Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Mom and I went on our walk yesterday, no sign of Max and his peoples weren't outside for us to ask anything, so we went on our way.

It was a really pretty day, and as the sun was setting, mom saw this big stump and wondered if we could put my sit/stay training to work. So she got me up on the stump, put me in a sit stay and VOILA! A GlamourShot photo shoot!

Next time I'll need to remember to bring my boa and hat!

Smiling with my eyes! (Go Tyra!)

Did I hear a squirrel??

No squirrel, so now I'll smile with my giant tongue!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Missing Max?

I'm quite puzzled and a little upset...Max, my neighborhood boxer boyfriend, is missing.

I've written about Max before and how his peoples always leave him outside. He's ALWAYS there when mom and I go on our walks and he and I play through the fence. Mom hates when we walk away cause she hates leaving Max there with no one to play with--even though his peoples have two kids that seem to never play with him.

Mom has spoken to Max's mom several times about food and stuff. She liked my collar and mom told her it was a martingale which didn't allow me to slip out of it if I tried to back out. His mom thought that was awesome and that's what they needed, cause they were afraid to walk Max for fear he'd escape. A week later, Max had a cute camo martingale collar. But we never saw him being walked.

It's been like a week or two and mom and I have noticed Max isn't in his yard. At first mom thought they had gone out of town and had taken Max to another neighbor to puppysit, they've done this before. But now their cars are all back and no Max. No foodbowls or anything outside. He's POOF, gone.

Mom is really hoping they found Max a new home where his new peoples can spend more time with him...but for now we have no idea where he is. Mom and I are hoping he's okay, maybe we'll run into his mom outside one day on our walks and find out where he went.

Other than that we had a good weekend. It rained all day Saturday so we stayed inside and took lots of naps. Then Sunday mom was running around busy and had to go to work for a bit. But the sun is back out and I'm hoping to get some tracking in this week!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Doggie Photos and a Little Sad

I'm back! We had a GREAT girls weekend! We stayed up, talked, ran around and played! It was awesome!!

Saturday we went to Bark in the Park, we had a lot of fun! Last year I was a spaz...freaking out and such before we even got out of the parking lot. But this year, I marched in like a pro! And while there we met like six other GSDs! I've never been around that many of "my people" before. We all congregated together and talked. It was pretty cool!

And man, were there ALL kinds of dogs there! Mom got some pics of some of them:

Lola and I working on our supermodeling poses for the day!
These guys are dressed up every year...fairy bassets??
This HUNK was just a puppy last year! I really dug his band-Anna!
This husky didn't know any of my blogger husky friends...I got excited
but realized it wasn't one of them! Boo!
I also got excited when I thought I saw Maxdog's booty!
Not him either. Sigh and double boo!
This doggy was all dressed up...dad said she looked like a "lady of the night"
whatever that means...
Lola met another corgi...she didn't seem impressed with it's fluffy butt.
Willow had a great time! But by the end, dad had to help carry
her to the car, she was pooped!
And then it happened....Lola met....
A pygmy goat dressed in drag! It headbutted her TWICE!!
What the crap?!!?
It was a lot of fun, we laughed about Lola and the goat all weekend! I mean, how often can you say your cousin was headbutted by a small goat in drag??
On a sidenote, Willow did great. Nothing phased her, not kids, dogs, people anything. We were so proud of her. We have some mixed emotions right now...this morning dad took her back to the shelter to be picked up by her adopter tomorrow. Through some confusion of how the foster program is "run" mom will probably not be fostering there again. We all already miss Willow...mom's eyes were leaking this morning and I'm kinda whiney and huffy. The kitties are happy though. We hope she's happy in her new home and that everything works out for dear little Willow! Mom says there are some rescue groups that she and dad may look into, but for right now we're taking a break.

So now it's just me, Duncan, mom, dad and the kitties. Dad's starting to tile the bathroom today so I'll be supervising and inspekting that, that will help keep me busy, then tomorrow night is school! Now I'm off to catch up on my bloggy reading!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Final Willow Weekend?

Well, looks like my foster-sister Willow may have found her forever home!

My Auntie Lou sent out some info on Willow to her church and a nice family there called mom and was interested. After a 45 minute conversation it looks like Willow will have a new home next week! The family is super nice, three older girls and a 10-year-old doggy sibling. And apparently this family likes to take family vacations including their pets so it sounds like Willow will be making several beach trips!

If everything goes well this weekend on our Bark in the Park outing, mom will be working with the humane society and Willow's new family to get her in her new forever home! Mom is so happy for Willow, but also a little sad. We've grown attatched to the little poophead, but mom said this is the best thing for Willow and now we can be free to get a new little foster sister or brother who needs help.

Aunt Temple and Lola are coming down tonight to stay with us, yay! Mom is helping Aunt Temple with her wedding invitations...with all the girl power in one house (Dad's going to be working) I'm pretty sure the invitations are going to be super and we'll end up giving each other manicures and facials by the end of the night and talking about Johnny Depp and Rin Tin Tin.

Class last night was AWESOME! NO barky dogs!! The Jack Russell last time who instigated everything last wasn't there so it was nice and quiet. Chewy didn't have to be with the barky dogs! I did good with everything....I'm almost like an old pro at this now. I BETTER graduate this time or I'll become a doggy school dropout!

That's about it for now. I'll make sure mom gets lots of pictures at tomorrow's doggy event. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time Machine Thursday: Unsinkable? Not So much...

Time to dust off the time machine and get ready for another time-machine Thursday post!

Today, we're going back to 1912.

As you can see in my biggiefied picture, I was aboard the RMS Titanic. I decided I'd check the place out.

The dining was first class...then they told me they didn't serve dogs there. What the crap?? Don't they know who I am? They sure are snooty!!

The decks were clear, as you can see there are no lifeboats cluttering the deck. The peoples said because this ship was "unsinkable" why do you need lifeboats? I don't know if this is a good idea...one should never tempt fate. It's like saying "I don't have to go the Dr. Vet, I'm healthy!" then you eat a bumble bee or something and have to go...fate has a wicked sense of humor!

Peoples were all lovey-dovey on the boat. Take a look at these two. I'm sure they'll be together forever...they've never let go! It was at this moment I, the smart dog of the boat, noticed something...

ICEBERG! Dead ahead! It's like giant snow, and I don't know much about snow but I do know that when it snows in Alabama it's a natural disaster, we should probably steer around this...umm...anyone? Captain? Helllloooooo!

Yeah, they didn't listen to me. Sadly over 1,500 people died on the Titanic when it sank. There were also some pets.

There were either nine or ten dogs, a pet pig, and Jenny, the ship's cat on the boat. It's thought about three dogs survived and possibly the pig. Not sure about the kitty.

Well, there's your history lesson for the day, I'm off to get ready for school tonight!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grumpy McGrumperson

So I've learned something about puppies that I didn't know. Apparently, late at night right before it's time to go to bed, they turn into poop heads. Seriously. Evil, huffing (but cute) demonic poop heads. Don't let the picture above fool you...that's a poophead.

Willow had a fun day yesterday. She did very good on her walk on her leash. I went for support and to be a role model (I know all about modeling) and she plodded along around the block. We played, she rolled in the grass, she's enjoying being a puppy. So you would think at about bedtime she'd be passed out? OH NO! The little poophead was, what mom calls "fighting sleep".

Fighting Sleep involves a lot of laying down, huffing, getting up, licking my face, wandering around, barking at a kitty and repeat...and repeat....and repeat!! Mom says all puppies go through this and become Grumpy McGrumpersons at night. I was like, I wasn't like that! Was I? I'm an ANGEL!

Mom looked at me and said I was a terror! Not only would I get up and bark, I would find something to destroy, or I'd bite her and daddy or whatever I could to NOT go to sleep. I'd also act like I was going to bed, then get up and stay up till midnight or so just fighting sleep.

I totally don't remember this, so I think she's making this up! I don't appreciate this slander! You will be hearing from my lawyer, woman!! I mean, me? A poophead? I think not!

Finally mom got Willow in her crate and after one huff she promptly passed out. Mom says this is one of the parts of puppydom she doesn't miss! Dad just laughs. But all the other goofy antics kinda make it worth it. :)

Willow is also eating pretty good now. The only problem is, she's eating our raw noms. Mom wasn't going to feed her raw noms, cause whoever got her may not be into that, but it's the only thing she'll eat! And she was skinny, and she needs to eat so mom is indulging her, but she's going to try to slowly add her kibble back in. This morning she gave her some ground turkey and put some kibble in it. She ate a bit, then spit the kibble out. Sigh, this little girl may be more diva than I am! Mom even tried some canned puppy food, the little snot turned her nose up at it. I guess the girl knows what she likes! :)

Mom says it's a work in progress and we'll try again tonight when she should be really hungry!

See this? She's provoking me by sticking her tongue out at me! Poophead!

She tries to play with my giant, nasty Jolly Ball!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend Plans and Meet Chewy!

Wow, it's only Tuesday and I ALREADY have my plans for the weekend! It's so hard being a diva-socialite! :P

This weekend is Bark in the Park, a yearly event in our town that benefits the humane society and lets peoples and all their doggies get together. Each year Aunt Temple and Lola come down and they're coming down this year too! Yay! Lola is a big deal and is mistress of the park, she knows how to roll. Last year I was nervous, but I just followed Lola and I ended up having a great time. Mom thinks I'll do great this year!

Dad's going to go and take Mrs. Willow. It's going to be girls day at the park....OHHH YEAH! Mom will make sure to take some pictures so I'll hopefully have a lot of fun stuff to report on Monday!

Speaking of Mrs. Willow, she's eating good noms now and she's even learning to play more! She played with a few toys yesterday and chased me around the yard. I think she's realizing this being a puppy thing is pretty fun. Mom says she already knows of two people who may be interested in her, but we're going to make sure she's all settled and ready for her new forever home. Mom's going to work on leash training tonight...this should be fun. Snicker Snicker....

Also this weekend, after much delay, mom and dad should be painting the bathroom. I'll have to supervise of course, but after the paint then dad gets to lay the tile. That's going to require some major supervising.

I'd also like to introduce you all to Chewy, my boyfriend from OB school. He's got his own blog! Please stop by and say hello to him and welcome him to the world of doggy blogging! http://chew-boi.blogspot.com/

I'm off to go lay in the sun and chase some bumbles, the weather is great here and even though the pollen is turning my fur a yellow-sheen, I'm not minding it too much. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Willow Update and Tracking

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was very action packed!
Here's a Willow update. She slept all night Saturday night, waking me and mom up once to go potty. She's going potty outside (I told her this was VERY smart on her part!) and only had one accident, but that's mom's fault because she didn't let her out as soon as they came home. Bad mom and dad! Bad!

She's not quite on a normal nom-eating schedule. She did eat some noms last night. Mom's tried different foods and canned foods but I think she's still adjusting. She finally woke up a bit yesterday and we ran around...she even tried to play tug with me for about a minute, during which I had to majorly reduce my puppy-strength powers so I didn't fling her across the yard!

This morning she barked at a kitty (Mia) and I'm not sure why, but I can't say I totally disapprove of it!! Then she went and passed out on Dunc's bed while mom got ready for work.

On Friday (pre-Willow) mom and dad, Dunc and I went tracking. Dad and Duncan are the bait. They take off before mom and I ( I DO NOT like this btw) and dad tells mom where he enters the field at the school and that's it...then it's up to me and my super sniffer to locate Dad and Dunc. (Here's some other info about tracking from last year)

Dad took some of these photos from his hidey spot. I probably tracked him and Dunc for about 150 yards or so...through the school field/playground so there were all kinds of peoples smells, but I was able to hone in on my peoples smells. The best thing is mom has no idea where they walked, so I'm totally leading her!

Found them!!

It looks like I need to track mom some decent clothes...Good lord woman what are you wearing?!?! She won't make that mistake again! Oh well, at least she wasn't show off her whitey white legs. She also forgot to put on my harness so my long lead doesn't keep going under my armpit. Get with it mom!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Foster Sister--Willow


Well, she's here!

Mom got the call last night to come by the shelter today to check out my new foster sister--Willow. She's four months old and 32lbs. She's not nervous shy, but just very cautious shy. The shelter says she like other doggies though, so that's good.

She walks good on a leash with mom, which is a plus. Dunc and I only got to meet her for about five minutes, just so we could see her, sniff her and know what she was.

Right now she's passed out in her crate in the living room, getting used to all the house sounds and smells. I guess she's sleepy, she's had a big day so far. She hasn't eaten or drank anything yet, but mom said she just needs time to "get used to her surroundings" or something.

So, I'm going back out to play in the yard while she does this. Here's some quick pics, mom will get some better ones when she starts to move around.


She likes to follow me...I have a minion!!!!
She is awed by Dunc's coolness!

Doesn't she look like she LOVES my kisses??

Friday, April 9, 2010

Class is umm...Loud

Hey everybody! Thanks for the words of encouragement for our possible foster...we're still waiting to hear if we can get her, but mom is anxious to get this shy girl out of the shelter FAST! to start helping her get socialized and happy!

In other news, we started class back last night....and guess who was there?? Chewy!! He made it! Mom didn't see his mom at or-ee-in-tation so she was afraid they weren't coming back, but they were there last night. Chewy's mom hurt her foot in ROTC and then Chewy got sick last week by getting into some people's chocolate...which is not good for us puppies. But both are getting better and we were so happy to see them last night!

I actually felt really bad for Chewy, he got put in the group of "barky" dogs. OMD they barked...and barked...and barked...and barked...you get the idea. It was a Jack Russell and a Chiuaua and man they were going at it! It was soooo loud. The trainers said next week they were going to bring spray bottles to help control the barking. Thank god!

I did good though, I only got nervous at the start of class. By five minutes in I was fine. I was also very happy to see Dr. Vet! I sniffed her to make sure it was Dr. Vet/Trainer and yep, it was. I even gave her kisses....nothing like kissing butt to get ahead if you know what I mean...wink wink.

Mom is feeling a bit better. Dad drove us to school last night. Mom says now she feels like she can't make her ears pop...this sounds scary to me, but apprently she needs to pop her ears. I tried to make her laugh this morning by running around with dad's shoe, shorts and wrestling Dunc's dog bed. She did laugh, but I know she's not quite 100 percent yet.

The plan is to do some tracking this weekend so I'll update you with my progress then with photos! Have a great Friday all!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


So this is what I've found out...

1. It's not bananas foster, but fostering a dog that we might be doing (although I do like bananas!)

2. It's a little 4-month old GSD girl who is at the local humane society who is NOT doing well there. She's very shy and needs to be socialized. Her former person turned her in saying she couldn't "afford her" and left. Boo people!

3. She is supposed to get spayded this week, then hopefully we'll know more about when we might get her. Mom already has someone who may be interested in her, but mom wants to work with her a bit, giving her all the skills she needs to be a happy puppy girl!

That's all I know for now. The waiting is killing mom and dad. Dad said if this goes well, we may look into fostering more dogs in the future. But mom said Dunc and I have an important role in this too...showing this little girl how to be a good puppy to her people and how to have fun! We can do that! Oh, and if any of you fostering peoples have any tips for mom and dad, feel free to share!

In other news, school starts back tonight. I'm preparing myself to see Dr. Vet as now Dr. Vet the Trainer! Mom is not 100 percent after getting a major sinus infection, so Dad may drive us. Paws crossed everything goes well. Mom's kept up my training everywhere we go, and I can now do sits and downs even when I'm nervous.

That's about it. I played nurse yesterday to mom and I'm ready to get my backpack and back to school. We've also started my tracking again, I'll post more about that hopefully with some pictures this weekend.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Possible Surprise...

Hmm...mom and dad had an interesting conversation this morning...I'm confused.

Mom and dad said the Easter Bunny may be bringing me a late present. There are some details to iron out (I don't see an ironing board though), but they said something about banana "foster" and something about a "little girl" needing some help and how I'd love to have a playmate...

I'm going to have to do some super inspektion to figure out what's going on....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Goose?

I hope you guys are having a great Easter! The weather here is beautiful and I was antsy this morning...I wanted to do something! So, mom suprised me and took me to the creek! Yay!!!

I was all happy and splishy splashy when I saw something!

At first I thought it was some sort of funny stick, but it turns out it was a goose! Don't gooses lay eggs and don't we eat eggs on Easter? I had to learn more!

I thought I'd stalk it...I mean, what silly goose could see a 70 pound, black, giant German Shepherd coming at it? Seriously, that must be some super-night vision goose!

Yeah, so, this was one of those gooses. It saw me and flew away. No easter eggs, no cadbury eggs, just some poop that mom wouldn't let me eat.

So then we just played fetch in the water with sticks and mom TRIED to get some sun on her white legs. Come to think of it, maybe that's what scared the goose away! I mean, you can see thsoe white suckers from space! I stick my tongue out at mom and her goose scaring legs!

All and all it was a lot of fun. I missed the creek! With no more rains and warmer weather I hope we get there a lot more!

Friday, April 2, 2010

A lot of Quality Time with Dr. Vet

Where do I start? Let's just say, I'm going to be seeing A LOT of Dr. Vet for the next few months...but this isn't a bad thing. I think...

Mom went to my OB or-ee-in-tation last night. Come to find out, only two dogs from our class of 12 passed. But only two other dogs (and mom and I) have returned to re-do the class. She saw some of our old trainers who said they were glad we came back, even their dogs had to re-do basic OB, so we dont' feel so bad now!

Anyway, mom saw Trainer Beth (who we also found out is president of our dog club!) who will not be teaching our class this time. Boo! But then we found out, while she won't be TRAINING us this time, she'll be IN our class with one of her new foster dogs! Trainer Beth will be a classmate! How cool is that?!? So now I know two other dogs and their peoples and trainer Beth.

Then mom broke some major news...our new trainer is Dr. Vet!! WHAT THE CRAP?!?! We've seen her up there with her dogs in Novice II, but she's actually teaching our OB class this time! I think that's pretty cool. Dr. Vet will now know me inside and out (literally!).

So today, mom actually took me to Dr. Vet to recheck my elbow to see if I needed to go to the ortho-pee-dic Dr. Vet. She dropped me off and around 2 p.m. got the phone call to come pick me up....and the news is......


Dr. Vet said there are no issues. She thinks maybe it was either where I was still growing or maybe I had a small fracture or something, but it's all gone. My elbows also so NO signs of displaysia and I'm all good to go!

I was still a little loopy, but mom and Dr. Vet were talking about seeing each other next week when I go to school. Dr. Vet said she's never trained one of her patients, so she's interested to see how I do seeing her without the white coat.

How will I respond? I'll respond by keeping my booty away from her in case she wants to stick anything up it!!

So to recap, my elbow is great but I'll still see Dr. Vet each week for eight weeks at school. I think I can deal with this. At least we know half of the class already! The rest of my classmates consist of a chi, a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Jack Russell and a chow mix. I'm pretty pumped for school now!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Save-Anna and I got Crabs!

Hello! Mom and dad are back from Save-Anna, George-ia! I'm so glad they are back. Duncan and I greeted them last night with lots of woofs, licks and tail-butt wiggles! Simon howled like a fiend, but he just wanted some canned catfood....silly kitty.

I'm happy to report there were no kitty-alien furniture destruktion incidents. Nothing in the house was harmed during mom and dad's departure or upon their arrival. Mom said she was VERY proud of me. I was very good with my puppy sitters and was a good girl! Since I was so good mom brought me a present--a pink CRAB from Save-Anna!

It doesn't have a squeaker in it, but it's still fun. I carried it to bed last night. Mom awoke to find him (and me) sleeping on the pillow next to her. Apparently seeing a pink crab staring at you first thing in the morning is a quick way to get mom out of bed!

Mom and dad said they had fun, they saw lots of pretty buildings and ate some good noms. One of the places they really liked was an old Catholic church--where peoples go to worship God (who has a lot in common with dogs in my humble little doggy opinion!). Mom said the cathedral was gorgeous!

The city was all abloom with flowers. Dad got this photo of mom near a beautiful tree. There were tons of parks in the city and mom said it was soooo dog friendly! There were puppy dogs everywhere which made them miss me and Dunc....but it was great to see such a dog friendly place.

Then it happened! Mom and dad were surrounded by GIANT (ie FAT!) squirrels in the park! At one time, mom counted at least 10 around one tree!

What to do thought mom?!!? Then she remembered Anna always carries a big stick to ward off squirrel attackers, so she did her best Anna impersonation!

Wow, Mom is strong! Okay okay, mom is goofy but it worked!

So now they're home and all is okay with the world. Mom goes to OB or-ee-in-tation tonight to find out who my doggie instruktors are and then tomorrow is off to Dr. Vet. Boo! But the weather is supposed to be gorgeous and I'm ready to spend time with my peoples! Oh, and I might get an Easter Egg this weekend...SCORE!