Thursday, August 13, 2009

Number 3

Guess what! Did you hear? A scientific study has proven something I knew already....dogs are smart! Well duh!

The study says that certain breeds of dogs are as smart as or smarter than two year old humans! Check that out! Apparently, the Mr. Scientists said that us dogs know between 160-250 words and can count to five!

Of course, I know more than that, because I have a blog and all, and I use more than 250 words. My blog would be a boring as crap if I only used 250 words all the time, and then you'd probably leave and I'd just be saying the SAME words OVER AND OVER AND OVER again. That would suck squirrels.

So, anyway, they say that my people, the German Shepherd, are the third smartest dog breeds in the WORLD! Below poodles and border collies. I can't believe we're under poodles...I mean, how smart are you if you let you mom cut your hair like you got attacked by pingpong balls??

Anyway I guess my people have to do more to prove our smarts. I don't know what you people want from us...nuclear physics?? I made peace with one of the kitties and I thought THAT would count for something, but nope. I got beat out by a poodle....a stinkin' poodle.

I'm sorry any of my poodle friends. It's just the anger talking. I guess you can't always be number one and stress of being number three is getting to me. Sigh. Oh well, guess I'm off to go build an ark or a satalite or go save some girls from Korea or something to try to take the prize for smartest dog next year....but at least I'm smarter than something that poops it's pants, I learned to go outside and potty by the time I was three months old!


  1. At least woo made the list!

    Seriously, I'm multi-lingual...doesn't that khount?


  2. We would say that Border Collies and Poodles and GSDs should ALL be number one. Yes, that would be fair, don't you think?