Monday, April 30, 2012

Barkin' Tyson Style in the Park

Every year our local humane society has a fundraiser called Bark in the Park...we go each year, cause you know, I'm a big deal and it's not a party till I get there. So, it was a beautiful day and we loaded up and went.

I'd love to show you all the different dogs that were there, there were Frankie Furters and a few Woos, but mom sucked being camera man this time. She said it was partially due to "watching out" for, and I quote, "stupid 'word for donkey' owners who can't handle their dogs." Yeah, there was a lot of that going on. One of my pals even had another dog go Mike Tyson on him and bite his EAR!! OMG!!

Ain't no one touching my super sized ears, so I'm kinda glad mom was more on Mike Tyson watch than cute picture watch. But here's some of our day:

I strutted on it...what's up my peeps?

Oh, Dr. Vet was even there! We stopped by and said hey...but didn't stay long enough for them to stick anything up "you know where" plus mom says we see them enough as is!!

Now we're talkin! Screw the Dr. Vet! They have a NOM table!!!! Mom BUY NOMS!!!!

We got home and looked at our stash...not one, but two bags of noms and mom got a t-shirt to support the shelter. I thought mom almost went Mike Tyson on Dad, when buying the shirt she asked for a medium and dad said "Remember, you'll grow into it..." I couldn't even look at the man...Duncan even stopped mid stream as he was peeing on a tree...Did he really just say that??

Mom replied "well, I won't be pregnant FOREVER!" and gave him the stink eye. Classy dad...reaaaal classy! No noms for you!

Any more noms in here??

The noms were nom-i-licious! All soft and peanut-buttery!

See, why nom ears when you can nom treats???

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cha cha changes!

Mom and dad made a change...without consulting me. Apparently, THEY decided we needed new furniture, which meant getting rid of MY loveseat. What the crap people?!?!

Sure, the old couch and loveseat were kinda beat up, or as I like to say "lived in" and "well loved" but why toss them out? I mean, so what if all the recliners were broke and one stayed out permanantly no matter what. That's what we call character!!

And the best thing about the old furniture, I had it well worn in to Anna sleeping was a great place to crash...for friends:

Or just for a lazy afternoon....

Sure, we may have had a few "run ins" but I ask you, does this little character flaw that just "appeared" on it own and had nothing to do with a pissy puppy make it worth tossing?? Memories people!! Memories!!!

I had my doubts...then the new couch showed up. Hmm...kinda comfy....hmm...kinda nice to stretch out....hmm...yawn...kinda..ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......