Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Anna Alarm

In the darkness, mom sensed something, something cute, adorable and fantastic!

With a little more light through the window mom saw it was...

Her daily Anna Alarm!!

Oh, Hi mom! Glad you're up. I'll just wait right here while you get my morning noms ready, k?

Monday, February 23, 2015

And the Oscar Goes To...

For the category of: Best Actor in Sharing of Your Movie Popcorn:

Bald Puppy!!

For the category of: Best Supporting Actors in Eating of Said Shared Popcorn:

Me and Duncan!

I don't know about you, but these awards were way more exciting than that Oscar Dude's show! :)

Munch munch much....

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Twas a Dark and Stormy Night....

....and mom was in the tub, getting her 15 minutes of calming, hot relaxation. The Bald Puppy was watching his stories (Team Umizoomi anyone?) in the living room.

Drip, drip...went the water. There was a rainy storm outside and every once in a while mom would hear the wind and rains. Then she did hear something else...



Shuffle shuffle...


Then it would be gone. She'd settle herself and then again...


What do it be?!? She got out of the tub, looked down the darkened hall....

A dark, haunting silhouette...quickly she went to her bedroom....

pant pant...shuffle...groan...

What is in the darkness of the hall?!?!

Quickly, she reached for the hall light...and found....

A panting, shuffling and very hungry geriatric dog. :)

Mom, don't you know we eat at 7:30 and it do be 7:40? Get with it, the old man is hungry!!!!

Sigh, between the 2 year old bald puppy and the 17 year old Old Fart, mom can't get no relaxashions!!BOL!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I hope you all had a wonderful luvy dovey Valentine's Day! We don't do a normal "VDay" at our house, because VDay is actually D-Day.

It started out with me going to see Eye Doctor Vet to get my peepers checked out. All is good and my pannus is well under control. So there was one D down.

Then, when we left Dr. Vet, mom made one more stop. The weather was nice and 50s so I chilled in the car, and when she came back I smelled something Delicious. But that's all I got, cause when we got home I got Dumped outside so mom and dad could give Duncan his B'day Gift!

That do be a Five Guys burger. Last year Duncan got a McDonald's burger, so for his 17th (yes, his gabillionth) b'day he got a special, $7 burger!!!

Duncan says "Oh, it's on like Donkey Kong!!"

Let's do this!

It's much like a Great White Shark feeding frenzy...I feared for mom's fingers!!

And not a crumb was left! He's like a Dyson vaccuum!

Then he did give a good look of Desperation. He's had a lot of practice over the last century to work on this!!

So our VDay was more like a Doggy D Day, which mom and dad said was just perfect!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Preparing Our Teefers for Love

Yay! January is over, and now it's February, the month of looooooove. And you can't have loooooove with nasty, stinky teefers (YUCK!). So February is also critter dental awareness month. It's also a new month so we gets a new item to try out for the peoples at They gave us a bunch of dental related stuffs (so we can get our smooches on) so I was ready to see what we had.

Oh, it does be the Blue Buffalo Dental the Large size! The good thing is, these do come in different sizes, from teeny tiny to big biggie for all sizes of puppers.

They is made here in the USofA, has good natural ingredients and has some added stuff for joints and bones, which is a big deal in our house with the "older" pet population...which is passed out behind me.

It's a good size for a bigger girl like me!

Speaking of the "older" pet population, we had the opportunity to try the "can it wake up the old fart from dead asleep" test.

And it did!!!!

Mom had to break it to Winston that these was not for kitties. HA HA kitty!!!

As you can see, we both nommed them down. They is good in that they do take a little time to chew, and also good that they're not TOO HARD to chew for certain "older" people in the house, who has a harder time putting the bitey on hard things. And there are several in the bag, so we've got to enjoy these for several days.

We give this a four out of four paws. It was good, filling and kept us busy for a little bit, so we wasn't scarfing it down then staring at the mom with the "Next?" look on our faces.

We does not receive green papers for this review. We is part of a pet-blogger program from Chewy and our review is totally our honest opinions.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winston Wednesday--Purr-ito

Winston did this completely by himself.....

Kitties are weird, and Duncan was not amused by the new "speedbump" on his carpet runner trail system...

Friday, January 30, 2015

Walking the Brown Carpet

Awards season is upon us. Celebrities are walking down the red carpet showing off the latest fashions and all that jazz. At our house, we kinda have the same thing. Except it's not red. And there aren't any cameras or celebrities. And it's just for a 17-year old dog and his bum knee. So yeah, JUST LIKE Hollywood!

Here he is this morning making his way down a section of our 45 ft of brown carpet that mom had to get from two different Wally Worlds.

Duncan! Duncan! Who are you wearing??

So far, the carpet runners have really helped. The rugs combined with our Adequan injections have resulted in zero falls in the last few days.

Mom, after discussing his knee issue with some of her doggie peeps, has ordered a new supplement called Ligaplex I to help rebuild some of the tissue in his knee. It should be here tomorrow.

An interesting side note: Apparently the old man has no trouble at all walking on the plain ol' kitchen floor when mom is in the kitchen cooking. It's some sort of "miracle" I suppose (can you sense me rolling my eyes?)

He really hates mornings.

He's pretty much learned to stay on the rugs (but as you can see above, maybe not first thing in the morning) and we're pretty happy with how he's been doing so far. Thanks for all the good vibes and POTP!

SIDENOTE for Bunny and her Mom: For some reason I cannot comment on your blog! This is driving me crazy! I didn't want to think I was ignoring you and your dreamboat brother! :)