Monday, April 27, 2015

Digging Tracks

One our afternoon walk we decided to check out the construction site near our house. Apparently the do be building some new people homes so we snooped went to check out their progress.

The boy, he do love him some construction stuffs.

I was all, "Whatever, I can dig much better than these things!!"

While the boy did be checking out the big trucks and stuff, I did do some sniffing. I sniffed all kinds of stuff. Other doggy tracks, even some raccoon tracks. Then I did find something that got my sniffer all working overdrive...

Mom said those do be deer tracks!!! What!?!? I had no idea we had deers right in our neighborhood! Maybe the deers do be moving in one of these new homes?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Monster Outside

It was a dark night...we was all chilling out when mom heard a noise outside the door...


Mom crept closer...ROOOOOOARRRRRRR!!!!

As she peered out into the darkness, there it was...the source of the loud roaring...

She opened the door, and what do it be?

Duncan. Snoring old Duncan! He wasn't too happy about being woken from his roaring-snoring slumber, but he was so loud we could hear him through the door and over the TV!!!

Maybe he needs one of them CPAP things??? BOL!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Hairy Review

Oh, glorious day! The UPS man, who I normally bark at, brought our monthly item to review! I was all excited! What do it be? Fishy noms? A bone? I knew it would be something yummy for me since I had the talk with mom about no more kitty-themed stuffs. I was soooo excited! I couldn't wait to see  and eat it...

Hmm...this doesn't smell like a treat....


For SOME reason mom decided to try out the Furminator Dual Brush thingy. Once I realized it do be a brush, I hightailed my fluffy butt right out of there. I sat far away and gived mom the stink eye. Now, for some reason, Duncan do love to be brushed, so mom got him to try this thing out.

The brush do have two sides, one is with the small needly things and the other more normal brush bristles. The brush bristles were more of a pain than anything, since the Duncan fur did stick to it in no time and was a pain to get out. So then we did try the needly side.

The evidence is above. The bottom floofy pile is from the new Furminator brush. The top floofy pile is from our old Furminator rake thing. Even after using the New brush, the old one was better at getting more of Duncan's furs quicker. Which is good, because for some reason mom doesn't want to spend hours brushing a dog.

Maybe the brush is better for dogs with longer hair? Mom did get it on me for a few swipes and didn't get too much. I think the needles do be too far apart for maximum Duncan de-floofing. It works, just takes more time.

Overall, we do only have to give this 2 our of 4 paws. I think it do just depend on fur types,  but the birds did appreciate it. They do have some warm birdie nests for sure now!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Put Me in Coach!

Ah Spring! One of my favorite times of year. The days are a little bit longer, warmer and we're able to go for evening walks. It has become one of Bald Puppy's fave activities, and I have to agree! We walk through the 'hood up to the schools where I can run free. There are green fields and small practice baseball fields for us to play on.

Mom said thank god all the mud had dried. BOOOO!

Do you think this would work as a bat?

Another favorite part of spring is that little peoples do use these practice fields, and guess what they tend to leave behind???

Forgetfulness is awesome!!!!
Yep, they tend to leave practice balls!! Which means....

Time to work on your fast ball mom!
It's time to play a good game of fetch the ball!!!!!

That do be me running at super dooper Shepherd Light Speed!
It was a good exercise day! Time to take this bad boy back home to add to my collekshion!

Whew...I might need some more spring practices!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Unless it's a Bully Stick Tree, I'm not Impressed

I walked out this last week to see the BP playing in the yard, but then I also saw that mom had some shovels, and she was moving dirt from the yard into MY pit!!

Umm...what the crap mom?!?!?!

Apparently, mom has decided to start a garden, which I find quite funny, since she can't grow pretty flowers. I inspected the area for these new "gardens" or as I call them, dirt piles of plant death.

I mean, seriously mom, what are you thinking?? Vegetables? And filling in my pit!?!? Pfft.

No need for words here....

So I just plopped down my pretty fluffy but and told her what I think of this....

Mom said these raised beds (dirt piles of death) will grow tomatoes, basil, squash, okra, strawberries and lettuce. I think she should just save her time and money and buy me some more bully sticks, but I'm humoring her. She did use a saw and all, so that's a little impressive...but not much. Let's see how this adventure goes!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Where Am I?

Can you find me?

Hmm...where could I be?

Mom was at a loss...she was putting up laundry and heard maniacal, toddler laughter and came in and couldn't find me...

I'll give you one guess on how I got put into a hidey spot...

At least I was warm! :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Dehydrated Yummyness

Yay! It's item review time! And while mom selected something new, she knows the way to our hearts and tummies! Dehydrated Stuffs!!!

These do be the Halo Liv-A-Littles, little liver bites. Mom likes the Halo company, they make good kitty food without that carr-agean stuff that can make kitties sick.Hmm....I think I do see something lurking in the background....

Wow, Duncan, who'd a thunk it? He's deaf as a doornail, but man, can he still detect when food is brought out!!

Outta the way old man!!!

We did both nom down on these....NOM!!!!

Mom also likes these type treats cause the kitties can have them too. Pffft. Whatever. But Winston was outside, so she tried Mia, and Mia doesn't like ANYTHING so I waited to get her cast-offs--that do be me all sneaky like. I learned from Duncan.

But Mia ate them. CRAP! Oh well. And while we don't have pictures, Winston did eat them too.

So the Liv-a-Littles did get a four out of four tails up! Mom likes them since they're from a good company, they're easy to break up for kitties and makes us all happy!

We is not paid for this review and it is our honest opinions...and our honest opinion is this do be yummy!