Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Puppy Pin Cushion with CHEE-ze

Good morning on this nasty, rainy day. I is here to tell you about Panzer Puppy's ack-u-punkture session yesterday. He and mom gave me all the details, so I is telling them to you.

First, they said it was like a small house, not a noisy Dr. Vet office. It had spa music and good smelling airs and stuff. I don't know if I believe this or if Panzer was just showing off. He said he thought he was going to be getting a massage at first.

Serenity now! 

When mom met Dr. Natalie the Nature vet, she liked her a lot. Long before mom realized that they used to work together like a gabillion years ago when mom was in high school and they both worked at mom's hometown Dr. Vet office.

Anyway. Dr. Nature Vet was shocked by Panzer's story and was impressed at how far he's come. But she said, let's do this and make him betters. After a evaluation, she found he has some blood stagnation and CHEE (Qi--life energy) imbalances. I did not know you could have CHEE-ze imbalance, but I guess so. They said were going to use needles to make it all betters.

Panzer do be looking for this CHEE-ze they was talking about.

Dr. Nature Vet was even more amazed at how chill Panzer was (she must not have been chewing a bully stick, cause there ain't nothing chill about a puppy going after you bully stick like a crazed spider monkey...just sayin). She said she was able to do things on a puppy she had nevers been able to do before!

Typical man, will do anything for treats and noms.
She was even able to get it all electro-acky-punkture and really get his CHEE-ze flowing. I guess it do be like EZ Cheese?

Part puppy, part robot.
At the end she said this will help get the blood and CHEE-ze flowing and get the bad nasty toxins and bloods out. She also gave three herbal supplements to help with this and thinks we'll see even more drastic results in 72 hours. Mom and Panzer are going back next Tuesday for a follow up appointment to see how his CHEE-ze do be doing.

This morning his left leg was less gimpy as he ran over an bit my tail. Humph. I still have to be "gentle" with him, but as soon as his CHEE-ze is all good, it's game on puppy!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I'd Like to Report A Robbery...and Bad Parenting

Hey all. So guess what? I did get a box of goodies delivered to the house yesterday, cause mom said we need a lot of chew stuff for me and the Panzer. So I was all excited!

Mom did give me a 12" bully stick and did get the poof ball a 6" bully stick. I settled down to nom nom nom...

Excuse me, can I halp you?

Then as I was a chewing, I did notice my chewing was GONE!

Umm..wait, it was JUST HERE!

Okay, do you see this?? That little punk did take my bully stick. And he's reveling in joy of stealing my stick!!

Umm. you do see this right mom?

What's worse, do you see mom doing ANYTHING? No, she do be taking piktures! Do you see the look of upsetness on my face!?!? What is I going to do!?!?!

Mom. I. Can't. Even. Right. Now.

Don't worry, I did go and nom down his 6" stick in no time flat. Take that puppy!

Panzer Thief Update: He is doing so much better! He is pretty much standing normal now, but has a gimpy left leg. Mom is taking him to the acky-punture lady today to see what else is going on. I'm sure there will be piktures of Panzer PinCushion soon! Thank you all so much for the POTP!!!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Chewy to the Rescue!

Anna here! I gotz my blog back! I figured it best to let mom handle all the Panzer details (although that whole curling up with the little guy was a bit uncalled for mom). We is moving along with his rehab, but you know what's hard? Keeping an injured puppy from further injury by doing stupid puppy things. So that mean no crazy play or nothing. What to do?!?!

Well, thank goodness it was time for our Chewy dot com review and on Wednesday the delivery man did give us a package--it was some wonderful Chickin Jerky!! It was True Chews all made in the Good ol' US of A chickin tenders. 

I was intrigued...

I mean, who would turn down chickin jerky??

Panzer on the other hand was more than intrigued, he ripped the bag from mom's hands!! 

He's quick for a hurt puppy!

I swear, puppies!! Seriously dude, you act like you've never seen chickin jerky before...wait, you probably haven't! 

Not everyone can be as sophisticated as I.

Now time for the taste test...of the jerky, NOT the bag (I'm looking at you Panzer)

As you can see, I really liked it! It was nommed down in no time! 

See, better than a bag dude.

We both did really like it. So we give it four out of four paws. It's strictly a yummy treat for us puppies and mom is glad it was a good, non China-dog-killing-toxic type of chickin. The kitties didn't get any (HA HA!) and it was a good little quick treat. Panzer did destroy his in no time. So what did he do...

I think you have a bag addiction...
He did take the back again! BOL! 

BTW, thank you all for the kind thoughts on Panzer's condition. Mom said I could share a picture of what he did look like this morning. While he is all Hunchback of Norte Dame here, this is actually much better than just two days ago.

You would be shocked at how quick he is, Dad has nicknamed him Scoot.

 Mom says it will take baby steps, so we is working on those little steps each day. But, don't tell him I told you, he's a pretty hard headed, strong little fighter. Shh...our secret, K? 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Panzer Update

First, thank you for your comments and good thoughts. I'd like to happily report Panzer is home with us for recovery. I'm even more happy to report that he can pee AND poop on his own! I swear, I almost cried tears of joy for poop last night. Anna was wondering why she doesn't get this same response. :)

Looks like we're now on the week, weeks, months road of recovery. Panzer can walk. It looks like a low crouch, but he can get around. The key is to limit his movements, which is tons of fun. Anna is being a fantastic nurse though, even letting him snuggle up to her (shhh, don't tell her I told you).

Dr. Vet seems optimistic that we'll see further improvement over time. I'm also looking for a good canine acupuncturist for him.

The two will have a review of their Chewy item this week, it came just in time to keep a puppy that needs restricted movement to stay content on something.

Again, thank you. We're not out of the woods yet, but I think we're on the right trail.

Dog Mom

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Panzer Prayers Please

Dogmom here.

I need Blogville prayers for little Panzer. I am beside myself.

I came home at lunch, checked on Panzer all was fine, let him out, fed, potty etc. Left about 1:30 then returned home about 5 pm. When I went to check and he somehow got himself wedged in the wire create corner trying to escape.he got his body through but was pinched in right at the waist/hips. I ripped it apart, got him out and he couldn't stand on his back legs. 

Rushed to the vet, they did x-rays and the only concern my vet had was one of his vertebrae had a little more spacing than the others. Good points, by that point he could sit up on his back legs, move toes tail and had reflexes. Concern, didn't show sphincter reflex. Left leg was of more concern than right, as it was cooler to touch when he first came in but was warming up. 

He's stayed overnight and received a steroid injection. 

The vet called this morning, he's slowly improving. He's better, he's sitting up and trying to walk. When he stands it's like a poo - hunch back. He has eaten wet food, seems more normal and alert. He has not pooed on his own, has a little sphincter reflex, so they're going to give an enema. 

She wants to keep him today, monitor him and then check back about 3pm. She wants to give more time to see if he continually improves, she may send him home this afternoon for us to keep him contained. She feels it's a combo of some nerve/circulatory damage, that she hopes in a week will be better, but he may always have a little back end issues. We can send for an MRI as well, but i think we'll give it a few days before that.

I am physically sick over this and am asking for prayers. In just 4 days this little guy became such a part of our family. Thank you and I'll try to keep you posted.

Monday, November 9, 2015

So...Panzer is not a tank.

Who knew? I learned this the hard way. On Friday mom, dad and the BP left with some towels and stuff and said they'd be back.

Hours later they did come back. I kept listening to hear tank noises, but didn't. I walked in and found this: is not what I was expecting. 

Turns out Panzer is actually my new puppy brother! What the what?!?! It's all starting to make sense now.

You seem to be more fun than a tank.
Panzer is an 8 week old sable German Shepherd puppy!

Mom says he will be a bit bigger than me, but I'm like no way! He's all knees and elbows!

Panzer, this do be our yard. You poo here.
Mom and dad said it's my job to help raise this little puff ball into a proper GSD.

I may have been caught giving him slobbers...
So far he has done quite well with the poop and peeing outside thing.

The kitties are not as impressed.
He's even tried to make friends with the kitties. Winston is all "whateves" and Mia does her "WHY ARE YOU LOOKING AT ME!" stare of disdain. So, normal kitty behavior.

Maybe he is part bat?
He's fun, we has played tug and stuff this weekend, but I tell you that puppy do sleep a lot!

Big sister work is  tiring.
Well, I may have taken a nap as well...

If only there was a Christmas tree in the back, we'd have our cards done!
So far we do think this little guy is a perfect fit. The BP does love him too. We'll see how this adventure goes! So Bloggie friends, meet Panzer!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Plot Thickens...

Remember my last post about something weird going on...well, last night this happened:

Why didn't they do this years ago??

Last night, mom moved the cage/crate thing in her room, set it up with a little bed and some small toys. Then the BP did crawl in there and start barking.

Mind. Blown.
I thought, oh this do be a new BP Containment System,  but mom said no. It's not for the BP, it's for the Panzer. So I did Google the Panzer and got this:

Level of Confusion: 20 billion

I hate to tell moms, but I don't think that the Panzer will fit into this cage. Although it did do a great job of holding the BP. Mom said I'll see on Friday. I is starting to wonder if everyone here did lose their minds...