Monday, January 31, 2011

Warm Weekend

OMG it was a beautiful weekend!! It's been so cold here (for Alabama standards) and dreary, and on Saturday the clouds parted and the sun came out and it got up to 74 degrees!!! SQUEALL!

Dad had to work Saturday (boo!) but mom took me to a park she heard about. It's close by and dogs can run around off leash there! Whoo hoo! So we packed up our backpacks and our sunglasses and took off. The park has 12 miles of trails, but we did four. We would have done more, but near the lake, I found a friend named Gabe the lab and after a 30-minute swimming/zoomie session I was getting tired! Here's some pics of our day:

Startin out with my backpack and Doggy and Gabana glasses, you can't see them, but the strap is there. Mom let me off leash when we got further in the park.

We found this. We're guessing Corky didn't wear a helmet and went boom. Safety first! Oh, and I'm like mom, I like to wear my sunglasses on my head!

Hey, I'm Gabe.
Hey, I'm Anna.
Wanna get dirty?

He looks scared cause he knows I'm gonna get that stick. Silly boy!

Splashy splashy! I love the waters!

Mom sayz that if I was underwater my ears would look like shark fins! Da-da---da-da---

No, that's not bigfoot, that's me zooming through the woods!

Silly boy tried to keep up with me, but I channeld my inner Bunny. Don't he know there's no stopping super sonic Anna Zoomie speed??

Ewww! No kisses!! I'm not that kind of girl!!

I had to let big boy down easy: I like you, I really do, but you're just not my type. We shared some magical moments--the mud, the water, the sticks, the zoomies-- and we'll always have those, but let's be friends.

It was so much fun! I promptly passed out and started snoring on the loveseat when we got home. Sadly the weather is going back to crappy and cold, but mom said maybe this weekend if it's above 40 we'll get Dad and go back! Yay!! There's still eight more miles of trail we didn't get to. I hope you all had a great weekend too!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Jacki-O aka Anna-O

I, as a diva, love fashion as much as the next girl. I love all my collars and leashes and my backpack. Mom introduced my new pink rhinestone-stunner-Doggie and Gabbana shades last week, but this weekend I received my pair of "everyday" shades. And now I look like one of fashion's icons...Jackie-O.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Anna-O:

Aren't they fabu?? I'm still getting used to them, but I've come to realize, these suckers stay on pretty well! Mom loves them. Dad loves them so much he starts giggling and laughing with joy when he sees them on me.

We're taking baby steps with them, on a few times a day for several minutes outside. Mom said if it's sunny this weekend I'll go on a walk with them. Clear the runway, Anna-O is on the move!!

Mom said she might get the pink lenses for me to give me that added PIZAZZ (I thought she said pizza, and was confused but she explained it to me) and dad said that would be the last eyewear purchase for me. Pffft. Whatever DAD! You can't stop fashion....or mom, she controls the green papers!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Future's So Bright....

...I GOTTA wear shades!!

Or something like that. My Doggy and Gabana doggles came in yesterday, so you know mom had to try them on what do you think?

I kinda paw at them, but I do have to admit, I do look pretty adorable in them. They even have a cute bone on the side, see:

The only think mom doesn't like is that they don't sit well on my big ol' nose. The bridge part is a little too a diva fit, I broke one of the footsies on it. Whoops.

Right now my shades are in ER Superglue Mode and mom hopes it works good enough. She thinks she's just going to order me the regular ol' doggles that should fit better. But if anything, I can wear these on my high society days!

In other diva news, mom and dad have ALREADY planned our vacation this year! We're going back to Blowing Rock, NC for, get this, one and half weeks!! Mom said this should give us time to go a bit into the Furginia area that we didn't make it to last time. Only 248 days till vacation, I wonder how many doggles I'll have by then??

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Butt I was Framed!

Hey all! Sorry I was MIA. Mom had a busy last few days...lots of work. But it pays for noms, so I have to let it slide.

In exciting news, mom and dad finished painting all the rooms in the house!! Whoo hoo! On Sunday they only had two bedrooms to do. But in bad news, I was framed my friends. I mean, how could I, the princess Diva have anything to do with the following turn of events??

See, I was supervising their painting, as I always do, when somehow, mom noticed some cream colored paint on my pretty, shiney black fur! WHAT THE CRAP?!?! How did that get there?? I'm not careless enough to walk against a wall, uhh-uh, no way!

See, I had paint on my ears, which made me look all George Clooney! And it was on BOTH ears? I mean, seriously, how did this happen?? Then mom noticed ANOTHER spot!

Now, this on my side is a little too much! There's no way my dainty 62-65lb frame would bump into a wall! The kitties must have thrown paint on me when I was sleeping....errr...supervising. Yeah, that's the ticket!!
But the following photo is just....omg...horrible...I must have blacked out to allow this to happen:

There is NO WAY that I looked at mom and backed my furry black butt up against the wall. Nope, not me! I was FRAMEDED!
Yes, I got a bath. That means the kitties must have framed me! After my bath mom picked black dog hair out of the wall...I still argue that Simon has black hair but Mom says Simon didn't have paint on his butt. I argued I was framed, it was planted evidence! I've seen CSI!
Sigh. They didn't buy it either.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eye Thank You for the Support

Well, mom's had a day to digest the Pannus info and she's doing good. She did some research and thinks what I have is Atypical Pannus (typical? Pfft! No way!) which actually affects my third eyelid, not my corn-ea. Good thing is, this is less likely to lead to corn-eal scaring or blindness.

Mom almost had a small come-apart yesterday while doing her research and saw all the horrible piktures on the internet. Why do people put the WORST photos EVER of something online? Why can't they post the normal "see it's not that bad?" photos? Seriously??

Luckily one of our GSD message board/facebook friends hooked mom up with two GSD owners who have dogs with Pannus and they helped set her straight. She felt much better after chatting with them.

Right after mom almost lost it, she did some retail therapy to feel better....look what I'm getting next Wednesday!!!!
Yes, those are my new pink doggles complete with rhinestone hearts that are in the mail right now! Dad says there's no way I'll wear them, but mom thinks I will. And if I do wear them, well, she's going to get me another pair of black ones for the days I want to go incognito! How J-Lo will I be?? Fergie ain't got nothing on me! I'm thinking this should be a very interesting blog post next week!

I'm glad mom is less freaked out....I swear, the woman's like a crackhead rabid bear when someone/something messes with one of her kids. This morning while we were snuggling in bed I snuggled extra close to let her know everything was okay. I'm fine, really. This stuff ain't bothering me...I'm in no pain and I'm getting cheese four times a day! But I guess that's just what mom's do. I need to make dad buy her something extra special for mother's day this year!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eye have good news and bad news...

First, let's start with the good....AUBURN won the national championship!!! Whoo hoo! It was a great game! Mom and Dad did a lot of jumping and yelling and it was AUsome!!

My Pre-game warm up with my lucky Auburn collar and Auburn wubba!

Halfway through, the suspense was killing me. Thank goodness for my calming neck pillow! Spoiled?? NAHHH!

We won! Go Tigers! I crashed. It was so much suspense that when it was over, my little puppy brain went to bed!

Okay, now to the bad news. I went this morning for my follow up with Dr. Vet. Seems the infection in my eye went away, but she's affraid I may have early stages of Pannus. Boo!

I'm going back in a month to see the Opthamologist to see what she thinks. Dr. Vet does thing that if it is Pannus, we caught it early before any damage happens and that I'll need eye drops for the rest of my life, but with eye drops I get cheese. So I'm okay with that.

She also suggested that mom and dad protect my eyes from UV/Sun rays with some sunglasses...looks like I'm getting Doggles! As long as they come in pink I'm good.

Dad did laugh, saying now that when we go hiking I'll be carrying a backpack and wearing shades! Total diva!!

I'll keep you posted, but for now mom has some new eye drops to give me four times a day. She needs to stock up on cheese!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Icepocalypse Snooze and the Big Game!

We survived the was more of a Snoozepocalypse. It really didn't do anything, which is good. Mom was luckily able to do some of the needed work from home Sunday night with her snazzy new phone and didn't have to go in, like some people did. Dad also didn't get called in.

From the getgo, I thought we were all gonna die. The weathermen get so wound up about stuff then nothing happens....they looked kinda dumb this morning. So to make up for their failed attempt of an Icepocalypse, I'll make some commentary to make them feel better:

MASSIVE icecycles!!!! Look at them, they're HUGE!! I mean...if you're a mouse! But they're HUGE!!

Birds FROZEN TO TREES!!!! Oh the horror!! (okay, not really, but he does look cold, no?)

Frozen nom-cookers! We're all gonna die!!! (this was actually the worst frozen thing at the says our indoor nom-cooker is fine, so we'll make it)

Most impotantly, the GIANT icecycle didn't knock out our TV! Whew! That's a close one, cause we have an important game to watch tonight....
Our AUBURN TIGERS play for the national championship against the EVIL Oregon Ducks! Mom and dad are excited and I have my Auburn collar all ready to go! And since they game's in Arizona, mom's cooking tacos! War Eagle!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Eye Am Better and the Icepocalypse

Well, after suffering through the drops, my eyes are much better! Not near as red and puffy and oozy as before! I still have to keep up the drops for the next week or so though, then get a final seal of approval from Dr. Vet, but paws are crossed! And I'm loving the cheese I get after each eye-droppy session! Dunc also gets a piece of cheese for being my "moral support".

Mom again wants to thank those of you that helped Momma out this week! Your kindness made mom's eyes all leaky, but when asked if she needed drops she said no. I don't think this is fair, but whatever. Momma's momma was also so touched that people she didn't know were so willing to help out and reafirmed her faith in humanity. See, not all peoples are my bloggy friends are the most awesome in the world!!!

In other news, apparently there is an impending Icepocalypse heading our way. At first I was happy, but mom said ice is nothing like snow. You can't play in ice. You fall in ice. This requires more visits to Dr. Vet. Not cool. Also, since dad's a fireman and mom works for a power company, things could get hairy and they may have to work over the weekend! Boo!!

I'm hoping the weathermen follow their pattern of not knowing what they're talking about most of the time and totally be wrong. Mom has to go to the store tonight for some basic mom and dad noms, but she might get some noms that don't require cooking, just in case. You know, healthy stuff like EZ Cheese and Chiken in a Biskit crackers. She's picking up Dunc and I's noms Saturday so we'll be able to survive!

Have a great weekend....hopefully we'll be on her Monday to talk about the Monday Night Battle of the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks! I smell duck meat!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eye Got Poked and Help Needed

First, I'm calling in a personal favor for help. See, I got a buddy named Clover (that's him below, not me!), he's a GSD a lot like me. Well, his momma does A LOT of fostering, usually for doggie mom's and puppies on death row. The last foster she had, Momma, has become a foster failure and is now Clover's forever sister!

Bad news is, Momma has horrible heartworms. Boo on bugs! Momma's new mom needs funding for the heartworm treatment by Tuesday. Now I don't like to ask for money ever, but if you could, could you and your peoples visit her link, read her story and give a few green papers to help? Right now, she's only $175 shy of her goal! Clover's momma does SO MUCH for fosters that she's tight on cash for the emergency treatment momma needs. If all goes well, I'll keep you all up to date to her progress...the treatment will be hard since she's got so many bugs! Please use the power of the Paw for Momma!!!

UPDATE! All the green papers for Momma's treatment has been raised!! All $365 of it!! Apparently my eye funk has spread, cause now mom's eyes are all leaky from such great people on here and so are Clover and Momma's momma! She can't believe people that don't even know her opened there hearts and green paper holders!! I'm leaving the link up ONLY because you can read her story and see what angels foster parents are, but despite what the counter says, all the money has been raised!! God and dogs are good all the time!!


Now onto my vet visit...I got all kinds of poked and prodeded! Mom documented it with her new snazzy phone!


Waiting in my room...I think the greenery makes the room more relaxing and zen-fung-shway-ee.

I'm going to have to go through THAT door into the back?? Hey, wait, that's where they stick the thermometer up the "you know where"!!!

Dr. Vet and Blue Vet Tech Lady working on getting my tests ready....

Whew, back in the waiting room. Sorry, mom couldn't get piktures of me getting a gazillion eye drops, my eyelids peeled back and all that stuff. I did good though, mom had to keep petting me and telling me a good girl so I'd be calm...which worked. I just love hearing about how awesome I am...I am a diva after all!

So in the end, Dr. Vet thinks its follicular conjunctive-eye-tis....aka puppy pinkeye. She gave mom some drops and she wants to see me in about too weeks to make sure everything is okay. She did mention pannus to mom (a GSD eye disease) but doesn't think that's a problem. I hope not, that involves getting SHOTS IN MY EYES every few months! Oh helllll no!!

Getting the drops in my eyes wasn't too hard for mom and dad, and mom managed to get one in each eye this morning by herself. I need to get them 2-3 times a day. It sucks, but after each time I get CHEESE!! Score!! Mom said they looked less inflamed this morning, so I guess that's good.

Thanks for all the good vibes!! Let's hope it goes away!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eye not Happy

Well, looks like I'm going back to Dr. VET today. I can't let Holly get all the eyeball attention!!

A week or so ago, mom noticed I was having a lot of eye a lot more than normal. She's always been on eye booger patrol, removing them from me and Dunc and Simon. I dont' know why, but that's what she does. Anyhoo, on her booger patrols she noticed I was getting more than normal...she chalked it up to the weather changes.

Then she noticed my eyes were also getting a bit "puffy" and she didn't think cucumbers would help...and now they've gone to full blown Mach Stage III Puffy...we're on full Eye Alert!!

Mom thinks it's puppy-pinkeye...or conjunc-tee-vite-us. Some peoples told her to get some artificial tears to put in my eyes, but after straring at the eye bottles at the farmacee for 30 mins, trying to figure out what to get without having a mental breakdown, mom just gave up, afraid she'd give me something that would cause me to go blind or become rabid or whatever.

So this morning she called Dr. Vet and made an appointment for this afternoon. She'll try to take pics of my visit now that she FINALLY has a new cool phone with a camera on it (way to enter the 21st century there Amish mom!).

What's going to be real fun is watching her and dad try to put eyedrops in my eyes! Bahahahahahaha! Now, will someone pass me my Doggie and Gabana sunglasses? :)