Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Still Kicking...and Growing

Howdy all. Man, why is this time of year so busy?? It's like there is ALWAYS something going on. Which isn't a bad thing, but it is when it comes to the blog. Sorry blog.

While we has all been busy, Panzer has been growing! He is 5 months old this Saturday and he weighs a whopping 45 lbs!!!

Umm..why is he always copying me?!?!?!

I does the math, and while I'm a slender, supermodel 65 lbs, that does mean that Panzer is over half my size!!

But I do still be the boss!

Something else has also happened, do you know when GSD puppies turn 5 months they also turn into buttheads? I, of course, don't think this EVER happened with me, but Pan has begun barking at other doggies!

Mom is like "Really??" and he's all like BARK BARK BARK! and it's all like a 100-lb dog bark. So, mom said no way to this and put him in Puppy Daycare to make friends!

He had his first day yesterday and did very well! He played and played and made new friends! I got to hang out with dad at home and do super cool stuff (like sleep on the couch, get belly rubs and noms). When he came home he sure was tired!

I might have missed him a little bit, but mom says he'll go one or two days a week when both her and dad work so he can be "well rounded." She said it's important to get him all socialized before we go on VACAYTION in May to North Carrylina!! Whooot whoot!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Almost Wordless Wednesday...

Mia Practicing Cat-Fu....BE THE VOLE!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Epic Christmas Card Fail--2015 Edition

For some reason, each year, mom thinks she can take some Pinteresty-wonderful Christmas card involving me and the BP. And this year, she must have really been drinking the fancy "grape juice" because she thought she could do it with the Panzer as well.

You can see where this is going.

No. Where.

Yep, this is what I have to work with....

Why am I so close to the camera? CAN YOU SEE ME?!?!

I don't really know what's going on here...
I'm getting concerned about Panzer's butt/tail infatuation...
Hang on guys, I think we're close to breaking mom's spirit....
Yep, there it goes. Good use of random props BP!!

And there it is. The BEST Christmas Card EV-FUR!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our Blogger Friends!!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Santa Came Early!!

Hellloooo! So, we has been busy getting ready for Christmas and all. Man, there's a lot going on this time of year! But you know what's really cool?? When Santa comes early!

See, after Turkey Day mom tells dad "Okay, it's Christmas time! Let's do this!" and we put up all our decorations. This year, me and the Panzer to snoopervise the outside decorating.

We'll hold these lights down for you Dad.
Then, while we were out there snoopervising, the mail man did come and brought ME a package!!!

Santa is on the BALL this year!
Except it wasn't from Santa, it was from Noodles! It was my prize for winning the storyteller contest!
Back off brat, this is my prize from Santa Noodles!
Inside was a holly, green toy and some NOMS!!!

This is some major swag!
But of course, my snotty little bro did have to try to take my stuffs.
Seriously kid, you will not win this fight.
Now time to Nom test, which being the sweet lady I am, I did share with the Panzer.

We both approve!!
So then we just played with my toy and nommed helped dad stay safe and worked really hard at putting up decorations.

He's learning some great supermodel skillz from moi! 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Puppy Pin Cushion with CHEE-ze

Good morning on this nasty, rainy day. I is here to tell you about Panzer Puppy's ack-u-punkture session yesterday. He and mom gave me all the details, so I is telling them to you.

First, they said it was like a small house, not a noisy Dr. Vet office. It had spa music and good smelling airs and stuff. I don't know if I believe this or if Panzer was just showing off. He said he thought he was going to be getting a massage at first.

Serenity now! 

When mom met Dr. Natalie the Nature vet, she liked her a lot. Long before mom realized that they used to work together like a gabillion years ago when mom was in high school and they both worked at mom's hometown Dr. Vet office.

Anyway. Dr. Nature Vet was shocked by Panzer's story and was impressed at how far he's come. But she said, let's do this and make him betters. After a evaluation, she found he has some blood stagnation and CHEE (Qi--life energy) imbalances. I did not know you could have CHEE-ze imbalance, but I guess so. They said were going to use needles to make it all betters.

Panzer do be looking for this CHEE-ze they was talking about.

Dr. Nature Vet was even more amazed at how chill Panzer was (she must not have been chewing a bully stick, cause there ain't nothing chill about a puppy going after you bully stick like a crazed spider monkey...just sayin). She said she was able to do things on a puppy she had nevers been able to do before!

Typical man, will do anything for treats and noms.
She was even able to get it all electro-acky-punkture and really get his CHEE-ze flowing. I guess it do be like EZ Cheese?

Part puppy, part robot.
At the end she said this will help get the blood and CHEE-ze flowing and get the bad nasty toxins and bloods out. She also gave three herbal supplements to help with this and thinks we'll see even more drastic results in 72 hours. Mom and Panzer are going back next Tuesday for a follow up appointment to see how his CHEE-ze do be doing.

This morning his left leg was less gimpy as he ran over an bit my tail. Humph. I still have to be "gentle" with him, but as soon as his CHEE-ze is all good, it's game on puppy!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'd Like to Report A Robbery...and Bad Parenting

Hey all. So guess what? I did get a box of goodies delivered to the house yesterday, cause mom said we need a lot of chew stuff for me and the Panzer. So I was all excited!

Mom did give me a 12" bully stick and did get the poof ball a 6" bully stick. I settled down to nom nom nom...

Excuse me, can I halp you?

Then as I was a chewing, I did notice my chewing was GONE!

Umm..wait, it was JUST HERE!

Okay, do you see this?? That little punk did take my bully stick. And he's reveling in joy of stealing my stick!!

Umm. you do see this right mom?

What's worse, do you see mom doing ANYTHING? No, she do be taking piktures! Do you see the look of upsetness on my face!?!? What is I going to do!?!?!

Mom. I. Can't. Even. Right. Now.

Don't worry, I did go and nom down his 6" stick in no time flat. Take that puppy!

Panzer Thief Update: He is doing so much better! He is pretty much standing normal now, but has a gimpy left leg. Mom is taking him to the acky-punture lady today to see what else is going on. I'm sure there will be piktures of Panzer PinCushion soon! Thank you all so much for the POTP!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Chewy to the Rescue!

Anna here! I gotz my blog back! I figured it best to let mom handle all the Panzer details (although that whole curling up with the little guy was a bit uncalled for mom). We is moving along with his rehab, but you know what's hard? Keeping an injured puppy from further injury by doing stupid puppy things. So that mean no crazy play or nothing. What to do?!?!

Well, thank goodness it was time for our Chewy dot com review and on Wednesday the delivery man did give us a package--it was some wonderful Chickin Jerky!! It was True Chews all made in the Good ol' US of A chickin tenders. 

I was intrigued...

I mean, who would turn down chickin jerky??

Panzer on the other hand was more than intrigued, he ripped the bag from mom's hands!! 

He's quick for a hurt puppy!

I swear, puppies!! Seriously dude, you act like you've never seen chickin jerky before...wait, you probably haven't! 

Not everyone can be as sophisticated as I.

Now time for the taste test...of the jerky, NOT the bag (I'm looking at you Panzer)

As you can see, I really liked it! It was nommed down in no time! 

See, better than a bag dude.

We both did really like it. So we give it four out of four paws. It's strictly a yummy treat for us puppies and mom is glad it was a good, non China-dog-killing-toxic type of chickin. The kitties didn't get any (HA HA!) and it was a good little quick treat. Panzer did destroy his in no time. So what did he do...

I think you have a bag addiction...
He did take the back again! BOL! 

BTW, thank you all for the kind thoughts on Panzer's condition. Mom said I could share a picture of what he did look like this morning. While he is all Hunchback of Norte Dame here, this is actually much better than just two days ago.

You would be shocked at how quick he is, Dad has nicknamed him Scoot.

 Mom says it will take baby steps, so we is working on those little steps each day. But, don't tell him I told you, he's a pretty hard headed, strong little fighter. Shh...our secret, K?