Wednesday, May 27, 2009

T-I-double GRRRR!!!!

Hey everyone! Did you have a great weekend? Mine was pretty cool...except it rained the whole time! Ugh! Normally rain makes good stuff, like mud, but when it rains too hard I don't like to go out, and Duncan won't go out cause he doesn't like to get his feet wet. But there were a few highlights:
1. Mom and dad got me a kiddie pool! I was only able to play in it for a little bit, something about lightning and stuff. My fave thing, putting my nose in the water and blowing bubbles.

2. Monday it stopped raining a bit and mom decided to plant flowers in an attempt to make it stop raining. I helped by destroying the plastic pots the flowers came in, then I found something EVEN better! A squirrel carcas! It was so freakin' awesome! I ran around with it and as mom started to come to me and check it out then shouting "LEAVE IT!" I swallowed it. Yumtastic! I highly suggest stinky squirrel carcases, very nutritious!

3. Because it was still raining yesterday and I was getting cabin fever, mom gave me an old Tigger she had. It's about as big as me, but that didn't stop me! Hell no! I tore Tigger's butt up! Don't believe me, watch this video mom took (WARNING, may not be suitable for Tigger lovers and young viewers!):

Friday, May 22, 2009

Workin' with mom!

Today is great! Mom came and picked me up at lunch and said it was "take your kid to work day!!"

I haven't been to mom's office in a while. Mom said that she likes to wait to holiday weekends cause there are little or no people in the office who might have a problem with me and no "big wigs" whatever that means. The thought of giant wigs walking around is kinda freaky....

Anyway, I got to meet some of mom's peeps that I haven't seen since I was a little pup! I showed them my tricks and got lots of attention. They now realize that yes, I am a big deal that's why mom talks about me all the time!

Mom says that if people can bring their human kids that run around and scream and stuff, then I should be able to be here too, since I'm a good girl. I just sit behind mom's chair and chew on my bone. It's awesome cause I get a new bone AND get to hang out with mom.

I'm a corporate lady now! But coffee? Blah! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm baaack! With toys!

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Mom's been back and we've just been hanging out and being lazy. Lots of walks, play time and, since mom felt bad for leaving me, new toys!

Today I turn eight months. I'm almost to the ripe ole age of ONE! Only four months to go!

After mom got back from Vegas, she went out Saturday and got me a plethera (thanks Word of the Day calendar!) of toys! I got a stuffed lobster (he's been de-stuffed), a stuffed dragon (still stuffed, I really like him), a toy thing that holds plastic water bottles so I can make crunchy noises and not eat plastic and BEST OF ALL:


I love this thing! I figured out it's easier to carry it by the handle real quick. I looked at the box and it said it's for "minature horses and ponies". I'm guessing that's what I am? Whatever, I don't care, I got a kick ass toy!

Mom said that this weekend was a looong weekend for her so she and dad would be around to play. We might go to the creek (squeal!!!) and they'd grill out, which means I usually get some sort of bones. Mom said they're also going to get me a kiddie pool this weekend.

There was a kiddie pool at the Bark in the Park event a month or so ago. I liked sitting in it and not allowing other dogs in it. Mom will take plenty of pictures! What are your Memorial Day plans? Anything excited planned?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Hittin da Bottle

Mom's leaving me. Again. She's going to some place called "vegas" for a week!
I don't like "Vegas". I don't like it cause it means mom is leaving. And she's taking her laptop. So I'll have no blogging for a week. A week! That's like 20 years to me! Ugh. I asked if I could go, but she said no although she'd love to take me.

What's up with the parents? Dad leaves for a week. Then mom leaves for a week. They have me feeling like something I heard on Oprah...a "latch-key kid". I have no idea what it means, but I think I am one. And it sounds bad.

To compensate for being a key kid, I started hittin the bottle to drown my sorrows:

Gulp gulp!
I'm feelinz dizzy.....

I go boom!
So I think I'm done hittin the bottle. It didn't end well. At least mom will be here this weekend. We're going to Granny and papa's for mother's day and I'll get to play with Rebel, my cousin the sheltie.
Oh crap! It's mommy day! I have to get daddy to get something for mommy from me! what should I do? Maybe a stick?!? Any idears???

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Diet Secretz

Hey all, sorry I've been a slacker again. I had a great weekend with Dad! I'm so glad he's home! Mom cooked steaks for her and dad and Duncan and I got the raw bones out of the steaks! Yum! Dad went to the creek with us, but he just took pics of mom and I playing, there's a few!

I've also learned a new word: Chiken. I LOVE chiken. Mom has begun giving me chiken as my evening meal, along with like half a cup of my kibble. It's raw, which is awesome and I just gobble it up! Mom says it's good for my teefers and body. I don't care, I just really like it!

So now when mom says "Chiken" I go wait by the fridge for her to get it out of the freezer. Mom finds this funny and calls me a diva. Whatever! GET MEZ MY CHIKEN WOMAN!!

She said she also ordered me some tripe. Tripe is part of the belly of cows and stuff. Sounds nasty so of course I'll love it! Tripe is supposed to be really good for doggies so mom ordered a few cans to try out. Duncan says it sounds like something he'd like, since he likes to woller in dead things. I said, it sounds nasty, I'll try it. I'll give you my taste test review when it gets here.

Dad says that we eat better than mom and dad do. This is a lie. I cannot have brownies. I cannot have half the yummy stuff they eat. But mom does keep our diet well rounded. People often ask "Anna, why are you so shiney??" Do you want to know my secretz?


Yep. Mom adds 1 tsp/tbs of fat free plain yogurt to my kibble every morning. Sometimes I get that and a raw egg thrown in. It really helps to keep me shiney. I like being shiney. I like shiney things.

Other things in my diet are raw chicken/turkey necks, raw pork neck bones, cottage cheese and my liver treats that mom home-makes. I usually also get a strawberry or blueberry or two in the mornings when mom eats her cereal. Dad calls me a food snob, mom says I have a dist-in-squished pal-ate.

Do you get or feed your puppers anything special from time to time? I'd love some new ideas to pass on to mom!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Daddy's Coming Home!

I'm so excited! Daddy's coming home today! Dad's been gone ALLLLL week, which is like five months in the doggy timeline of things. Mom said he's coming home tonight and I'm all excited!

Dad is my play buddy. He makes mom be the evil "rule master" while he and I play. He's also usually home during the day so I've got someone to pester/hang out with other than Duncan. But he left early Monday morning and I've been forced to entertain myself (which involves dragging anything into the yard I'm not supposed to and destroying/chewing it).

Mom thinks she's funny by saying "Where's Daddy?" to which I run around the house looking for him till I realize she knows damn well Daddy's not there. Evil mommy. But I know she misses him too. But she said he's coming home today which I'm pretty sure is true!

Yesterday mom took me to the creek, she said I needed some "out" time. While she was talking on her crackleberry she said to dad that "we should all go to the creek this weekend!" I've never been to the creek with Dad, but I bet he'll let me chase him everywhere!

Okay, I'm off to drag stuff in the yard and to practice my happy dance for dad! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I have a feeling mine is going to ROCK!