Monday, August 31, 2009

Do you smell what I smell?

Okay, so we actually did something thing! Mom and dad took me tracking! Yay!!

A while back mom noticed that I LOVE sniffin and a smellin'. And I do. I love smellin after mom, dad, Duncan, kitties, squirrels, anything. So she looked into tracking. It's an AKC style sport where dogs use their sniffers to follow a trail or "track" some person walked...and it can be up to 500 yards!

Mom did some basic training to see how I did and I did good! But then we kinda stopped training for a while. Mom ordered a book about tracking, taking you from square one to the actual test to get your TD or Tracking Dog title.

So, mom, dad and I went to the fields by the school and started out slow. I don't know why we had to start out slow, I already knew some of this basic stuff, but mom said this is how the book says to start so that's how we're starting. Sigh, I guess I'll humor her and go along with it.

Mom would hold me in a sit and dad would show me this sock that he put pieces of hot dog in, then he dropped a piece of hot dog, walked a while, dropped more then walked some more then dropped the sock with the hotdog. Mom would say "Go find!" and find I did! We went up to about 30 yards!
Below is a picture of a dog tracking....he has a harness, I don't have one, but mom said she's going to get me a harness to track in. Yay! New clothes!!

It was fun just being out with mom and dad, and getting praise for eating hot dog. I swear, they are entertained by the smallest things!! Oh well, if it makes them happy. I think we're going to go for training session two this week, although mom said she thought we could skip to the next major step. That's my mom! Hope you had a great weekend!!


  1. You certainly have a good snooter for tracking!
    Hotdogs, yum!

  2. YUMMY!! Hot dogs for training. That is so cool. Sounds like you are at the head of your class. Go Anna!
    Ernie & Sasha

  3. Wow, what a kewl doggie sport. You is luckee to gets to do that. I has never tried tracking. I did sheep herding once and that was lots of funs but I pulled a muscle I ranned so fast.

  4. Hey, if there are hot dogs involved, I will be right there to help.

    woos, Thunder Dunder