Friday, May 22, 2009

Workin' with mom!

Today is great! Mom came and picked me up at lunch and said it was "take your kid to work day!!"

I haven't been to mom's office in a while. Mom said that she likes to wait to holiday weekends cause there are little or no people in the office who might have a problem with me and no "big wigs" whatever that means. The thought of giant wigs walking around is kinda freaky....

Anyway, I got to meet some of mom's peeps that I haven't seen since I was a little pup! I showed them my tricks and got lots of attention. They now realize that yes, I am a big deal that's why mom talks about me all the time!

Mom says that if people can bring their human kids that run around and scream and stuff, then I should be able to be here too, since I'm a good girl. I just sit behind mom's chair and chew on my bone. It's awesome cause I get a new bone AND get to hang out with mom.

I'm a corporate lady now! But coffee? Blah! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. That is furry khool woo got to go!

    Oh yes, woo are much better behaved and LOTS khuter too!

    I hope woo got some pay fur all the hardwork you did?


  2. Mom used to work in an insurance company where one of her coworkers was able to bring her German shepherd to work everyday because Glory was a guide dog in training. Glad you got to go for the day today too.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. Hi Anna! How cool that you got to go to work with your mom and get a new bone! You look right at home as a corporate lady.

    See ya!
    Joey and Zeke