Monday, October 12, 2009

Transport Day,New Fashion, Dunc Update

Whew, this is going to be a busy blog!

Well, Robbie is at his new home in sunny Tampa Florida!! Mom and dad met the second leg of transport yesterday morning. Everything went great, well, except for the second transporter locking her keys in the car! Mom and dad and Robbie waited with her till the tow truck dude got there to unlock the car. Mom said if that's the worst thing that happened on the trip, then she could live with that, and it wasn't that bad, just funny more than anything.

We got a message from Robbie's new mom and I think Robbie hit paydirt! His new home even has a swimming pool! Like a big one, not a little crappy kiddie pool like mine!

"I did not introduce the other pups, it was a long night, and late--on the way home, my youngest son (22) had transmission problems, so I fed poor Robbie, gave him his water, put him in my master bedroom&bath with his NEW bed-with a nice soft blanket, if he should like that, kissed him good bye (30 min)..went to get Dru, came back home---and he was sleeping -all stretched-out -----NO,NO, NOT ON HIS NEW BED---on MY bed, WITH A PILLOW UNDER HIS HEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hey--didn't he have trouble jumping up???!!!!!) LOL !The rest of the night went peacefully, he slept like a log...first thing this morning, I let him out right away, he peed and pooped !! He's had his first small meal, ate every crumb..."

Here's some photos the second transporter took of Mr. Robbie! Mom loved doing transport so if anyone ever needs help through Alabama, let her know!

In other news, I HAD to get a new collar! Apparently ocean water causes something called "rust" which means my old collar got kinda funky...not funky fresh but funky nasty. So mom ordered me a new collar. I like it! It's blue and pink and stuff...and it's some sort of "French" design. Oooo la la! I like it, here's some pics!

In other news, Duncan had his last lazer therapy this morning. No lazer beams out of his eyes, but he is feeling much better...and without nasty drugs! This makes me happy. I really like Dunc, he's the coolest big bro in the world, and I'm glad he can play with me again. Okay okay, I'll get all sappy, I love him, he completes me, I'm on top of the world, you get the picture.

Mom kinda doubted the lazer thing at first, but now she's shocked at how well it's worked. Well, duh, lazers are freakin' cool! Sometimes I think mom doesn't think. They also said Dunc's bloodwork was sooooo that of a 3 year old dog, Duncan's 11! So he can't use that old man excuse on me anymore when I want to play...the jig is up old man!

That's about it for right now. It's raining today so mom's left us inside so I don't play in my pit. Good call mom...I didn't forget the "stinky dog" challenge...


  1. Khongrats to your Robbie!

    Khongrats to his new mom!

    Khongrats to your mom!

    Just knowing how much she helped was rewarding BUT seeing the note from Robbie's new mom about the horrible khonditions he'll be enduring - well, I'm sure she shuddered just THINKING she helped him get to THAT!

    Nice khollar!


    PeeEssWoo: Now, please go thank your mom fur us in some ANNAspecial way!

  2. Kudos to Mom for the transport and so good to hear that the laser treatment for your brother is helping. Your collar is beautiful - can you tell us where you got it? Mom is looking for two nice "boyish" ones for us guys.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. Awesome post! Lots of good news all around. So happy for Robbie, and also for big brother Dunc and his laser therapy. Woohoo!

  4. What great news for Robbie... he now has his own full sized bed AND pillow!

    I love your new collar. :)

  5. Who could resist sleeping on a nice new bed with a fluffy pillow?
    Sure glad Robbie got home to his forever home..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  6. So glad the trip went well for everyone and Robbie got his new forever home! That is wonderful news about Duncan and his treatment...hope it lasts for a very long time. And of course we love your new's so cool looking and sure looks very good nice on you!

  7. Looks like Robbie figured, wot with that fresh grooming and all, why let it go to waste? Hop on up in the hooman bed! Way to go, Robbie!

  8. That's wonderful news about the transport. It is so great that your Mom is helping doggies get to safe homes where they will get lots of love and care. We also LOVE your new color. Very pretty and it suits you. We are happy to hear that the laser therapy is helping Duncan.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins