Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feelin' Great and back to Trainin'

Hey everybody! Thanks for keeping tabs on me! It means so much to have bloggy friends to send me well wishes!

So, as you heard my vet visit went pretty well. I was pretty sleepy and wonky all day Friday. Mom said it was mostly good news, so that's good! Saturday, mom cleaned house and moved the spare room into the old junk room. I supervised of course. Dad was impressed at mom moving it all in there by herself and at my supervision skills. Oh, and the new windows are making the house much more comfy, dad said the heating isn't running as much as it used to! Score money for noms!!!

Today mom said now that I'm not wonky it's back to training! Today we went downtown. There aren't many people there on a Sunday, but there's a lot of cars driving close by. At first I was nervous, but mom kept working on me walking pretty. We got on a roll and guess where we went?? To the firestation to see daddy! Wow!

He's at a new station downtown and I wasn't expecting to see him! It was pretty cool. At first I got nervous again, but I went up and sniffed some new peoples and then hung out with them. I showed off some basic stuff like sits and lays and even did it for the firemen when they asked me to! Mom and dad were so impressed!!

After all that hard work, we hung out outside at the back patio they have at the station, it was pretty nice.

Then mom and I walked back around downtown. I saw the creek, but wasn't allowed to go in. Boo! Mom said it's too cold and since we've had SO MUCH FREAKIN' RAIN it was moving too fast for me to get in. I think mom just didn't want a wet Anna in her car, but whatever.

It was a good day. Mom said we'll try to get out to Petsmart again this week before class!

Friday, January 29, 2010

The Results Are In...

Mom here again. Anna is still pretty wonky from being sedated from her vet visit today. We have mostly good news:

1. The elbow: the xrays showed no sign of ununited anconeal process, which would call for major surgery to repair. In fact, the only thing we could possibly find was fragmented coronoid process, this is a different part of the elbow. It doesn't really look fragmented, but more like a lesion in that area. We're going to follow up in 4-6 weeks with another xray, and if that's the case, a surgery, not as invasive as the one for the anconeal process one, will simply remove that tiny piece and she should be fine.

2. Hip Xrays: right hip is great!

3. Hip Xrays: left hip has displaysia. Right now it's nothing horrible, but years down the road we may need to look at options. It wasn't horrible, but the socket was shallower than the right.

4. All her spine and vertebre looked fine!

So all in all we're very pleased with the xrays. I have to tell you, as a mom I was really worried about what the hip xrays were going to show--you never know what's going on in there and I've seen some horrible xrays. But with her right hip being in such great shape, the likelyhood of horrible problems down the road should be avoided.

The vet thinks if we sent her xrays off to OFA she'd be judged Fair.

Thanks for all the well wishes and paw crossing!! Anna and I really appreciate it!! Right now she's passed out on the couch but did eat a little bit of ground rabbit and quail so there's something in her tummy. Again, thanks to all our bloggy friends! Anna is so lucky to have you all!

~Dog Mom

Vet Drop Off

Hey, it's mom. I dropped Anna off this morning...she was not a happy camper. No morning noms and being left with Dr. Vet = pissy Anna. We should hear something by 1-2 this afternoon. Fingers crossed!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Class Update!

Just a quick update before I head off to bed and the vet tomorrow. Boo!

Mom and I got to class early and we sat and watched the other doggies. I was nervous, and shaking a little bit.

We got into the ring and successfully avoided the treat stealing booty sniffing dog. Good thing too, he peed in class later. Oy!

The trainer worked with our group on our sits and lays. The trainer told mom I still looked nervous and mom said "It's okay, if I paid for socialization classes, I'm fine with it" It was then that I decided to shine for mom!

She asked me to sit, and I sat, then she asked me to lay and I thought for a second and laid down!! Mom and the trainer were so shocked! Mom gave me a big hug! We did this a few more times, then moved onto the heeling session. I walked pretty with mom and the trainer was very impressed. Then we worked on our "come" command and I let the trainer hold my collar while mom walked away, without spazzing out!

Finally, we did some sit/stays which I did, then we did some down/stays. I did this so well, the trainer pointed me out as an example! Holy crapola! At the end of class mom worked on the "watch me" commands which I was doing and sits. The trainer came by and told my mom I was like a whole new dog! She was very impressed.

She told mom to keep up my outdoor/Petsmart training. I think I def got most improved!

Also, I may have a new boyfriend...his name is Chewy and he's a shitzu. He's awesome. I was doing so good I even licked his mom in the face, mom was amazed because I'm normally very wary of new people. But I needed to impress Chewy's mom cause I like working with Chewy!

Well, I'm bushed! Mom said she'll update tomorrow on my visit to Dr. Vet.

Windows: DONE!

Home Project Windows: Complete!!

Yesterday I supervised dad, grandpa and dad's brother in the installing of our new windows! And, I must say as lead supervisor, they did a great job. Installing all 14 windows in one day with no glass breakage or major injuries.

Mom was very impressed. She didn't think they would get the whole house done, but they did. Of course, mom was also shocked to find the house destroyed when she got home. Furniture everywhere, blinds and curtains laying around, wood chips and stuff on the floor, cups and stuff sitting out (men peoples don't do a good job of keeping things organized, I tried to warn them, but they didn't listen!)

So, mom skipped church last night to stay and help dad clean up and finish putting the trim back up around the windows. I supervised again, and man was I tired! But this morning I got to see all my hard work pay off....TA DA!!

I said there were no "major" injuries, but dad did successfully smash each one of his fingers with either the windows or a hammer. But he's okay. By installing them ourselves we saved at least $900!! That's a lot of noms and toys!!!

All that's left is painting the frame around the window, which cooly is one of the colors mom and dad painted the trim on the house which almost matches perfectly with the new window color! Mom is soooo smart!

Anyway, I hope you are all having a good day! Thanks for the good Xray-inside-pikture messages! Mom told dad last night she's worried and hopes my bones are all okay, but she has a bad feeling, but that's why she bought puppy insurance for me! Dad said he's sure I'm fine and whatever happens happens.

Well, I'm off to get ready for school tonight. Mom hopes to get at least one sit and down from me tonight. Dream big mom!!! :)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Hey, I forgot something! If any of you or your parent peoples or peoples you know are involved in dog rescue, please send me an e-mail. I have something I need to send out to rescue groups but don't want to post on my blog. It's VERY important--especially if you're in Florida, Georgia or North Carolina, but it's important to all locations!!!!

My email is Annagsd at gmail dot com.

Busy Week...the return of Dr. Vet!

So, windows are going in the house right now...seems to be going okay so far, even though mom hasn't come home for lunch to conduct an inspektion. But I'm supervising, which means no glass has been broke! Yay!!

It's been a busy week. On Monday night we went to Petsmart to practice my "awareness issues". I did noticeably better, and I'm walking prettier next to mom. We even met a husky who's mom was talking to my mom about issues she was having, such as pulling. Mom said to try the reverse method--everytime I pull my stops and and we turn around. It's working for me, but the lady seemed doubtful. Mom said to give it a try!

On a sidenote, the Petsmart people know me now, asking "How's Mrs. Anna doing tonight?" I have a new fanclub! Maybe I was wrong to judge Petsmart?

Last night we took practice to the street again, I walked pretty out the driveway into the road and we practiced sits and "watch me"'s and I done good! Tonight will be an off night since mom has church....then tomorrow is....gulp...class!

We'll get there early again so I can walk and sniff around, hopefully I'll be a little more alert to mom and not everything around me! I really hope that little mixed dog stays away from my booty and my treats. Mom said she'll try not to get put into a group with them.

Then, the real scary thing, I'm going to Dr. Vet Friday morning for X-rays! Before Christmas there were some concerns about my elbow and Dr. Vet wanted to look inside me. This involves me not eating after 10 p.m. tomorrow night and for mom to get up EARLY to take me to Dr. Vet to be dropped off and knocked out. Mom is also going to have Dr. Vet look at my hips to see if there are any signs of issues I may have later on, such as hip displaysia. I'm already on joint supplements just to keep me healthy, so I hope I pass this test.

Mom is a little worried, but I think it's just mom's don't like having to drop their kids off and then not knowing what's going on. At least it's on a Friday, so when I get home all wonky from being sedated mom gets to stay with me the next day.

Mom said she'd update the blog for me if I'm too wonky to let my puppy and kitty friends know what's going on.
Whew! What a busy busy week! I'll let you know how class goes tomorrow night!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time Machine Tuesday: G'day Mate!

This week's time machine travels take me to the land down's Australia Day!On January 26, 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip guides a fleet of 11 British ships carrying convicts to the colony of New South Wales, effectively founding Australia. After overcoming a period of hardship, the fledgling colony began to celebrate the anniversary of this date with great fanfare.

So happy Birthday Australia! While there I checked out some of the WEIRD critters living there...check these out!


Do you see what I see?!?! Two freakin' heads!!! How scary is that?!?! I mean, what the crap dude? This greatly disturbed me...if these can have two heads, what if squirrels decide to get two heads, then we'll have freakishly mutated two-headed squirrels to contend with. This may keep me up at night....

So you're swimmin' in the water, having a great time, then BAM! This weird duck-beaver thing comes at you!! I think I saw something like this in a Samual L. Jackson movie once. Luckily these don't live in my creek, but I'll be extra watchful just in case....

These guys are laaaaaid back, but remind me of Paulie from the Sopranos. So stay on your good side, so they don't try to whack you!

Okay, so they don't really have bat wings, I just added those. It's kinda cute...reminds me of my cousin Lola the Corgi mixed with a hamster. I have no idea why, but it does. Minus the wings.

Have a wonderful day, and watch out for two headed squirrels...shudder...

Monday, January 25, 2010

RIP June

This is for my mom's college friend who is so sad after the loss of her doggie, June.

I never met June, but mom said she was awesome and BIONIC!

When mom and June's mom were in college, June was hit by a car and her mommy took her to the vet hospital/college and had her fixed with titanium. That she was a super dog and totally awesome! It was a long and stressful process, but she pulled through like a real trooper.

I've seen June on Christmas cards sent from her mom. She was always so happy and I know she was well loved. I feel really bad for June's family and want to offer huge hugs and kisses! My mom cried while reading her "goodbye" post and says her heart is aching for them.

Good bye June Bug! I know my big sister Maggie Dog is showing you how to chase kitties in doggy heaven!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Window Shoppin

I'm getting ready to start another one of my New Year Revolutions...helping dadddy with home improvement projects. If today is any inkling, it's going to be a looooong year!!

Mom and dad bought new windows for Christmas. Our windows are original to the house and like 40 years old, so they're not insulated or anything. Mom says the new windows will be more energy efficient meaning we'll have more money for noms and toys!!

Dad and his dad (grandpa) are going to install them. Step one was loosening up the old windows so Dad could open them so they can take them out on Wednesday. It started out good, I was there to supervise dad:

Then I walked away for one minute to go chase a kitty and then mom and I hear a crash and this is what we found:

Yeah, dad broke some glass in the window! I seriously can't leave these peoples alone for five seconds! I mean, I knew supervising was important, but now I know I can't let my eyes off them for a minute! (Notice my strict supervisor face in the photo)

Dad is okay and now we have a ghetto fabulous window fixed with some plastic and duck tape until grandpa helps dad replace the old windows with the new windows this week. Until then, I'm going to guard the new windows...daddy isnt' allowed near them without my strict supervision!!!

I'm really going to need my hard hat and tool belt on Wednesday!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Frisbee Morning!

Mom snapped some photos of me playing with my frisbee yesterday morning...I think it may be time for a new one...I have no idea how this one got so raggedy!!! Must have been the kitties or squirrels!

Mom also took me to Petsmart for a few hours last night to work on my "awareness" issues. We worked on sitting and walking pretty (heeling or something?) and meeting peoples. Mom said we're going to be doing this A LOT so I won't be so overwhelmed in new places like school. Man, this school is a lot of work!!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

An A for Effort???

Well, I made it through my first night of school. I'm glad I had a lot of well wishes, cause I needed it!!

Mom and dad took me to the building and when I got out of the car I was so excited and spazzy. They walked me around outside for a while, letting me sniff and see some other doggies. This helped me calm down so I wasn't pulling mom everywhere, but walking pretty nicely.

We got into the building and there were dogs everywhere! I sat by the door and watched them as they all came in. Then when it was time for my class I got to see my fellow classmates: three other GSDs, a retreiver, a whippet, a corgi, a husky (not as pretty as my blogger husky friends!), a shitzu, a poodle and two mixes. So 12 total including me.

There was also another class going on next to us, so it was pretty loud and there was A LOT going on. Dogs barking, squeakers, people talking, dogs moving. This was kinda a problem. I wanted to focus and watch everything else BUT mom. The only thing she could really get me to do was sit and a down.

When we worked on the focus/watch me! work, mom was finally getting me to watch her, then one of the little mix dogs came over and tried to steal my treats and then sniff MY BOOTY! Oh hell to the no fuzzball! Mom asked the little dog's owner to please keep control of her dog. See mom, I need to keep any eye out or those little dogs will steal my treats! Mom says she doesn't want to get grouped with that pair again, they were driving her crazy!

The trainers told mom she needed some high value treats. Mom said that there's nothing more high value than my Natural Balance Roll and hotdog pieces. I can do all this stuff at home, but I was just waaaay to into everything going on around me. The trainers said this was common with GSDs and on the first night of class.

When we left and I could hear mom talking to dad in the car:

Mom: "I'm just frustrated cause I KNOW she KNOWS all this stuff, she just won't focus"

Dad: "It'll get better, she's just too alert to everything"

Mom: "I know, it just frustrates me then I get frustrated at myself for being frustrated in the first place, she's still just a pup..."

Poor mom. I hope to do better next week. But mom did say I was the most well behaved dog in class. I just sat and watched and followed mom. I didn't get all up in other dogs' junk or bark or anything. She also said if it takes me five weeks to focus then it just takes us five weeks...she loves her spazzy girl no matter what!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Place Mat of My Own...Fail

So mom bought this new dog bed/mat thing for Duncan. It's supposed to be self heating to give him a warm, comfy place to lay to help his author-itis.

Mom got it, put it on his doggy bed and he was having non of it! See, it kinda makes a crinkling noise and he was like "oh no way man!" After trying to get him on it for a few days, mom decided "well, I guess this can be Anna's new place-mat."

No, not a place mat for the dinner table, but a mat for my place. Get it? See, mom taught me the "place" command. When she says this, I go lay on my mat. They like to do this when they eat and I get out of the way. Mom was using this pimptastic white leopard-print thing, but decided, that since the new Duncan Mat of Resistance wasn't being used, I could have it.

It's pretty snazzy. Mom moved it around the house and told me "place" and I'd go lay on it and get a yummy nom treat. See!

I was all happy with my new place-mat. While not as pimptastic, it was pretty cool. Then, as mom and dad were watching TV, mom looks for Duncan, and where is he? His old butt is asleep on my placemat!!!

So now mom's given it back to Duncan and he's sleeping on it every night...mocking me. I mean, dude, what's up with that?!? Mom said she'd get me a new place mat or sew me one....a pink one. Now we're talking!

P.Ess: thank you for all your good wishes for school. It's tonight, I'm hoping it goes okay and dad gets some pictures of me struttin' my stuff!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

School Supplies

Hey all. Sorry I've been away for a while, I gotta catch up on my blog reading! Nothing too exciting going on, no snow, no nothin. But it is finally warmer so I think the polar bears have gone into hiding!

I did have to go shopping today, for school supplies! I start obedience school Thursday night and at or-ee-in-tation the teachers told daddy I'd need the following:

-two toys just for class
-poop bags
-yummy treats
-a training bag to put all my stuff in

So, mom took me to Petco (since I hate Petsmart) and I got some new toys that I can't play with yet, they're only for class. Mom also got me a Natural Balance roll that she cuts up and uses as treats (very very yummy btw!). We already have tons of poop bags so we're good there.

While there we met a family. They were really nice. A mommy and daddy peoples and their little boy and girl. I liked the little peoples, I'm still not too sure about big peoples but I'm getting better. The little girl was petting me and asked mom my name, she said Anna and the little girl was very excited, her name was Anna too!

We hung out for a bit, then mom and I wandered around some more. We met this nice family again at checkout. Mom put me in a sit and the kids got down on the floor and petted me, then Anna gave me a hug making all the other peoples go "Awwwwww!"

They were very nice and mom kept saying I was such a good girl. Well duh!! I'm getting a little better about being around peoples I don't know. Mom hopes class will help with this.

Anyway, I'm kinda nervous about school on Thursday. Mom will be doing the training, but dad's going to go for moral support and photos! Yay!

Hope you're having a good weekend. It's bed time for me!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beware the Polar Bear!

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been MIA, but mom had a sinus infection over the weekend meaning I had to once again put on my nurse hat and help take care of her. Man, these peoples are high maintenance!!

Anyway, I hope you all had a great New Year's! I stayed up with mom and dad till a bit after midnight then we all crashed. And the new year has brought something unexpected--FREEZING WEATHER!!!

OMG, we live in Alabama for a reason, that reason is while it does get hot, the winters are typically mild. Not this year. Saturday it's supposed to get down to 10 degrees here. Yes, that's One-Zero--TEN. And we might even get snow tomorrow! What the crap!?!? Now I like snow, but the other stuff I could do without!

Everytime mom and dad take me out to potty, they bundle up and look like weeble wobbles covered in scarfs and coats. I think Duncan almost froze to the fence in "mid-stream" the other night. And with the cold weather it's also very dry, giving me the winter itchies! Mom bought a humidifier (who knew we'd ever need to make our house more humid in Alabama?!?!) and has upped my egg intake to one a day to help with my itchies.

I thought I saw a polar bear out the other night, so I decided I needed a big stick as a weapon...that or for kindling in case we get too cold. Behold--my Polar Bear Beating Stick!!

I am Master of the Giant stick! With my sidekick Duncan!

Duncan, act like a polar bear so I can practice my polar bear ninja moves!

So we've been spending a lot of time inside. I've been playing with and destroying my toys I got for Christmas. First to go was this "indestructable" toy Granny bought me. I think that is a challenge, so I tore apart the tennis ball. It didn't stand a chance!

I hope we do get snow tomorrow. I like to play in it. Tomorrow night mom and dad are going to or-e-in-tation for my doggy school that starts next week. I wonder what they'll find out??

Stay warm and watch out for those polar bears!!