has all kinds of bugs in it and is well, dirty. Mom and dad do not share my love of dirt, but luckily my minion, the Bald Puppy, does.

We were outside yesterday morning for like an hour before it became a gabillion degrees outside and mom was reading a book and noticed that both the BP and I got really quiet. She looked up and found:

See, I was laying in the dirt and then the BP got out his little shovel thing and threw more dirt on me and covered me up! Isn't that FANTASTIC?!?!?!?! Well, yes, it was, but mom didn't think so. Luckily mom had the pool out for us, so she made us rinse off before going inside. 

Oh well, at least we had a little bit of dirty fun before the Fun Police got involved!!