Monday, August 31, 2009

All About Me!

Today is all Not like that's any different since it is MY blog, but I was tagged by friend Shawnee to play a bloggie game. I have to list seven things that make me awesome and then tag 7 friends who is supposed to do the same.
Only seven things? This is going to be hard! I am an awesome doggie diva because:

1. I am super shiney...I am so shiney you can see me from the space station. Take that Great Wall of China!

2. I am a master squirrel chaser and am in constant preparation for the great Squirrel's coming's coming.

3. I have made peace with one of the kitties...whew!

4. I have the ability to engage in super-puppy warp drive speed!

5. I keep my older brother on his toes and helps to "keep him young" as mom says.

6. Dad and I have formed a rockgroup--I sing when he plays the harmonica!

7. I am a sweet puppy and I love my family and love to make them laugh or snuggle up in bed with them!

I also was given the Oops I Ate It passer-on thing from my friends Scout and Freyja! For some reason, they seem to think I, of all puppies, would steal food from my peoples! What would give you that idea? Whistle whistle....

But I can honestly say, I have not stolen food from my peoples. Hard to believe ain't it?? The only thing I eat that they don't like is:

1. Poop...either mine or the kitties

2. Mom's underpants

3. Dead squirrel carcasses

So, if any of you guys want these awards or want to play along by either being tagged or confess what you've stolen from your peoples please share!! I can't wait to see what you've got!

Do you smell what I smell?

Okay, so we actually did something thing! Mom and dad took me tracking! Yay!!

A while back mom noticed that I LOVE sniffin and a smellin'. And I do. I love smellin after mom, dad, Duncan, kitties, squirrels, anything. So she looked into tracking. It's an AKC style sport where dogs use their sniffers to follow a trail or "track" some person walked...and it can be up to 500 yards!

Mom did some basic training to see how I did and I did good! But then we kinda stopped training for a while. Mom ordered a book about tracking, taking you from square one to the actual test to get your TD or Tracking Dog title.

So, mom, dad and I went to the fields by the school and started out slow. I don't know why we had to start out slow, I already knew some of this basic stuff, but mom said this is how the book says to start so that's how we're starting. Sigh, I guess I'll humor her and go along with it.

Mom would hold me in a sit and dad would show me this sock that he put pieces of hot dog in, then he dropped a piece of hot dog, walked a while, dropped more then walked some more then dropped the sock with the hotdog. Mom would say "Go find!" and find I did! We went up to about 30 yards!
Below is a picture of a dog tracking....he has a harness, I don't have one, but mom said she's going to get me a harness to track in. Yay! New clothes!!

It was fun just being out with mom and dad, and getting praise for eating hot dog. I swear, they are entertained by the smallest things!! Oh well, if it makes them happy. I think we're going to go for training session two this week, although mom said she thought we could skip to the next major step. That's my mom! Hope you had a great weekend!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lazy Morning!

It's raining all day. So we're being lazy...naps, chilling out and spending quality time with Daddy! I don't know why they keep saying I'm not a "lap dog" anymore?? I mean, come on!! I totally am!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy morning!

Whew! I'm whooped! Mom was on a tangent this morning and had me going EVERYWHERE!

Well, I did make her get up I guess she thought I wanted to do stuff....and stuff we did. First we went by Dr. Vet's to pick up our heartworm medicine. Mom likes to take me to Dr. Vet so I know it's not a scary place....even though they "fixed" me there but I don't really remember that!

Then we drove all the way to know, where the pets go? See, I've begun acting like a spaz at PetSmart which is by the house. I just don't like it...the floors are real slippery and the aisles really tall and long...I just don't get a good vibe there so mom said let's try Petco so I can get some socialization.

We walked in and I REALLY liked it! I just wondered around and sniffed all the yummy bones and food and TOYS!! OMG the toys!! Mom said I was being so good that she got me two toys...a new bottle put water bottles in it and crunch away!:

And this jack thing...that is nothing but squeakers (picture will have to be later, I'm too tired to show it off right now!). The aisles were nice and short and I didn't slip on the floor. The only thing I didn't like was the ferrets....they were creepy! I barked at them and walked away. Mom says that we can stop by there more when I start obedience school in January, cause it's close. Yay!

I met some nice people and some little rat terrier. It was fun. Then we went to see daddy at work, but he had to leave to go on a call, so mom took me to the creek since I was sooooo good!

Now I'm sooooo sleepy! I'm going to have to take a major nap so I can play with my new toys! I hope you guys are having a great Saturday too. I love when mom doesn't have to work...although she tires me out!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gift Ideas?

Soooo my big girl One Year b'day is coming up and mom has asked me what I want for my b'day. Well, I want my OLD pool but that's out of the question since she tossed it away like trash, but really, I don't know if I want another pool right now. It's getting cooler here so I may look at other options.

Mom said she's going to make me a cake, I'm pretty pumped about that...a whole cake, for me and Duncan. I don't know if I can contain myself!

Anyway, what do you guys suggest I ask for? Do you have any favorite toys? Right now I love my wubba and my Bawk Bawk....they are my faves. But what are your favorite toys that you think my mom should invest in for me?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shock, horror and awards!

RIP Swimming Pool 2009-2009

OMG. My mom did something this morning, it's uncomprehensible! I think she's been invaded by a body snatcher.....


Bah! What what she thinking?!?! It was MY pool! So what if it was covered in dirt (dirt that I worked very hard on getting on it btw) and had so many tiny holes (perfectly matching a certain GSD's teeth...but I'm going with the squirrels learned to shoot buckshot) that it leaked water and looked more like a cool fountain than a pool and could only hold water for about an hour before becoming completely empty.

But it's gone. I stood and watched in terror as she dragged it to the side of the road for the trashmen this morning. I barked at her, but she didn't listen...she was too hellbent on her evil plot of destruction to hear my pleas. I watched in horror as the garbage men tossed my half eaten, non-usable pool into the back of the truck and drove off.
When she walked back in the house I just gave her the stink eye. She told me that the pool was unusable, we couldn't fill it with water anymore and with it just laying in the back yard we looked like what she called "white trash". I don't know if I can ever trust her alone with my toys again...Bawk Bawk is missing a squeaker and two feet...she CANNOT take away my Bawk Bawk or I quit I tell ya! Goodbye sweet pool! We'll always have the memories!! You were my friend, my giant water bowl, chewtoy and cooling complete me!
Anyway, I was quite pleased and uplifted when my buddy Khyra gave me my first two blog awards!!! How awesome is that! I guess when one doggie door closes another opens. So here they are!

I have to pass these on to five friends....drumroll please.........
Check out these great dog blogs. They'll make you smile...even if your MOM did throw away your kiddie pool!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I don't get it...

So I've written about Max, my boxer boyfriend. I've come to realize that Max is always outside and I never see him with his peoples. I even noticed last night that Max doesn't have any toys in his backyard. I'm not understanding this.

This got me to being more observant. While walking the hood, I noticed that there are A LOT of dogs that seem to be left in the yard...with no peoples. There is another German Shepherd that always barks at us when we walk by. He doesn't bark like a "hey! I'm happy come play with me!" bark but a more of "I WILL EAT YOU!" kind of bark. Then I realized, he's always outside too! But his peoples have some little mini-pin they take inside, but he's always left outside, sometimes on a chain. I think this may explain his pissyness.

Then there are the three yappy jack russells. I usually just ignore them, but I realized they're outside too...hmm..then there are the two poor dogs across the street that are always outside...they were even outside last year when it snowed!

Now mom and dad leave Duncan and I outside when they go to work. But sometimes dad is home until like 2 then mom comes home at five, and when they're home, we're wherever they are. When we go out to potty and stuff, mom or dad goes with us. When mom and dad go inside they whistle for us and say "Let's go inside!" and we go inside. And we have tons (literally, tons) of toys.

Why would people get a puppy if they don't spend any time with it? I'm very confused by this. We puppies love our peoples. We love spending time with you. We like toys and we like to play. We do not like being left alone.

I couldn't imagine what I would do if mom and dad just left me in the yard and never played with me. If they didn't hug and kiss and pet me. That I couldn't sleep on the bed but outside with bugs and on the dirt. I know this would never happen and I count my little lucky puppy stars that they aren't like that, but now I feel bad for those puppies who don't have a mom and dad like mine, or like my Aunt Temple or my neighbors or Aunt Lou or Granny and Papa.

I know most of my bloggy friends have awesome pet parents, so give them an extra kiss today, they are awesome!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why did the chicken cross the road?

He didn't! Cause I have his foot! Bahahahahaha!!! Get it??

In mom's ever-going search for odd nasty things for us to eat, she stumbled upon chicken feet. See, Duncan and I are on a raw diet...meaning we eat raw chicken and piggies and cows and stuff. It's yum-tastic and very healthy. Our teeth are white, we have no doggie smell or breath and we're both shiney!

Well, while ordering some stuff for us, mom stumbled upon chicken feet. They are supposed to be great for dogs with arthritis. I don't have it, but Duncan does. Mom said since they're basically cart-e-ledge that they are good for us. So she ordered a bag.

Mom had to warn dad what was coming from the FedEx man, in case he was worried she was starting into voo-doo. But they got here and man, are they yummy! We get a few a week and don't take very long to chew, but we really like them. Duncan woofs his down (get it? Woofs? this post is pure comic genius!!).

So we've found there is basically nothing we won't eat. Mom ordered us a new bag which should be here tomorrow. She also orderded us some tripe...I think I mentioned it before. It's kinda stinky but that just means we love it more. Dunc's even lost a little bit of weight since going to raw...he was what mom called "husky" (but not a real husky like my friends the Woos or Khyra!). His teeth are also ALMOST as white as mine!

Well, since I was on such a roll, here's one last joke for you:

What do you call a great dog detective??? Sherlock Bones!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Thank you! Thank you! I'll be here all week!!!

Sidenote, I didn't get to go see Max last night, mom had a sewing class. We'll go on a walk tonight and I'll take him a cookie!

Monday, August 24, 2009

I met a new friend!

While on our afternoon walk on Saturday mom and I met a new friend! Her name is Bella or Isabell (we have to be BFF since my name is Annabelle...coincidence? I think NOT!)

She's a spaniel of some didn't bring her camera. Crazy woman, I must have pupp-aratzi with me at all times and she dragged her feet and left the camera at home. Anyway, this is what Bella looked like...except she was brown.

I was just happy to meet another puppy on our walk. There are two other dogs in the hood that walk but I'm not allowed to meet them. Mom said they'll eat my face off which would probably cause her to get into fist-a-cuffs with their owners. This doesn't sound good so I've learned to ignore them for fear of mom going to the bighouse.

We'd never seen Bella before and I was making a bee-line for her. Mom asked Bella's mom if she was friendly (I already knew she was, you can just tell with some dogs) and she said yes, so I got to sniff and lick her and do my play bows and jump around like a spaz. It was AWESOME!

Mom and Bella's mom talked for a while but I have no idea what they were saying. I was in puppy heaven. Bella told me she's 11 months too! I think the stars have alligned and set me up with a BFF! But then when we left I asked mom if she knew where Bella lived and she said no. Thanks for NOTHING mom! I looked for Bella on our walk last night, but didn't see her.

We did go by and see Max, my boxer boyfriend. I've realized that Max is ALWAYS outside...never inside with his peoples like I am. They even have little peoples in his house, but Max is always outside alone. I think tonight I'll take Max a dog biscuit.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Morning With Mom

The weather here has been FAN-TASTIC this weekend! Normally in Alabama in August it's hot as a husky in a sweater, but for some reason this weekend it was only in the 80s with no human-dity.

We just hung around on Saturday, but then today mom skipped church so we could get out early and spend some time in God's wonders. I was like "Mom are you sure you're not going to get in trouble with the BIG GUY??" But she said sometimes we can spend time with the BIG GUY just by enjoying his wonders here on earth and having our own quiet time with him. I sure hope she's right, I don't want the BIG GUY going after mom with a rolled up newspaper or a spray bottle!

First we went to a garden, then the creek then home. I was tuckered out all before lunch, but we had a great time. Here's some pics of my morning with mom. I hope you had a great weekend too!

Me striking a pose in the garden!

I have no idea what this was, even after sniffing it.

Mom getting a glamour-shot of me by the creek

We watched a special on lions...I think I blend in just as well as those stupid big kitties.

Mom likes this photo. She said it shows my miss-cheese-vious eyes.
Did someone say cheese??

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm not Depressed!

I keep hearing something on the TV about Anna being depressed. What is up with this?? These are lies! Why would I be depressed! I have my wubba, my bawk bawk, my food and my new kitty friend Simon! Mommy and daddy are both home...what gives?

I'm going to sue the TV people. Why would they tell everyone that I, Anna the most awesome German Shepherd Puppy in the world is depressed!?! I feel like Britney when mobbed by the media. Given, I'm not going to shave my head and attack with an umbrella (I have no thumbs) but it's still disturbing.

I mean, I love meeting puppies and I'm going on vacation next month for goodness sake! I demand the media take back their slander and lies about my emotional state. The only medication I take is my heartworm/flea pills. I am not the Lindsey Lohan of the doggie world and I demand retribution for these lies.

Wait, what's that? Ana is a tropical storm/depression? Well, how the crap am I supposed to know what the hell that is? Oh, well, umm....then I'm suing the National Weather people for confusing people about me! I mean, I'm the only Anna that matters! You're going down kinda hot bald weatherman Jim Cantore! You will rue the day you messed with me!


Non-depressed Anna out!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Water not just for drinking anymore!

Yesterday afternoon mom and dad took Dunc and I for a walk. But we didn't just walk around the hood. Nope, they put us in the car and walked us downtown. There's lots of pretty old houses downtown and sidewalks and stuff to sniff.

While walking we found this cool old part of downtown called the village. It has some of the original old homes/small buildings (including the first hotel here!!) and some gardens. No one was there and we just walked around and looked at stuff. It was cool.

Well, it was hot and mom saw a little fish pool and said that would be a good place for us to get a drink since they didn't pack our water bowl...well, I had other ideas!!!

Man, this feels good!!!

Why are there fishies in my pool? I'm a fishy too!

Oh look, a water fountain just for me!

Mom, dad, we need one of these!!!

The rest of the walk felt good after I had my little dip in the pool. Mom and dad just laughed at me, wondering if I was actually part lab since I love water so much...but water rocks! It's cool, you can bite it, swim in it, find nasty sticks and stuff in it and get dirty and clean at the same time!!!
Dad said I only have a little over a month till I get to see the BIG WATER of the beach. I don't know what he's talking about, but it sounds fun! Have a great weekend all!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Number 3

Guess what! Did you hear? A scientific study has proven something I knew already....dogs are smart! Well duh!

The study says that certain breeds of dogs are as smart as or smarter than two year old humans! Check that out! Apparently, the Mr. Scientists said that us dogs know between 160-250 words and can count to five!

Of course, I know more than that, because I have a blog and all, and I use more than 250 words. My blog would be a boring as crap if I only used 250 words all the time, and then you'd probably leave and I'd just be saying the SAME words OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. That would suck squirrels.

So, anyway, they say that my people, the German Shepherd, are the third smartest dog breeds in the WORLD! Below poodles and border collies. I can't believe we're under poodles...I mean, how smart are you if you let you mom cut your hair like you got attacked by pingpong balls??

Anyway I guess my people have to do more to prove our smarts. I don't know what you people want from us...nuclear physics?? I made peace with one of the kitties and I thought THAT would count for something, but nope. I got beat out by a poodle....a stinkin' poodle.

I'm sorry any of my poodle friends. It's just the anger talking. I guess you can't always be number one and stress of being number three is getting to me. Sigh. Oh well, guess I'm off to go build an ark or a satalite or go save some girls from Korea or something to try to take the prize for smartest dog next year....but at least I'm smarter than something that poops it's pants, I learned to go outside and potty by the time I was three months old!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet Potatoes and Sticks

While lounging around this weekend, mom got a wild hair up her butt and decided to try to make some homemade sweet potato treats! Usually mom's experiments work out, and even if they don't, I can't really tell. I mean, I eat poop, so my palate isn't too extravagant!

Mom started by taking a sweet potato, washing it off, cutting it in half horizontally then cutting 1/8-1/3 inch horrizontal slices. She cut her finger a few times, which caused her to go into some weird word fits, but by the second potato she got the hang of it.

Then she placed it on a cookie sheet, baked at 200-250 for two hours...flipping them every 30 min. I waited patiently...two hours is a long freakin' time. Then they were ready...well not really, then mom let them sit out for like 30 min. FINALLY they were ready for taste test and they were yummy! Mom bought us some storebought dried potatoes but those buggars are expensive, so this is a new way for us to get our tators!! Duncan and I both love the tators and they're healthy or something. I don't care, I just know they taste good!

I also proved to mom that while I love her buying me toys, I am perfectly entertained by a stick. I found this big one in the yard and commenced to practicing my ninja/Star Wars/medieval staff squirrel attack moves for like 30 min. Then I bit it in half. Maybe she can make me some "num-chucks"?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ohhh...the colors!!

Check out my new blog design!! I decided to "get with it" and add some colors...including pink, my favorite cause I'm a lady!!

Let me know if you like it or if it needs tweaking!

Give me the Nobel Peace Prize!!

You can suck it Al Gore!! I have accomplished the impossible! I have....drumroll....MADE A KITTY FRIEND!!!!! Yay!!!

After MONTHS of trying to get one of the three kitties to like me, I've succeeded! Simon and I are now BFF! No more black on black crime! Well, maybe we're not quite BFF, but we're friends to say the least. I've been working on him...seems he now apparently likes my attempts to groom him like a kitty does, even though it leaves him soaking wet looking, but I think he likes it! Seriously!

Mom documented these photos for me while I was working diligently on the peace talks (aka passed out).

I'm so happy! I wonder if I need to make him a friendship bracelet? Or bring him a stick? Or some poop? What do kitties like?? Hmm...I'll have to do some research on this. Now for the other two kitties....Mia is less "gunshy" as mom calls it (I don't understand this, I'm not running around with a Gat or anything...) and I occasionally get to sniff her. The fat one, Alley, basically still hides under the bed and makes devil noises. Maybe Simon being the eldest will have some pull on the continuing Kitty Talks of 09. I feel like Bill Clinton (minus the callgirls)!!
Sidenote: mom says please ignore the blinds in the back, those are not "torn" but instead have been outfitted with strategic-ally placed peep holes for me to keep an eye out on the hood....

Monday, August 10, 2009

I lost my privlages...

I'm back after being on hiatus. Seems I lost my laptop privlages because something can I explain it? Hmm...maybe I'll just show you:

I honestly have no idea what happened!! I mean, mom and dad left me for Mizz-or-ee and I woke up the next morning and the loveseat must have spontaneously combusted while I slept!

The Petsitter called mom and told her...she said mom laughed. I was like "whew!". Of course, mom couldn't see what it looked like. Then mom and dad got home. It was all fa-la-la-la-la reunion, then after we all calmed down, mom and dad looked at the couch....

I tried to tell them my thoughts on the matter, that it was either caused by:

1. The kitties (come on, they could totally do that!!) setting me up. Stupid kitties.

2. Aliens...couch eating aliens.

3. Mobsters who ransacked ONLY the couch for contriband milkbones

4. An adorable, innocent, little 65-lb GSD puppy who missed her mommy and daddy so much she got pissed, lashed out in pure diva furry at the closest thing possible then blacked out from the event.

Mom and dad were fine....but mom did take away my blogging for a week. I guess it's an even mom said she wanted a new couch anyway, so we're all happy.

Other than that, I was awakened Friday morning by something on the sounded like five giant, evil squirrels. I KNEW this day would come! So I got all alert, woke up mom and dad to warn them of the impending giant-mutant squirrel war, but mom showed me it was some men. They were giving us a new roof.

After barking at them (just to let them know I was there, in case they morphed into giant mutant squirrels) I got used to it. Although it did hinder me from taking my daily nap for all that blasted banging. But they got it done, under my watchful eye!

Only 45 days to the beach! I'll be blogging again soon!