Friday, January 7, 2011

Eye Am Better and the Icepocalypse

Well, after suffering through the drops, my eyes are much better! Not near as red and puffy and oozy as before! I still have to keep up the drops for the next week or so though, then get a final seal of approval from Dr. Vet, but paws are crossed! And I'm loving the cheese I get after each eye-droppy session! Dunc also gets a piece of cheese for being my "moral support".

Mom again wants to thank those of you that helped Momma out this week! Your kindness made mom's eyes all leaky, but when asked if she needed drops she said no. I don't think this is fair, but whatever. Momma's momma was also so touched that people she didn't know were so willing to help out and reafirmed her faith in humanity. See, not all peoples are my bloggy friends are the most awesome in the world!!!

In other news, apparently there is an impending Icepocalypse heading our way. At first I was happy, but mom said ice is nothing like snow. You can't play in ice. You fall in ice. This requires more visits to Dr. Vet. Not cool. Also, since dad's a fireman and mom works for a power company, things could get hairy and they may have to work over the weekend! Boo!!

I'm hoping the weathermen follow their pattern of not knowing what they're talking about most of the time and totally be wrong. Mom has to go to the store tonight for some basic mom and dad noms, but she might get some noms that don't require cooking, just in case. You know, healthy stuff like EZ Cheese and Chiken in a Biskit crackers. She's picking up Dunc and I's noms Saturday so we'll be able to survive!

Have a great weekend....hopefully we'll be on her Monday to talk about the Monday Night Battle of the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks! I smell duck meat!!


  1. In our house, when something happens, like getting nails trimmed, a mat removed, ears cleaned, or whatever, we get a "trauma cookie". 'cause you know, when you suffer through that kind of trauma, you need consolation.

  2. P.S. Your mom is really cute :)

  3. You eyeballs look so much better! That do be coz of the miracle drops/miracle cheeze/miracle Duncan moral suppawt combo, I duss think.

  4. We are just so glad your eyes are doing much better! The eyedrops aren't bad when you get cheese with them!!! Stay well and keep doing good please!! The's snowing here and it's snowing hard and very cold! We hope you don't get it!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  5. Glad your eyes are doig better! Hope you avoid that ice stuff! No slipping for you!

  6. After hiking last weekend, we know that ice is tricky stuff, but I'm not going to lie, Dad had a lot more trouble with it than the rest of us, but Mom did keep warning me to go slow.

    I am so glad that your eyes are doing better! I think this is more proof that there's nothing that cheese can't make better.

    We sure felt for Momma's family! To have to come up with all that money in a short amount of time is stressful. Momma needs their energy to help her get better, not for them to be worrying about green papers.

    Oh, I am going to beat Pip, and I'm going to do it in style!


    P.S. We left you a little something on our blog yesterday. I'm not sure if you saw it or not, so I just figured I'd whisper it quietly. Morgan wanted you to have it!

  7. Great to SEE woo are doing better -

    YES, please do be khareful if woo do get the Icepokhalypse they've been babbling about -


  8. We are so glad to hear that your eyes are better - they look good to us. And you are such a good girl to cooperate for those drops - you so deserve that cheese. Now you need to be very careful (and Duncan too) not to slip on that ice. Ice is really bad, not fun like snow. Hope all that bad weather misses you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. So glad to hear that your eyes are better, however, please be a good girl and let your mom give you the eye drop thingy as it helps a lot. Besides, the cheese is very tempting too!
    Ice is definitely not so fun like snow so you have to be very careful too.

  10. Good to know the eye infection is gone.. You are absolutely right about those weather guys.. I hope they are wrong about this coming one too.. Make sure mommy get all the food stocked up!


  11. LOL - Anna, you're such a funny girl :)

    Ice storms are the worst. Great pics from them, but everyone just has to hold their collective breath until it's over...

  12. Glad to hear your eye is doing better and hopefully you don't get the ice!!