Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Danger from Above...Be on Guard!

Well, it's a first. It's actually the first day of Fall and it ACTUALLY feels like fall here in Alabama! I don't know if that's ever actually happened before!

So yesterday afternoon, we was outside enjoying a nice fall evening. Dunc and I were chilling in the yard, the Bald Puppy was running around with a stick, Winston was chasing bugs, Mia was doing whatever it is Mia does.

It was great. And then IT HAPPENED!

Do you see it? Do you see what my supersonic ears and doggie senses caught RIGHT above the Bald Puppy's head?!?!

Look close....

I'll even biggyfy it more...

That do be a no good tree rat skwirl leaping above! I know for sure it was going to try to attack the BP, but I was there and skeered it away! I made sure I chased it into our neighbor's tree and out of our yards.

This is the season of the Tree Rats my friends....they are out and planting their acorn bombs and acting all brave. Be on the lookout and proteckt your peoples!! Viva la revolution versus the tree rats!

PS. we'll be leaving for vacay tomorrow and won't have much internets, so I hope you all are well while I'm gone. I'll check back in mid October and let you know about our travels and catch up with all the latest Blogville gossip! Hugs and licks!


  1. OMD OMD OMD ANNA..... THANK DAWGNESS that YOU were out there keeping Watch over the Boy Puppy... OMD that Squirrel could have STOLEN him... and made him live in its Nest and eat NOTHING butt Nuts... OMD OMD OMD your mom and dad must be SOOOOO proud of you. We know that WE are.
    PeeS... WE are going on VaKay starting on Thurs... so we won't know what is going on EITHER...

  2. What would BP do without you there to protect him - good job on scaring it away Anna

  3. Thank gosh you were there to scare it off! Those tree rats are constantly up to no good!


  4. OMD what will happen when your are away? The tree rats will take over. Do you want me to come over and garden sit for you? Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly
    Have a great time

  5. Watch out!

    Woo's on the street is they are pakhking TASERs -

    Just sayin'

    PeeEssWoo: Khool weather ROKHKS!!!