Friday, May 1, 2009

Daddy's Coming Home!

I'm so excited! Daddy's coming home today! Dad's been gone ALLLLL week, which is like five months in the doggy timeline of things. Mom said he's coming home tonight and I'm all excited!

Dad is my play buddy. He makes mom be the evil "rule master" while he and I play. He's also usually home during the day so I've got someone to pester/hang out with other than Duncan. But he left early Monday morning and I've been forced to entertain myself (which involves dragging anything into the yard I'm not supposed to and destroying/chewing it).

Mom thinks she's funny by saying "Where's Daddy?" to which I run around the house looking for him till I realize she knows damn well Daddy's not there. Evil mommy. But I know she misses him too. But she said he's coming home today which I'm pretty sure is true!

Yesterday mom took me to the creek, she said I needed some "out" time. While she was talking on her crackleberry she said to dad that "we should all go to the creek this weekend!" I've never been to the creek with Dad, but I bet he'll let me chase him everywhere!

Okay, I'm off to drag stuff in the yard and to practice my happy dance for dad! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! I have a feeling mine is going to ROCK!


  1. So happy your play buddy is coming home, can not wait to see the fun days ahead. =)

  2. I bet wooooo will SO be a happy girrrrl this weekend!

    Ah yes: the khrakhkberry! Whatever did they do without them?

    Have fun - hip chekhk him fur me please!


  3. Another Daddy's girl, eh? Hope you have lots of fun at the creek.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  4. We love it when our dad comes home - even he's only been gone an hour! Have fun at the creek!

    See ya!
    Joey and Zeke

  5. Your blog is adorable. What a pretty GSD you are. :)