Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Getting Primal!

So, mom signed us up for something kinda cool. See, a few weeks ago we got an order from Chewy dot com for some household stuff. Mainly litter and kitty food. Mom has decided dealing with the "general public" is not worth is and orders everything on line. Even the Bald Puppy's potty pants!

Anyway, we also got to be a reviewer for items at Chewys. We does not get paid for this, we just give our honest opinions on what we get to try. Mom chose the Primal Turkey Liver Munchies Freeze Dried Dog AND Cat Treats to try out. She wanted something we could all enjoy, and since this one is also for kitties, she knew it would be perfect. But how would the test subjects (I think that do be me) like it?

I sniffed the box, and knew right away it was different, it didn't smell like kitty litters, which got me intrigued!

Mom read over the bag. She liked that it's all no added hormones or anti-bi-oticks added to the turkeys we is about to eat. 

The ingredients are: Turkey Liver. Yep. Keep it simple!!  They also vary in size, but are easily broken down into kitty sizes. They are very light and airy! Kinda like a cheeto...made of liver. NOM!!

 We gave it all the sniffer test, which got us very excited. I may have um, tried to nom the bag....

It was hard, but mom made me "LEAVE IT!" Ugh mom! But wait, do you see the Winston coming in and about to cramp my style??

Winston did not LEAVE IT! So, I decided I wasn't going to LEAVE IT and let that kitty get my noms.  

Duncan doesn't leave anything. I don't know if these actually ever touched the floor....

Winston was much better off with his kitty size, that mom could break off easily.

Now, see, these things were gooooood. Like bomb diggity good. I'm typically a dainty princess and like to slowly nom my foods. I wait patiently, but, OMD I done turned PRIMAL! I got all drooly and excited and SNATCHED the bag from mom!!

I done went and tried to bitey open the bag. What the crap?? Mom took the bag from me and hid it, because we all had the look in our eyes of Primal zombies wanting MOOOOORE!

Now, Mia was M-I-A (get it! bahahaha, excuse me, I think I'm still on my turkey liver cheeto high) so mom tried them with her separately...

Mia sniffed it, gave a blank stare, and then just rolled around the treats. She did not nom them and showed no interest. Although, they did seem to make her a little happy. How can you be happy when choosing not to nom??

So I came in and cleaned up!

Overall, we give this Three out of Four Tails, since Mia's tail didn't seem impressed. Mom thinks she'll definitely get more of these since it's something all us critters can eat, so she doesn't have to worry about different treats for different critters. The only downside mom saw is that they only come in a 2oz bag. That won't last long around here with three, drooly mouths! BOL!


  1. Oh! We are all drooooling here, looks so tasty!

    NukNuk & Isis

  2. OMD We MUST try these Treats... SOON.

    WE just ADORE Chewy.com

  3. what can we say - cats have no taste or understanding of real noms !!!! You did a pawsome review Anna

  4. Primal zombies...snorts ...... mum be afraid be very afraid those treats are for taking. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. Ha - we picked the same item AND did our review today too:) Weren't they just delicious, Anna - we all loved them.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Turkey Liver Cheetos?! Sign me up!