Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Operation: Black Blur of Fury

The other night, mom was sleepy and headed to bed. Me, being the awesome dog I am had a feeling something wasn't right, walked in and OMD what did I see? Winston the kitty was in there with mom ATTACKING her feets under the covers while she was reading her book!

Oh, this will not do!

So I did what any 70 pound petite damsel would do and jumped on the bed. Mom looked at me with annoyance and concern appreciation and confidence of me and Winston being on the bed together.

**NOTE: Photos were taken with mom's phone and altered to show up better since there wasn't too much light, making this all so much scarier in person! So they're not the best quality.**

I kept my eye on the kitty, because, as awesome as Winston is, he's still a kitty and can't be trusted.

He kinda slinked off to the side, but I kept my laser eyes focused on him.

Then I THINK he made his move for mom, that or I might have gotten a bit excited, but either way I launched into ACTIVE ANNA PROTEKTION MODE.

Mom couldn't even catch me on camera very well since I was so fast! Then she dropped the camera because I "may" have stepped/jumped on her and possibly crushed her legs as I ran Winston off the bed. Whew! Now she was safe!

Dad said all he heard was:

Mom: Anna, leave the cat alone...


Mom: Anna, leave Winston alo......


Mom: OWW! Anna! OWWW!!!

I think dad is making up stuff, that's totally not how it went down. :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I Haz Yardwork Minon

Since the weather was so nice last weekend, we spent a lot of time outside! But since it has been so hot, our yard was in a bit of bad shape. It was time to do some yard work!

Look at this giant stick with leafs I found in the yard!! I put the bitey on it to warn other sticks to stay away!

Then the Bald Puppy came to help out. He loves sticks like I do! I've taught him so well!

And I was like hmm...maybe I can use his willingness to my advantage! So I took him over to my pit, which was in a bit of disrepair due to all the rains! It had filled it up with dirt, making it a much less deep pit. Boo!

After inspektion, the boy and I knew this would not do!!

I lazily watched we both worked so hard! The Bald Puppy used his stick to help dig my pit hole!

I was going to help, but he was doing such a good job...hmm, I may or may not have took a nap...ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Winston Wednesday--Lair Of Doom

After the whole "humiliation of the furry dog kids" event of the 4th by the parents (namely MOM) I decided we needed a plan to combat any further crimes against us kids.

Duncan didn't count, he's a traitor. He'd sell us out for noms in a heartbeat.

So I casually asked Winston if he wanted in. Shockingly, even though he's pretty young, he was like "Heck yeah! I keep hearing mumblings of something called "neutering" and I think I need to be a head of the game."

That was just two of us. Mia was all "Pfft. I'm going outside. You're on your own. Toodles!" I needed a third....who could it be...who could it be...wait! I know! Bald Puppy! He's a sucker for Winston and I could use my power of foot licking/tickling! But we didn't need that. He was cool with it, as long as he just got to hold Winston and say: CAT!!!! CAT!!!

But where could we devise our plans? Mom would never let the BP go under the bed. Hmm...then BP shocked us and took Winston to a space under our built-in. See, as long as he's there holding Winston and being all cute, mom leaves us alone!! SCORE!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our LAIR OF DOOM!!!!! MUWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Monday, July 7, 2014

July 4th... Independence Day Of Torture

Hey all! Did you have a wonderful July 4th Holiday?? We sure did (to a point...I'll get there in a bit)! Mom and dad were off Friday AND the weather was FANTASTIC!! We're talking no hoomidity, a breeze and high only in the 80s here. This does NOT happen here in Alabama people and pups. Ev-ah.

I should have known this was leading to something bad, the day was just toooo good! Mom and dad took the Bald Puppy to a parade where he snatched up some candy. Here's a lovely photo of Dad and BP.

Yep, looks all nice doesn't it? Might even get an "Awwwww!" but do you sees what I sees?? DO YOU SEE IT?!?! Let's put it this way, the BP did not leave with those sparkly antennae, he picked them up at the parade. Someone gave them to him! That person is evil.

See, when they got home we hung out and then mom got a evil glimpse in her eye, and can I brace you for the horror which is about to follow? Brace yourselves people....

As you can see, I am not amused by this. At. All. 

But then my inner-model came out briefly so mom got a shot and left me alone! What were you thinking woman?!?!

Then she looked at Duncan. Bless him, he's deaf so he couldn't hear her coming. At first he was like "NO! I'm old and refuse!"

And I was like: You go Duncan! You stand up to her!
And he was like: Yeah, take that woman! I'll never...wait, is that a tortilla chip???


Traitor. BOL!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

TBT--My Butt Print

So my pal Dory mentioned on her blog expose today that they is doing some home remodeling, and that made me think back to the hell that was time we remodeled our WHOLE FLIPPIN HOUSE! It took a long time, windows were broken, carpets were torn out (thank God says mom) and all kinds of stuff. They were almost done, then this happened:

It's funny now, but when mom and dad were painting the LAST room of the house, somehow, I backed my glorious black butt into the freshly painted wall!!!

Not only did a leave a fabulous Anna Butt Print, but also some Anna black hairs. Oh, and then I ran away with butt paint through the rest of the house for a fun game of "catch the Anna!" They fixed the wall, but it was so funny! So watch out for those walls Dory!!

I hope you all has a fabulous loooong holiday weekend! Be safe, stay indoors from the loud boom-sticks and I'll see you next week!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Winston Wednesday

Thought I'd update on Cat AKA Winston. He's doing very well! He and I is all kinds of BFF now. Did you know kitten fur is very slobber absorbent? Well, it is!

A favorite game we has is "Hiding the Winston Under the Couch for Anna to Stalk so I can Slobbers Him." 

And since he is the same camouflage color as me, it makes him hard to see in the dark recesses of his under-couch lair...I'll point him out for you:

Mom got out the flashy kamera and caught him...see me keeping guard?

Yep, being on Winston Watch is a full time job!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Boy2000--Clean Up Feature

I posted yesterday how the new Anna Cooling System, the Boy2000, did a great job of keeping me cool and stuff during the nine month season known as "summer" here in Alabama.

My pal Bunny and her peeps at Tales and Tails asked, "does he pick up your toys too?" Well Bunny, funny you should ask...

See, sometimes I do be snoozing keeping guard on the couch, then suddenly, I awake find myself to be covered in toys! I needed to do an investigation so I set up a super seekrit camera to see what was going on. Was it a toy fairy? Aliens?

What I caught was shocking! I do think that little blue blur do be the Boy2000 in "clean up" or "bury the Anna" mode. He is so fast, my seekrit camera only caught a blur! It's like he's Bigfoot or something!

It's okay though, I like to share my toys with the Bald Puppy. We play fetch a lot. And he is good about cleaning up, putting things back up (not necessarily ON the Anna though BOL!). He even puts his bowl when he's done nomming in the sink! Mom says, see, even little man boys can be trained!