Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time Machine Thursday: Unsinkable? Not So much...

Time to dust off the time machine and get ready for another time-machine Thursday post!

Today, we're going back to 1912.

As you can see in my biggiefied picture, I was aboard the RMS Titanic. I decided I'd check the place out.

The dining was first class...then they told me they didn't serve dogs there. What the crap?? Don't they know who I am? They sure are snooty!!

The decks were clear, as you can see there are no lifeboats cluttering the deck. The peoples said because this ship was "unsinkable" why do you need lifeboats? I don't know if this is a good should never tempt fate. It's like saying "I don't have to go the Dr. Vet, I'm healthy!" then you eat a bumble bee or something and have to go...fate has a wicked sense of humor!

Peoples were all lovey-dovey on the boat. Take a look at these two. I'm sure they'll be together forever...they've never let go! It was at this moment I, the smart dog of the boat, noticed something...

ICEBERG! Dead ahead! It's like giant snow, and I don't know much about snow but I do know that when it snows in Alabama it's a natural disaster, we should probably steer around this...umm...anyone? Captain? Helllloooooo!

Yeah, they didn't listen to me. Sadly over 1,500 people died on the Titanic when it sank. There were also some pets.

There were either nine or ten dogs, a pet pig, and Jenny, the ship's cat on the boat. It's thought about three dogs survived and possibly the pig. Not sure about the kitty.

Well, there's your history lesson for the day, I'm off to get ready for school tonight!


  1. Oh no. Now you made me want to watch that movie AGAIN, so I can mope around sad for a week because I wanted Jack to live... *feverishly checks TV guide hoping it will be on*

  2. Great lesson Anna!! I didn't realize you were on board but I sure see you!!! I'm glad you escaped. I will watch the movie again and look for you!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  3. This made me laugh so hard. Good stuff!

  4. WoW! Anna, that was awesome. I lovvvveed that movie. Mummy has watched it DOG knows how many times and everytime she cries into her hanky. i try to lick her tears off but she cries harder!!

    Must watch it again.

    btw,i see u r fast picking up life's lessons. this one was a good pick about life and love.



  5. I think they thought what happened on The Titanic stayed on The Titanic...


  6. Great lesson for all of us, Anna. Now let's hope you do well at your lesson tonight:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Anna, of all the survivors on the Titanic you certainly look the best! Gosh, you just be nearly 100 years old!☺

  8. OMGosh! You took something pretty somber and turned it into something hilarious...those pictures rock our sox!
    Hope we can be new blogger buddies!

  9. OMD!
    Anna, you are such a clever GSD! Thanks for your wonderful history lesson!
    We learned so much!! ;D

  10. Great lesson Anna!! If they'd only listened to you!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three