Friday, March 26, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well, mom and dad are leaving us. They're going to pack their bags and leave their children!

Only for a few days though. On Sunday mom and dad are going to Sav-Anna, George-ah for a conference for mom (dad is tagging along for the free trip). While I think it's cool they're going to a place named for me, I do hate they're leaving us for three days! Boo!!

We'll be staying at the house again with our puppy sitters checking in on us...I hope we don't have a "kitty/alien" incident like the first time they left us when they went to Miz-or-ee (click here for that framing incident!) .

When they get back we have a busy week....they return Wednesday then Thursday night mom has orientation (again) for my repeat of my OB class. She's hoping we have trainer Beth again, but we'll have to see. Then on Friday mom's off work for Good Friday (isn't every Friday good??) and I'm going to Dr. Vet for a follow up x-ray on my elbow. I've had no more issues, but Dr. Vet just wants to double check how things look in there. We're hoping nothing shows up which means I'm A-Okay!

But that also means I have to have no noms Thursday night or Friday morning and then I'll be wonky again Friday. But mom will be home with me all day to take care of me. I'm sure I can get some sort of new toy or some ice cream out of this!

I'll try to blog back next week, hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Streetwalker Collar???

So yesterday, mom took me for a walk in my new "I failed OB but mom wanted to get me a new collar and leash to replace the bad mojo collar" collar and leash. It's very pretty...pinks and browns! I love pink so it's perfect and shows up really good against my black fur.

While walking we encountered several interesting things...a baby stroller that I walked behind until I realized it wasn't going to hurt me, some teenagers (not sure about those) and some barky dogs (which I ignore). Then it happened...I was propozitioned!!

The following tale is true and the photos are re-in-act-mints of what happened:

There Mom and I were, minding our own business walking with chirping birds and stuff and this guy in a car stops and asks:

"Do you breed her?"

WHA?? Mom and I was appalled! What do you think I am?? Some cheap streetwalker!?!

Mom and I shook our head NOO!!!

Mom says: "No, she's spayded!"

Creepy McCreeperson: "Well, she sure is pretty"

At this point, I couldn't even look at this man! But I still stuck my tongue out at him!

When we got home, the more I thought about it the madder I got. How dare someone ask if I "were for hire" while just walking with my mom! What kind of dog do they think I am!! So I took out my anger on my wubba:

Then I thought, maybe my new leash and collar are what did it, maybe they smelled like dirty streetwalking doggy germs, so I inspekted them.

They came up clean, so I guess Creepy McCreeperson was just that, creepy. Mom says that's why there's so many puppies out there that need homes, cause people see a dog, think it's pretty and they should just breed it, without doing any health testing or anything. Or even thinking of the thousands of puppies out there that need homes! Peoples are weird!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Anna's Believe it or NOT!

Welcome my friends to an episode of Anna's Believe it....or NOT!!

I pose to you two very odd pieces of photographic evidence from this weekend....
Case 1:

In a certain house are several critters. Most go along with their day to day activities. But there is one critter, the wiley Alley Cat, that is anti-social and makes devil noises from under the bed (at least at me...and Mia).

Expect the shock and suprise when Mom walked into the bedroom, flipped on the light and saw THIS:

Yes, that's Duncan and Alley sleeping TOGETHER on Dunc's dogbed!!! The gray mat on the bed is a self heating mat, and apparently they both really like it. Alley was there first, then Dunc walked in. Normally, Dunc is scared of the kitties and won't go near them but he really wanted to go to bed and Alley wasn't going to move, so what happened next was unbelieveable! Dog-Kitty peace!!
Case 2:

Dad got a new phone last night....he got modern and is now 3G whatever that means. Dad was playing with his new phone and not giving me noms last night. I gave him the stinkeye...didn't work. But then dad took a photo with his new phone, and the phone revealed that it's not just stinkeye I give! But secret message laser-beams! The laser beam is saying "GIVE ME NOMS!!!"

He was so freaked out, I got noms. Go laser eyes!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Extreme Bathroom Makeover

I thought today I'd take some time to show you the bathroom makeover that I've helped supervise.

Here's what our bathroom was:

The toilet was very close to the wall...oh, and as you'll notice in photo two that we had no sink. Apparently there was a water leak and in what mom calls "Dad's manly rage" he removed the sink...three years ago. Anyway, the plan was to remove that cabinet thing and go into mom's closet and add about a foot to two to the bathroom and go into the spare room closet to make a new closet for the bathroom. Got it?

So, mom and dad began demo which seemed like a lot of fun. Mom karate kicked some walls down and we were left to:

I pointed out mom's old closet, they planned on going into it making more room by the toilet (see, if they just went potty outside they'd have tons of room, but mom said this would be ina-prope-re-ate and would probably lead to the cops coming to take them away). The pipes for the sink look basically the same as they have for the last three years.

Papa came down Tuesday to help "put up walls" then dad put up some more yesterday and mom helped when she got home from work. I have to admit, I had no idea what the crap they were doing, but when I went in for my inspektion, it's all starting to come together:

Behind me to the left is the NEW closet and I no longer have a secret passageway into mom's closet, there's a wall now.

They passed my inspektion. And I have to say, thanks to mom it's a very clean work space. I almost dedukted points from them because of the color, but dad said it's because it's moisture resistant sheetrock and they'll be painting it, we won't have a purple bathroom.

Next week, some guy is coming to show dad how to "mud the walls". Now this is something I know about! MUD! But dad said it's not that kind of mud. I'll have to see what this new "mud" is about.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Working Out=Yummy Suprises!

So mom has been on a tangent about working out lately. Apparently, while at the thyroid doctor last month, the scale put the momster near a, what she calls, "scary ass number" which called her out for not doing anything and eating crap for the past year or so.

After that, mom began working out at the new gym at her work office. She also went crazy and got a pair of these things:

Hers have purple wheels and I'm not really sure about kinda combines my fear of the sound of plastic wheels on concrete and mom being really fast. No good can come of this.

But, now that it's not below zero, we're also going for more walks in the neighborhood when she gets home. I love walks. I get to check out the 'hood and see my Boxer friend Max. But there are also some awesome what I found yesterday...


I was like "OMG, thank you for this awesome gift I am about to receive!" Mom let me sniff it, to make sure the squirrel warrior of the upcoming mutant squirrel war was dead, and as I slowly opened my mouth to partake in the bounty before me, mom said that stupid "LEAVE IT!" command. Gah! I hate that!

What if there was a Twinkie in the road? And I let you sniff it then as you were about to eat it I screamed LEAVE IT! to you mom? Huh? How bout that? (I'm rolling my eyes right now).

Anyway, we finished out walk. Just in time to see Dad saying goodbye to Papa. He came down about to help dad put up the sheets-rock in the bathroom. I had a good day with Papa, I showed him my pit and my GIANT stick, he even chased me! I'm sure he'll be back soon, not that I doubt my father's skills, but yeah, he'll be back.

Thanks for all the comments and welcome backs! It's great to get back to my bloggy world!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nutshell Newsflash

Hey everybody! Sorry I've been missing for a while! Mom was traveling, then mom was sick and well, here's everything that's happened the last week or two in a nutshell:

1. Mom went away for a work trip. On said work trip, she got food poisoning (not pretty people, not pretty at all!). At first they thought it was her appendix, but it was just some bad chicken. She was pretty much out of it for four days, during this we come to news story number 2;

2. Mom took me for my graduation test (while still with the food poisoning). I did pretty good except for my down stay (which I normally rock, but I did rock my sit stay, which I usually mess up, weird huh?) and the exam by stranger. I wanted none of trainer Beth touching me because:

a. she had some weird cast thing on her am I supposed to know where that's been?
b. mom felt like crap, and I wanted to stay with mom and keep her from the thumb thing in case it made her feel craptastic-er.

We had to wait till TUESDAY (the test was on Thursday) to get our results. Mom was nervous, I was nervous, I didn't even eat my chicken until trainer Beth called. She talked with mom and told mom she thought I'd do better if I went through the class again. At first mom was upset, but after talking with dad, realized the best thing for me is a strong foundation. And she's pretty sure I'll kick ass and take names in my redo of the class, especially if she's 100 percent and not craptastic.

Beth said I had beautiful heeling and recall work and was confused as to why I messed up my down stay (aren't we all?) but thinks I'll be ROCK SOLID after a rerun. Oh, and I'm still getting a new collar AND leash just for being so awesome! I love mom!

3. Demo has begun on the bathroom. I'm supervising. We've only had one incident of Dad running out of the house, soaked in water, to turn off the water main. Dad's dad (papa) is down helping him with the far it passes all Anna codes.

4. Went to see some dogs. While talking to trainer Beth, she invited mom to the AKC dog agility trial this last weekend. Mom asked if she could take me, and Beth said normally no, but said it would be a great socialization time for me so to bring me.

We went and I did so freakin' good. I even saw trainer Beth (sans thumb thing) and kissed and licked her and let her pet me. Mom was just like "Now why didn't she do this the other night?!?!!?" I let lots of strange people pet me. And OMG there were sooooo many freakin' little Rebels (aka shelties) running around! It was INSANE!! We stayed for a few hours and after I did so good, mom got me my own Micky D's hamburger! Yum! I'm still thinking about the agility thing...might be fun!

That's about it for now...I've got a lot of blogger buddy reading to catch back up on! Toodles!