Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Danger from Above...Be on Guard!

Well, it's a first. It's actually the first day of Fall and it ACTUALLY feels like fall here in Alabama! I don't know if that's ever actually happened before!

So yesterday afternoon, we was outside enjoying a nice fall evening. Dunc and I were chilling in the yard, the Bald Puppy was running around with a stick, Winston was chasing bugs, Mia was doing whatever it is Mia does.

It was great. And then IT HAPPENED!

Do you see it? Do you see what my supersonic ears and doggie senses caught RIGHT above the Bald Puppy's head?!?!

Look close....

I'll even biggyfy it more...

That do be a no good tree rat skwirl leaping above! I know for sure it was going to try to attack the BP, but I was there and skeered it away! I made sure I chased it into our neighbor's tree and out of our yards.

This is the season of the Tree Rats my friends....they are out and planting their acorn bombs and acting all brave. Be on the lookout and proteckt your peoples!! Viva la revolution versus the tree rats!

PS. we'll be leaving for vacay tomorrow and won't have much internets, so I hope you all are well while I'm gone. I'll check back in mid October and let you know about our travels and catch up with all the latest Blogville gossip! Hugs and licks!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Anna B'day Weekend Spectacular!

Well, here I is. Writing you as a SIX YEAR OLD! Wow, time has flown! My b'day was fantastic because it was ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Mom used a calculator thing and according to it I'm 45 in human years. For giggle we did Duncan's and he's 99 in human years! I don't know about you, but after reading that I feel like a spring chicken. Speaking of chicken....

Mom went and got our doggie noms on Saturday, and while she was out, she got me some presents! And mom sucks at waiting, so I got them on Saturday, instead of on my b'day on Sunday.

I got some more Primal treats, some chicken jerky and a NEW COLLAR!!! (I is wearing it in the first photo, I love it!)

These Primal treats was dehydrated beef liver. They were nom-licous! I even shared with Duncan and Winston.

Then I tried some chicken jerky. NOM LICIOUS!!!

The next day, on my actual birthday, I was served a.....


All these b'day noms had me concerned about my figure, so that night we went for a b'day walk. 

Which turned into a game of tag.

It was a great b'day weekend! And this week we leave for vacay in North Carrylina. Can't wait to get on the road!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Today is Anna-Day!!!

Guess who turns SIX today?!?!

Yup, that do be me!!

Here I was at 16 weeks....hmmm...

...wonder when I'll grow into my ears? BOL!

(I is setting this post to post over the weekend, so I don't know what I got for my b'day yet! Can't wait to see!!!)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Winston Wednesday--Like a Squirrel

I do think Winston do be confused....

Does he think he is a squirrel?

What are you doing up there silly kitty???? I better keep my eye on you....

Monday, September 15, 2014

Signs of Fall

SLOOOOOOWLY Fall is trying to creep into Alabama. And it's taking its sweet time. The weatherman did say this weekend was supposed to be nice and no hoomidity, but he then said "Nope, I is a big fat liar and killer of dreams, the cold front is not going to make it that soon."

So, it was a bit cooler, but still hoomid. We were thinking, fall will never get here! But then mom started seeing the signs of fall. Her first alert was me and the Bald Puppy looking out the window with concern.

We saw this:

It don't look like much, but by the time mom got her camera this is what was left, but before our and our neighbor's yard was COVERED with black birds! It was like something out of a horror movie...but it got scarier when the Squirrel also got involved! My BARK BARK at the squirrel and the BP saying "SHOOOO!" to the birds scared most of them away. Mom says this big herd of birds means the temperatures must be about to change.

Then, after the scary herd of birds left, we went out back in the yard to play. The BP kept picking something up, then mom realized it do be the pee-kans falling from our trees!

Mom says this is another sign of fall. I say, it's prime squirrel bait and that I will be watching the trees and ground very closely for the next week!

Finally, mom looked at me and the Duncan and said we looked "ratty". What does that even mean?!?! Well, I found out it means that we get the brush. Now, Duncan loves the brush, but me, not so much. But after brushing this is what was left:

It looks like I got a hold of one of them squirrels! But no, it's just about 20 cubic tons of dog fur. Mom says this do be us "blowing our coat" getting ready for winter. Most of it is Duncan's, I just had a few black poofs, which means I am not near as ratty as my brother.

Come on fall!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tough Call

In just TWO WEEKS! YES 14 DAYS from now, we'll be in the divamobile heading up to vacay in the mountains! Ahhh...the mountains. One of my, well our, favorite places!

We've been going to the same spot for about four years now. We love it there. The last year we took the BP for his first time (well, tecknically second, he went in mom's belly one time!). But this year will be different, mom and dad made a hard decision. One mom still feels like crap about.

Duncan isn't going.

Now, we all know Duncan is beyond old fart status. He's 16.5 and will turn 17 in February. He's still pretty spry as far as fossils go. But he has slowed down a bit. I have no idea why!

He does do well in the crisp mountain air, but during our last few trips he's been hiking less and less. It's just too hard on the old fella. And he'd rather sleep in his comfy ortho-pee-dic dog bed within easy reach of noms.

Dad was just worried because our cabin is two flights of stairs to get in and out. No other way to get in or out, with slick wood floors. Mom was in denial. But the more mom and dad talked about it, they grew more concerned that he might slip and fall, and even worse, if he fell while we were out hiking (inside, he's never unsnoopervised on the outside stairs).

On our last trip, he only made on small hike around the property and then had the run in with Canine Vestibular Disease which scared the crap out of mom and dad.

So they decided, Dunc will not travel to North Carrylina. Instead, he'll stay at Camp Spoiled A Lot with Granny and Pawpaw for the week. Dunc is actually kinda excited about this, because Granny likes to spoil us with treats and noms.

Mom says parenting is hard, and she'll probably cry like a baby when we leave Dunc at Camp Spoiled A Lot. But Granny has assured him, she will live up to the camp name. And while I will miss my old, fossil brother, but there is one thing I won't miss...

Old, nasty, dog farts. OMD his butt is nasty!! That's 8 hours of being trapped with fossilized dog gas!!

*Mom side note: We really did wrestle with this decision to not take the Dunc with us. But we know it will be better and safer for him to get pampered at my mom's. And yes, we will all kinda "miss" Dunc's impressive gas. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting Primal!

So, mom signed us up for something kinda cool. See, a few weeks ago we got an order from Chewy dot com for some household stuff. Mainly litter and kitty food. Mom has decided dealing with the "general public" is not worth is and orders everything on line. Even the Bald Puppy's potty pants!

Anyway, we also got to be a reviewer for items at Chewys. We does not get paid for this, we just give our honest opinions on what we get to try. Mom chose the Primal Turkey Liver Munchies Freeze Dried Dog AND Cat Treats to try out. She wanted something we could all enjoy, and since this one is also for kitties, she knew it would be perfect. But how would the test subjects (I think that do be me) like it?

I sniffed the box, and knew right away it was different, it didn't smell like kitty litters, which got me intrigued!

Mom read over the bag. She liked that it's all no added hormones or anti-bi-oticks added to the turkeys we is about to eat. 

The ingredients are: Turkey Liver. Yep. Keep it simple!!  They also vary in size, but are easily broken down into kitty sizes. They are very light and airy! Kinda like a cheeto...made of liver. NOM!!

 We gave it all the sniffer test, which got us very excited. I may have um, tried to nom the bag....

It was hard, but mom made me "LEAVE IT!" Ugh mom! But wait, do you see the Winston coming in and about to cramp my style??

Winston did not LEAVE IT! So, I decided I wasn't going to LEAVE IT and let that kitty get my noms.  

Duncan doesn't leave anything. I don't know if these actually ever touched the floor....

Winston was much better off with his kitty size, that mom could break off easily.

Now, see, these things were gooooood. Like bomb diggity good. I'm typically a dainty princess and like to slowly nom my foods. I wait patiently, but, OMD I done turned PRIMAL! I got all drooly and excited and SNATCHED the bag from mom!!

I done went and tried to bitey open the bag. What the crap?? Mom took the bag from me and hid it, because we all had the look in our eyes of Primal zombies wanting MOOOOORE!

Now, Mia was M-I-A (get it! bahahaha, excuse me, I think I'm still on my turkey liver cheeto high) so mom tried them with her separately...

Mia sniffed it, gave a blank stare, and then just rolled around the treats. She did not nom them and showed no interest. Although, they did seem to make her a little happy. How can you be happy when choosing not to nom??

So I came in and cleaned up!

Overall, we give this Three out of Four Tails, since Mia's tail didn't seem impressed. Mom thinks she'll definitely get more of these since it's something all us critters can eat, so she doesn't have to worry about different treats for different critters. The only downside mom saw is that they only come in a 2oz bag. That won't last long around here with three, drooly mouths! BOL!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Swimming

Hey everybody! I hope those of you in the good ol' U-S of A had a great Labor Day weekend! We did. Mom and dad went to Auburn for a football game Saturday (yay! Football season is here!!!) and then on Monday, dad had to work. Boo.

It's back hot again (those white wooly bugs is liars!) so we've been staying cool. But Monday morning mom said "Well, it's early let's go to the creek!" So she loaded up me and the Bald Puppy and off we went!

When you get there early, no one is there! Whoo hoo!

Ahhh...the waters were quite cool!!

Hmm...the BP found a stick! Mom said this log stick was too big for me...hmph.

Now, this one is good size for Anna fetching!

I even went out in the deep waters and swam. Mom was shocked, normally I like my dainty toes to touch the ground, but it was so nice out I decided to let loose and do some water cardio! 

And I got the stick!

The BP was so excited he umm..well, we don't know what happened other than he went SPLASH! and we learned he can hold his breath! Wow! He was fine, and was very excited. After this, he was just in his swimming shorts. BOL

He was very excited about the water. After the SPLASH I kept my eyes on him...and I might have been trying to steal his stick...maybe...

Then he got real excited about mud...and throwing it. I stayed behind the range of fire...

We stayed for about an hour, just swimming and having fun.

It was a great early morning trip. When we left, a whole gaggle of peoples and little peoples were on their way down to the creek, so we left just in time! (shhhh I'm supposed to be on a leash!)

I hope you all had a wonderful splishy splashy or just relaxing day!