Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our new Crib

So Saturday mom and dad went out to run "errands" and said we had to do some work when they got home. While they were gone I took a nap, dreaming about what we had to do...hmm...carpet is all new, they haven't talked about redoing anything...hmmm....

They finally got home and they had these big boxes. Of course, Simon and I got in the way assisted in the moving of these boxes into the house, since mom didn't help. She's gotten really lazy, I swear! And I don't want to say anything, but she's put on a little weight...like a beer gut but she's not even drinking beer...hmmm....anyhoo, whatever it is, let's do this!!

They took the boxes into the Invisible People Puppy's (IPP) room and then, I can't believe I'm typing this, kicked me and Simon out! WHAAAAA?!?! I had to supervise from the doorway, blocked by a piece of cardboard box. Hmmph.

At least it didn't take them long, and when they were done, this is what they put in the empty room...

Of course, I had to do an inspektion...

Hmm...I could hide some bones and toys in there.....

Hey, there's nothing in this container! Can I put my toys in there too??

Apparently, whenever the IPP arrives, this is going to be where he stays...mom says he'll be too small to be trusted to run free like Dunc and I and will need his own dog crate. Why are they getting something that's not even potty trained?!?! Even the kitties take their dumps in boxes. Ugh, I have a feeling this IPP might be a lot of work!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Pitty Day!

Today is Corbin's b'day and therefore national Pitty Post Day!!!

Now, being deemed as a "dangerous breed" myself (must mean DANGEROUS fashion skillz!), I know how important it is to support our Pitty Bros and Sisters! In fact, my cousin Amos is a pitty!

And you'd be SHOCKED to know it's not him you have to watch out for, he'll just lick and slobber all over you...it's Lola the wonder Corgi you have to keep your eye on!! She's pretty crafty! BOL!

We hate anything that has to do with stupidity...aka BSL...aka Breed Specific Legislation. Pibbles are wonderful dogs! Mom's even helped transport some awesome pitty's through Bama Bully Rescue and my Aunt Temple (Amos/Lo's mom) does a lot to help find needing pitty's homes!

So, before you judge a dog by it's cover, get to know a pibble! The worst thing is you might end up covered in doggy drool!! :)