Friday, January 22, 2010

An A for Effort???

Well, I made it through my first night of school. I'm glad I had a lot of well wishes, cause I needed it!!

Mom and dad took me to the building and when I got out of the car I was so excited and spazzy. They walked me around outside for a while, letting me sniff and see some other doggies. This helped me calm down so I wasn't pulling mom everywhere, but walking pretty nicely.

We got into the building and there were dogs everywhere! I sat by the door and watched them as they all came in. Then when it was time for my class I got to see my fellow classmates: three other GSDs, a retreiver, a whippet, a corgi, a husky (not as pretty as my blogger husky friends!), a shitzu, a poodle and two mixes. So 12 total including me.

There was also another class going on next to us, so it was pretty loud and there was A LOT going on. Dogs barking, squeakers, people talking, dogs moving. This was kinda a problem. I wanted to focus and watch everything else BUT mom. The only thing she could really get me to do was sit and a down.

When we worked on the focus/watch me! work, mom was finally getting me to watch her, then one of the little mix dogs came over and tried to steal my treats and then sniff MY BOOTY! Oh hell to the no fuzzball! Mom asked the little dog's owner to please keep control of her dog. See mom, I need to keep any eye out or those little dogs will steal my treats! Mom says she doesn't want to get grouped with that pair again, they were driving her crazy!

The trainers told mom she needed some high value treats. Mom said that there's nothing more high value than my Natural Balance Roll and hotdog pieces. I can do all this stuff at home, but I was just waaaay to into everything going on around me. The trainers said this was common with GSDs and on the first night of class.

When we left and I could hear mom talking to dad in the car:

Mom: "I'm just frustrated cause I KNOW she KNOWS all this stuff, she just won't focus"

Dad: "It'll get better, she's just too alert to everything"

Mom: "I know, it just frustrates me then I get frustrated at myself for being frustrated in the first place, she's still just a pup..."

Poor mom. I hope to do better next week. But mom did say I was the most well behaved dog in class. I just sat and watched and followed mom. I didn't get all up in other dogs' junk or bark or anything. She also said if it takes me five weeks to focus then it just takes us five weeks...she loves her spazzy girl no matter what!


  1. Don't feel bad, Anna. Here's what happened when I tried to take a class at PetSmart...


  2. So, woo were, as 'they' say khrakhker dog?


    It adds to the challenge fur your pawrents! After all, they are going to skhhool right along with woo!

    It was khool to see woo have one of 'me' in your khlass!

    Keep up the good work!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  3. Tell mom not to get discouraged. Work a lot at home and out on walks on the "watch" command. Tell her to put a treat up near her eyes and say watch and reward you as soon as you do. Your treats sound good but sometimes it is good to have a special treat that is really tasty and that you only get at class. Like some tidbits of beef, or yummy chummies, or the hot dogs she mentioned. Once you understand the watch command it will be a lot easier to handle all those distractions. Good luck and we are proud of you for being so well-behaved, Anna.

    Happy Friday, Phantom and Thunder

  4. Marge was all over the place on the first day of class, too. It'll get a little better each time you go!

  5. Don't worry Anna, it will get better! You are a very smart and beautiful dog and still very young. If you get too depressed, think about Hollydog who had a trainer who came to my home, lifetime guaranteed, the trainer quit and ran away after a couple of visits! I guess Holly was just too much for her. Hang in there...we love you!!! Debbie and Hollydog

  6. Five weeks???? Some of us are working on five years for obedience - Grins!

  7. Hi Anna,

    School sounds like fun. I like meeting new doggies and getting treats. I bet you will be the star of your class, so you mom should have no worries.


  8. Congrats on making it through your first night of class! Sounds like the other dogs were the troublemakers there. Just hang in there with your Moms!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  9. We think you were VERY good for the first night!! Bilbo was ever so hard to train because he doesn't like ANY kind of treats unless you make a ceremony out of giving it to him!! But he made it all the way through and graduated!

    Hang in there Anna, you will graduate with honors for sure!!