Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's time to annouce the winner! Sooooooo freakin' exciting!!!

Here's all the names, ready to go!

Mom uses the scientific "crumpled paper" approach!

I'm so ready to get this going I attack the bowl!!

Carefully making my selection....

Got one!!!

Mom takes the winner....with a little extra slobber....

Cousin Rebel double checks for accuracy...we don't want no hangin' chads!

We anxiously await the winner....come on mom WE CAN'T READ!!!!

And the winner is BIJOU from One Puppy's Life!!

Congrats Bijou! Email me at Annagsd at gmail dot com to send me your address info! Mom will go this week and get you some prizes and if you tell her your favorite colors, she'll make you a Band-Anna! Bijou did not pay me off in icecream that was seen in his photo, but I'll take some anyway!!

Thanks for all the great entries! More importantly I met some really cool new friends! We'll come up with ideas for our next contest because this was just so much fun! Have a great Howl-o-ween everyone and go congratulate Bijou!!

Happy Howl-A-Ween!!

Happy Howl-a-ween everyone!! Mom and dad carved pumpkins last night...I ate some of it, but it wasn't that good! They made scary face pumpkins, why they didn't make Anna faced pumpkins I have NO idea! Anyway, here's their scary pumpkins (so lame compared to Anna Diva pumpkins! Geez.).

And I'll be drawing the winner for the Spectacular Tongue-tacular contest later today!! So many great entries!!
Daddy's cyclops pumpkin!

Mom's creepy...whatever the hell it is pumpkin!

Friday, October 30, 2009

More Tongue-tacular Pics!!

As we get ready to wind down the contest, we have a few more entries! This has been so much fun, and such a great way to make new friends!!

Yukon at Cookie's and Friends

Fergy at Oldman's Contankerous Point of View

Bentley of the Munchkin Memoirs

I'll keep trying to update photos as much as I can...I'm very sleepy. Rebel and I played ALL NIGHT last night! It was the best slumber party EV-ER! Good luck everyone!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spectacular Tongue-Tacular Entries!

Wow! I'm meeting all kinds of cool dogs (and peoples and even a KITTY!) through my contest! There have been some great, funny pictures! Below are some of the entries. There may be more than one photo, so I chose one and linked back to their blog on their photo if you want to see more.

I'm missing one photo, Marge from Margeblog...I can't upload the photo. I'll try again later, but you should be able to link to her site. Maybe it will work for you!

The contest ends tomorrow at midnight, then sometime Saturday I will randomly draw out the winner!

Santa at Santa the Minature Schnauzer

Minnie from Minnie the Silky Terrier

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cleanin' for Relatives

Yay! My cousin Rebel, the Sheltie, if FINALLY coming to stay with us tomorrow! Granny and Papaw are going to Mont-Anna for a trip and instead of boarding Rebel, he's staying with us for like 10 days or something.

While I get excited, mom gets all weird and cleans like crazy. Something about "her mom" coming down makes her weird. I guess she means Granny, but I don't get the big fuss is all about. Dad told me to just "go with the flow" like he does, cause it's best to just let mom do her thing and do whatever she needs to do....which includes vaccuming, steam cleaning and laundry out the wazzoo...even though they'll only be here for like an hour or two. Mom is so weird sometimes. She even attempted and I stress ATTEMPTED to put all my toys in my toybasket. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Umm...okay, whatever mom. Crazy woman!

Granny and Papaw are also bringing down a freezer. This will allow mom to order all my raw food in bulk...making it cheaper and as dad says, giving the kitchen fridge/freezer back to the peoples. Mom made my first bulk order and is going to pick it up Saturday...chicken backs, necks, turkey hearts and ground quail...which I've never had and have no freaking clue what a quail is. So I did a Google and found out its a little bird. Neat I guess.

Mom said while Rebel is here we're going to carve pump-kins and make some puppy print ornaments...she's going to have Rebel make one for Granny and PaPaw as a Xmas present! And then mom's going to have me and Duncan make some to put on the tree with the paw print from Maggie that the vet made for mom and dad when she went over the bridge. We'll take pictures of everything and let you know how it theory it should look like this:

Also, thanks for all the entries into my Spectacular Tongue-tacular Contest! I'm gettin to meet some new puppers and see some serious tongue action. Wait, that didn't sound right, oh well, good luck all! Friday is the deadline!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I was right....

Mom was up to no good! I was worried, (see my suspicion here) but my worries were confirmed. She came home from "sewing class" and came back with this....

I'm very worried this will lead to a trend...a cute trend, but something that might hurt my street cred yo!

In other news, if you enter my Spectacular Tongue-tacular contest, you don't have to have a tongue photo, just post about the contest on your blog and let me know you did so. The tongue photos are just a fun! We'll randomly choose the winner, photo or no.

Good luck! I'm going to try to get this shirt off....

Remember my contest~

It's the last week to enter my Spectacular Tongue-tactular contest! So far we only have one entry, so the chances of winning are pretty high!

Just post about this contest on your blog, with a tongue photo of your pleasing, and message me back so I know you're entered! Hurry, deadline is Oct. 30!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Squirrels have gone too far....

I'm confused...I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing....but when we woke up this morning this is what I found in the backyard:

Do you know what this is? I had no idea until mom told me it was a squirrel's nest! Apparently in the wind and stuff yesterday it go knocked down out of the tree. At first I was ex-static because this meant they lost one of their blasted homes above my house. Ha ha take that stupid squirrels!!

But my smile and happiness was short you notice what I notice??? Well Watson, let's investigate the scene of the crime again at it, shall we?

I couldn't believe my puppy eyes...what? Still don't see it? See if this helps:

Yes, that little piece of turquoise and hot pink fabric is one of my Nuclear Monkey arms that I chewed off months ago! It's in their freakin nest! What the holy crap is that about?!?!

I chewed off his arms and played with them happily. I knew mom had thrown a couple of them away, so when one went missing I didn't think crap about it. But apparently, one of those devil squirrels snuck in the backyard while I was sleeping and stole MY amputated Nuclear Monkey arm and took it to their lair...where god only knows what they did with it.

My mind raced with what those little furry bastards did with it. Did they try to get my smell for war training exercises? Did they run around trees with it? Whipe their butts with it? Hump it? Oh god the humanity.

I can't think about it anymore...all I know is they've gone too far. I will show no mercy...NO MERCY I tell you! Guard your toys my friends...I asked mom to give monkey arm a proper burial or to just burn it of their squirrel-germs.

RIP Nuclear Monkey Arm. You fought the brave fight and we salute you!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ACHOO! Booger for you!!

Well, I've found a new side-effect of fall...sneezes!

The last few days my snozz has been a little runny and I make these odd reverse snorting sounds. I really only do it at night. Mom was worried about me and about me getting a cold or the flu (apparently there is some doggie flu going around) but we think it's just allergies to the leaves/dirt/dust I've been rolling around in.

So last night, I snuggled up in bed with her...I rolled on my back, she petted my belly then I felt my nose tickle. I knew if I sneezed it would go in mom's face, so I tried to hold it in, making a weird reverse-pig-snort sound. And what does mom do? She gets her face even closer to mine asking if I'm okay. Well, I'd be okay if you'd move so I could sneeze, woman!

I seriously tried to hold it in...I did in all honesty, but it got too tickly and I had to let it out. I figured maybe I could let out a little sneeze...


And that's when one of my boogers flew in mom's hair. It was like one of those weird slow-mo moments. I thought maybe she wouldn't notice, but apprently this booger had some weight to it.

"EWWWW!! Annabelle Walker! You just shot a booger in my hair! ACK!"

I then tried to make it better by trying to remove or lick said booger from her hair, but she got up to go to the bathroom to remove my booger. I looked over and Simon who had a look of utter disgust on his face. I admit it. It was pretty bad...and this is coming from a dog who thinks cat turds are a-la-carte.

Mom came back...gave me some stink eye but let me curl back up with her, but I had to face away from her. My nose is much better. Maybe it was the release of that one booger, but I haven't sneezed at all. Note to self, peoples do NOT like dog boogers.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mom's Up to Something...

I'm thinking, this can't be good.....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Friday?

I awoke this morning to something different...a cool breeze in the air and a sense of something mom and dad call "Fall".

I don't know what "Fall" is, this is my first fall and so far, I think I like it. It's nice and cool outside. I think it feels great, and mom and dad do too after they put on a "pull over". I'm also noticing some other cool fall things:

1. There are lots of leaves and stuff to roll around in. Dirty stuff. Rock on.
2. It's nice to snuggle up with mom and dad on the couch with blankets!
3. It's not so bloody hot!!

Now, there is a downside...apparently our nemisis, the squirrels, also enjoy "Fall". They are EVERYWHERE!! The other night on our walk (the Batman walk) we were walking on the school track and there, not five feet from us was a squirrel. Mom didn't see it, if it wasn't for me, I'm pretty sure he would have jumped her and scratched her eyes out like a rabid spidermonkey. But I scared him away. Mom would not let me chase it though, but he got the point.

They are also working really hard on burying their little landmines all over. Mom says they are burying nuts but that's just stupid and makes no sense. Why would you bury nuts?? I'm not falling for it.

This weekend dad is off Sat and Sunday! He and mom are going to paint the house and I, of course have to supervise, but I'm also keeping an eye out for squirrels. They are on the move my friends, do not become lazy, we must stay aware and vigilant for our peoples!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Last night was a nice cool night here. It was in the 60s and mom and I went for an evening walk. Everything was going normal, I was sniffin, mom was walkin. Life was good.

Then this little people saw me and he started screaming "Mom! MOM!"

Usually when this happens, its cause peoples are scared of me. I have no idea why. I wear a pink collar and leash for goodness sake. Anyway, the little dude's mom was talking to someone in a car and not paying attention.

Then the little dude was pointing at me saying "Mom! That dog has Batman ears!! BATMAN EARS!!!"

My mom started laughing...then little dude was like "Hey! Is that Batman's DOG?!?!"

Mom, with a pretty straight face said "Yes, she is and we're patrolling the neighborhood. Don't tell anybody!"

Little dude had a look of utter joy on his face and ran off yelling "Mom! MOM! Batman's dog lives in our neighborhood!!"

As mom walked off she was laughing pretty hard. I don't get it. What is this Batman this little people was talking about. I don't even know what a bat is. I don't see it, do you?