Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Still Kicking...and Growing

Howdy all. Man, why is this time of year so busy?? It's like there is ALWAYS something going on. Which isn't a bad thing, but it is when it comes to the blog. Sorry blog.

While we has all been busy, Panzer has been growing! He is 5 months old this Saturday and he weighs a whopping 45 lbs!!!

Umm..why is he always copying me?!?!?!

I does the math, and while I'm a slender, supermodel 65 lbs, that does mean that Panzer is over half my size!!

But I do still be the boss!

Something else has also happened, do you know when GSD puppies turn 5 months they also turn into buttheads? I, of course, don't think this EVER happened with me, but Pan has begun barking at other doggies!

Mom is like "Really??" and he's all like BARK BARK BARK! and it's all like a 100-lb dog bark. So, mom said no way to this and put him in Puppy Daycare to make friends!

He had his first day yesterday and did very well! He played and played and made new friends! I got to hang out with dad at home and do super cool stuff (like sleep on the couch, get belly rubs and noms). When he came home he sure was tired!

I might have missed him a little bit, but mom says he'll go one or two days a week when both her and dad work so he can be "well rounded." She said it's important to get him all socialized before we go on VACAYTION in May to North Carrylina!! Whooot whoot!