Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Diet Secretz

Hey all, sorry I've been a slacker again. I had a great weekend with Dad! I'm so glad he's home! Mom cooked steaks for her and dad and Duncan and I got the raw bones out of the steaks! Yum! Dad went to the creek with us, but he just took pics of mom and I playing, there's a few!

I've also learned a new word: Chiken. I LOVE chiken. Mom has begun giving me chiken as my evening meal, along with like half a cup of my kibble. It's raw, which is awesome and I just gobble it up! Mom says it's good for my teefers and body. I don't care, I just really like it!

So now when mom says "Chiken" I go wait by the fridge for her to get it out of the freezer. Mom finds this funny and calls me a diva. Whatever! GET MEZ MY CHIKEN WOMAN!!

She said she also ordered me some tripe. Tripe is part of the belly of cows and stuff. Sounds nasty so of course I'll love it! Tripe is supposed to be really good for doggies so mom ordered a few cans to try out. Duncan says it sounds like something he'd like, since he likes to woller in dead things. I said, it sounds nasty, I'll try it. I'll give you my taste test review when it gets here.

Dad says that we eat better than mom and dad do. This is a lie. I cannot have brownies. I cannot have half the yummy stuff they eat. But mom does keep our diet well rounded. People often ask "Anna, why are you so shiney??" Do you want to know my secretz?


Yep. Mom adds 1 tsp/tbs of fat free plain yogurt to my kibble every morning. Sometimes I get that and a raw egg thrown in. It really helps to keep me shiney. I like being shiney. I like shiney things.

Other things in my diet are raw chicken/turkey necks, raw pork neck bones, cottage cheese and my liver treats that mom home-makes. I usually also get a strawberry or blueberry or two in the mornings when mom eats her cereal. Dad calls me a food snob, mom says I have a dist-in-squished pal-ate.

Do you get or feed your puppers anything special from time to time? I'd love some new ideas to pass on to mom!


  1. Tootie is also chicken's biggest fan. Her second fave? Bananas. Yep. I don't know why.

    Love the pics. Thanks for not including pics of specialty meats. Ewwww.

  2. We keep hearing about that tripe but Mom wont buy it - she says it looks gross and smells really really bad. So we think it must be quite tasty. We love yougurt too, maybe we need to have that more regularly.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  3. I keep reading about the marvels of tripe
    and turkey nekhks...

    I've yet to have either!

    PeeEssWoo: Shiny is good!

  4. Hi Anna! It's Zeke! It sounds like you get lots of yummy food. Want to know what I eat? Lots of dog food! I love dog food! On top of my dog food I always get some yummy people food. So does Joey. We get chicken or little pieces of hamburger or cheese or anything yummy in the house - except brownies, of course - darn! Joey won't eat his food without it, but I really would - I love food!!!

    Your pal,