Monday, June 27, 2011

Missing: Dad

Well, he's not really missing! But if he was, I could find him!

This weekend, mom and dad decided I needed to get out of the house and work. So in the evenings when it cooled down to 95 degrees we went tracking! Here's an old post about my tracking, but now we do more search and rescue type tracking.

Friday night, mom went out the front door, walked a block away to the school, then across a field and hid in some trees. It was my job to lead dad to her. So I got to sniffin....once we got up to the field no one was there so dad let me and my mighty snoz off leash and BAM! I found mom!

Sunday night, dad was the bait. As soon as I went out the door the sniffer was sniffin on the ground and I found his trail. Even on cement, which is harder to track on cause there's no grass or anything for peoples to leave their smelly on.

We made it to the field and again, I got off leash. I bee-lined it to dad and guess what! There was also a dead frog there! I thought I might get to have it since I worked so hard, but dad said no.

I like tracking. It's fun and I get to use my brain and nose and stuff. And I get to wear my hot pink tracking harness! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rain + Giant Pit= FUN!

So in the last two days we've got a lot of 2.5 inches. Which is good. The grass is actually green now, not crunchy. And when mom got home yesterday and let us out GUESS what I found?!?!!? Behold!!! :

My dear, beloved pit I've been digging in for the last 2.5 years collected the rains, which turned it into MUD! Do you hear that? Yes, that is the sound of angels singing you hear!!

I mean just look at it! All that filthy muddy goodness....time to jump in! Wait, what mom?!?! NO?!?! Pfft! How dare you! It's my right as a doggie to roll around in things such as dead animals, poo and MUD! Don't you remember signing that in the contract? A bath? Humph. Fine then!

But I'm still going to leave muddy paw prints through the house so THERE!

PS thanks for the blogger lowdown. Mom cleaned out our cookies (mmm..nom nom) and everything but its still acting up. This is making Anna angry, and you wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Time to put the bitey on!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mom AND Dad Day!

Today is a special day! If it wasn't for today, I probably wouldn't be here blogging right now. How scary is that? Today is mom and dad's Anna-versary!

Mom and dad have been together forever, especially in dog years. They started dating 13 years ago today. Then 10 years ago today dad gave mom something shiney and they were "engaged". Then NINE years ago today they said "I do!!"

The only thing older than mom and dad's anna-versary is Simon. He was around before dad. Dude he's old!

Their tale of their beginning isn't too romantic. Apparently, they dated in high school, then dad dumped mom!! Bad! Bad Dad! Mom went off to college in Auburn, and she came home one summer, saw dad at the firestation, she stopped, he asked her out and mom thought " noms for the summer, I'm in!" (Mom is wise beyond her years, free noms rule! I know where I get my nom love from now.)

Thirteen years later here they are! Sadly, dad has to work today, but that's okay. I'll keep mom company on her anna-versary.

Last night we got some MAJOR rains! Yay!! It even knocked the power out for an hour. I laid on the loveseat, Duncan nomed a bully stick and mom and dad talked about their last nine years by candle light. So I guess it was pretty romantic. But we were all glad when the air came back on!!

PS. I'm having trouble leaving comments on some of your blogs. I leave one, then it makes me sign in, then does it over and over again. What the crap?!?!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Alive...Hot...But Alive!

Hey everyone! I'm alive! I know I haven't posted in FOR-EVER, but in all honest NOTHING has been going on. NOT A DANG THANG!

Summer hit us here early in Alabama, so basically, we've just been watching birds spontaneously combust outside while we sit in the nice airconditioning! Mom and dad have been working a lot, so Dunc and I have been holding down the couch. I guess it's like reverse hibernation, instead of in the winter, we do it in the summer!

Duncan is mourning the loss of his grass he wollers can see in the photo above, the deadness is creeping down. We're supposed to get rain this week. BRING IT!!

I did get to go up Sunday to Granny and Paw Paw's and play with Rebel. That rocked. Mom is leaving next Wednesday to go to Mizz-ory for a family reunion, leaving just me and dad again. And in 99 days we get to go back to the mountains for hiking! Oh, that's like FOREVER in dog years!

I'm off to do some catching up on blogs...before my computer melts!