Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Butt I was Framed!

Hey all! Sorry I was MIA. Mom had a busy last few days...lots of work. But it pays for noms, so I have to let it slide.

In exciting news, mom and dad finished painting all the rooms in the house!! Whoo hoo! On Sunday they only had two bedrooms to do. But in bad news, I was framed my friends. I mean, how could I, the princess Diva have anything to do with the following turn of events??

See, I was supervising their painting, as I always do, when somehow, mom noticed some cream colored paint on my pretty, shiney black fur! WHAT THE CRAP?!?! How did that get there?? I'm not careless enough to walk against a wall, uhh-uh, no way!

See, I had paint on my ears, which made me look all George Clooney! And it was on BOTH ears? I mean, seriously, how did this happen?? Then mom noticed ANOTHER spot!

Now, this on my side is a little too much! There's no way my dainty 62-65lb frame would bump into a wall! The kitties must have thrown paint on me when I was sleeping....errr...supervising. Yeah, that's the ticket!!
But the following photo is just....omg...horrible...I must have blacked out to allow this to happen:

There is NO WAY that I looked at mom and backed my furry black butt up against the wall. Nope, not me! I was FRAMEDED!
Yes, I got a bath. That means the kitties must have framed me! After my bath mom picked black dog hair out of the wall...I still argue that Simon has black hair but Mom says Simon didn't have paint on his butt. I argued I was framed, it was planted evidence! I've seen CSI!
Sigh. They didn't buy it either.


  1. Absolutely 100% believe you were framed- those kittehs can cause mischief!!

  2. OMD!Even if you weren't framed, I mean, it's not your fault they painted cream/white! What is so wrong with BLACK!!!So see, Anna, either way, it isn't your fault...


  3. was the dna on the wall matched with your dna? No! what about the butt mark on the wall? does it fit the size of your butt? NO? if it doesn't fit, they must aquit!

  4. Oh, it was definitely those kitties!

  5. That butt pic is just too much - it's the clincher! Poor Anna! Those kitties sure are advancing their criminal methodologies...

  6. I need to send you my Shawnee Cam so you can catch those kittehs in akshun. That would teach them not to mess with you like that. So sorry about the baf punishment - that is so wrong. Wot happened to innocent until provened gilty?

  7. Darn those cats anyway! They're always causing some kind of trouble!

    At least you had the kind of white hairs that wash off and aren't going senior before your time!


  8. Oh dear!! Anna, how could this happen to you! The kitties had to do it. We sure can't see you walking into wet walls of paint!! You have been framed and we are so sorry!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  9. Shawnee is right, you need a pet view cam - we think it was all Dad's doing and he doesn't want Mom to know.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. I know you are innocent, not guilty at all. Poor Anna, I'm sorry that you were framed this way, it was an insult, wasn't it?
    Luckily, you are silkily black all over again!

  11. PAINT Butt!!! Those darn cats!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three