Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Survey says....

Mom took Duncan to Dr. Vet this morning. I stayed home with daddy. I wanted to go for moral support (and to see Dr. Vet) but mom said I should stay home so Dr. Vet could focus on Dunc (like I'm distracting in ANY way! humph!).

Dad and I waited and waited....I chewed on a toy....chased a squirrel....sat on dad....tick tock tick tock! Come on clock!!!

Then the phone rang, it was mom. I couldn't hear what she said but Dad looked okay. When he got off the phone he said that Dr. Vet said it was just more doggy cellulite!! Yay! I squeaked my Cuz really really loud in excitement!

When mom got home she said that they're waiting on Dunc's old fart bloodwork before talking about having it removed. Dunc's also lost two pounds! Mom's cut back his meal portions so I guess that's helped. He'd been walking with me and mom, but it's been so dang hot no body's had any walks! Boo on heat!

Thank you for all your paw crossings! I'm so happy my big brother is healthy! I showed my love to him by biting his head and licking his face. It's how I roll!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Praying for Doggie Cellulite

Mom is a little worried. She's taking Duncan to Dr. Vet Wednesday. This has me worried too. Boo.

It's time for Duncan's annual check up, where they do extra tests and stuff to him cause he's a "senior" or what I call, old fart. But mom said they are going to do some extra tests and we need to keep our paws crossed that they come out okay.

See, Duncan is lumpy. He has several fatty tumors that are just that--a doggy form of cellulite. But one of his tumors seems to have grown a friend, and mom is hoping it's just more cellulite.

On his front right leg, right under his armpit is a tumor that's been there for year or two, it's just cellulite. But now below that, more on his legbone is another bump that also feels like it's growing around his leg.

This has mom freaked out, so Dr. Vet is going to "buy-op-see" it this week.

Mom won't say what else it could be, but it has her worried. Dad says it's nothing and just more Duncan lumps. She says whatever it is, they're having it removed cause it's kinda big and we think is bothering Duncan's walking. So please keep your paws crossed that it's just cellulite!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Staying Kool

It's soooooo flippin hot here. I mean, seriously. I think saw a chipmunk burst into flames the other day.

Not only does the hotness suck because its, well hot, but also cause it cuts into my daily activities. No walking, no tracking, no nothing. So mom and dad found a new way to help me burn off some energy while keeping me cool...and watering the lawn!

Me vs. the Hose!

I think mom and dad think it's fun too....they laugh A LOT especially when I get doused (as in the photo above!)
I hope you all are keeping cool too! Only two months till we go to the cool mountains!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm back...packing

Hey friends! I know I've been away forEVER. Some stuff that's kept me away:

1. Mom had to have her gall-bladder removed! She had surgery after waking up to a very painful attack. I had to be Anna, the GSD Nurse and take care of her. She's great now, but for the week before surgery and the week after I was very busy supervising dad in taking care of her. I even missed my CGC test because of it, but that's okay, I only have one mom.

2. After her surgery at the human vet, mom had a lot of work to do. Then Aunt Temple got married and mom had that too. Busy busy busy!

3. Mom had to replan our Sept-Oct vacay. We WERE going to go to the beach for a week, but mom said oil + puppies= bad thing. Boo on the oil! So instead we're going to NC and the Blueridge mountains.

I've never been to the mountains before, but mom and dad says I'll love it! We found an awesome cabin on it's own 22 acres in a place called Blowing Rock. There's lots of trails and stuff we can explore, and mom said North Carol-ine-a is supposed to be very doggie friendly.

To prepare for my trip, I asked mom if I could get a cool doggie backpack like Shawnee! She said that was a great idea so she ordered me one. I love my backpack. We've been walking with it and I'm finally carrying some shoes in it to get me used to carrying weight. Dad says I look like a pack mule. I tell dad to kiss my fuzzy butt!