Monday, April 26, 2010

Missing Max?

I'm quite puzzled and a little upset...Max, my neighborhood boxer boyfriend, is missing.

I've written about Max before and how his peoples always leave him outside. He's ALWAYS there when mom and I go on our walks and he and I play through the fence. Mom hates when we walk away cause she hates leaving Max there with no one to play with--even though his peoples have two kids that seem to never play with him.

Mom has spoken to Max's mom several times about food and stuff. She liked my collar and mom told her it was a martingale which didn't allow me to slip out of it if I tried to back out. His mom thought that was awesome and that's what they needed, cause they were afraid to walk Max for fear he'd escape. A week later, Max had a cute camo martingale collar. But we never saw him being walked.

It's been like a week or two and mom and I have noticed Max isn't in his yard. At first mom thought they had gone out of town and had taken Max to another neighbor to puppysit, they've done this before. But now their cars are all back and no Max. No foodbowls or anything outside. He's POOF, gone.

Mom is really hoping they found Max a new home where his new peoples can spend more time with him...but for now we have no idea where he is. Mom and I are hoping he's okay, maybe we'll run into his mom outside one day on our walks and find out where he went.

Other than that we had a good weekend. It rained all day Saturday so we stayed inside and took lots of naps. Then Sunday mom was running around busy and had to go to work for a bit. But the sun is back out and I'm hoping to get some tracking in this week!


  1. I would say that anywhere Max is has to be better than with those stoopid peeples wot had him. The lefted him outside all the time wifout an educashun and then wonnered why he did not walkies nice on a leash? Too many peeples think dogs is borned knowing stuff. Well I got news for them - their childrens is not borned knowing stuff either. Why does they eggspect dogs to be smarter than their childrens? OK, I getting off my soapbox now and crawling back to my hidey spot...

  2. Oh no!! We sure hope that the reason Max has disappeared is that he has gone to a really good home where his peoples will take extra good care of him and spend time with him. Anna, you are so nice to take the time to visit at his fence. I know he appreciated it. We hate it when we see doggies out in yards by themselves all of the time with no contact with their peoples or even worse on chains and tangled up. Both are bad situations for a doggie. We sure hope he has a good home that he deserves. Raining here off and on too but I made mom take me out yesterday by looking so depressed!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  3. Poor Max. I hope he found a super-great family...let us know if you find out what happened!

    Have you heard anything about how Willow is adjusting to her new home?

  4. Please keep us posted if you hear what happened to Max...we sure hope he has found a better home.
    Thanks for the great suggestion for thunder phobia...I'll try it next time...he responded well to the melatonin over the weekend, but our storms were not that bad.
    But as you know living in the southeast, we still have plenty of spring storms to come.

  5. Poor Max, we sure hope he is in a better place than that. Do keep us updated on what you might hear. Your Mom is so good to try to help that family do better by Max.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. Thanks fur kharing about Max...

    Please keep us posted...


  7. oh no! I'm so sorry. I hope Max is ok and he's found a better place to stay. I can imagine how worried you must be. Did you ask his owners about him?

  8. You do need to sniff this one out. Here's hoping that they found someone who wanted Max and will appreciate him more than they did.

    wags, Lola

  9. We hope Max is ok...We don't blame you for being worried...Mama and I have doggie friends in the neighborhood too that we play with.

    Let us know when you hear something!