Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm baaack! With toys!

Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Mom's been back and we've just been hanging out and being lazy. Lots of walks, play time and, since mom felt bad for leaving me, new toys!

Today I turn eight months. I'm almost to the ripe ole age of ONE! Only four months to go!

After mom got back from Vegas, she went out Saturday and got me a plethera (thanks Word of the Day calendar!) of toys! I got a stuffed lobster (he's been de-stuffed), a stuffed dragon (still stuffed, I really like him), a toy thing that holds plastic water bottles so I can make crunchy noises and not eat plastic and BEST OF ALL:


I love this thing! I figured out it's easier to carry it by the handle real quick. I looked at the box and it said it's for "minature horses and ponies". I'm guessing that's what I am? Whatever, I don't care, I got a kick ass toy!

Mom said that this weekend was a looong weekend for her so she and dad would be around to play. We might go to the creek (squeal!!!) and they'd grill out, which means I usually get some sort of bones. Mom said they're also going to get me a kiddie pool this weekend.

There was a kiddie pool at the Bark in the Park event a month or so ago. I liked sitting in it and not allowing other dogs in it. Mom will take plenty of pictures! What are your Memorial Day plans? Anything excited planned?


  1. WOW!

    Happy Eight Months Birfday!

    I think that khalls fur khake!

    Your new toys are pawesome!

    I think woo will love your pool!

    Happy Almost Long Weekend!


  2. That is quite the haul of new toys. We love that jolly ball - hope you have lots of fun with it. You have an exciting weekend coming up too - enjly!

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  3. Hi Anna! It's nice to see you! Happy eight months old! We'll have to get our parents to look for a Jolly Ball for us - that looks like so much fun!

    See ya!
    Joey and Zeke

  4. You did get a kickass toy! LOL!
    Happy birthday Anna!