Monday, January 10, 2011

Icepocalypse Snooze and the Big Game!

We survived the was more of a Snoozepocalypse. It really didn't do anything, which is good. Mom was luckily able to do some of the needed work from home Sunday night with her snazzy new phone and didn't have to go in, like some people did. Dad also didn't get called in.

From the getgo, I thought we were all gonna die. The weathermen get so wound up about stuff then nothing happens....they looked kinda dumb this morning. So to make up for their failed attempt of an Icepocalypse, I'll make some commentary to make them feel better:

MASSIVE icecycles!!!! Look at them, they're HUGE!! I mean...if you're a mouse! But they're HUGE!!

Birds FROZEN TO TREES!!!! Oh the horror!! (okay, not really, but he does look cold, no?)

Frozen nom-cookers! We're all gonna die!!! (this was actually the worst frozen thing at the says our indoor nom-cooker is fine, so we'll make it)

Most impotantly, the GIANT icecycle didn't knock out our TV! Whew! That's a close one, cause we have an important game to watch tonight....
Our AUBURN TIGERS play for the national championship against the EVIL Oregon Ducks! Mom and dad are excited and I have my Auburn collar all ready to go! And since they game's in Arizona, mom's cooking tacos! War Eagle!!


  1. hehehe looks like you really got lots of ice! You should put it all in your freeze and you won't have to make ice again! For like, 87 hours at least ;o)

  2. Did I read tacos!! Whoa....we would be on our way but that ice looks bad!! Funny and very cute post...reminds us of where we live...they say we are going to get an inch or more and the complete city comes to a stop! Enjoy the tacos!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. Here I had my tail all in a knot fretting ofur you coz of what that wevver man sayed woz happening. I is so releefed that most impawtantly you still had a funkshonal nom cooker and televishun, whew.

  4. I'd be pretty upset if my outdoor nom-cooker froze, too. Nothing like food on the Barbie-Q...

    Hope you guys make it out there in IceLand (no, not the country!!)

  5. Glad you didn't get all that ice- and glad there is a backup nom cooker!

  6. LMAO!!! It was very nice of you to make the weathermen feel less stupid. They pulled the same stunt here, but about snow, not ice. We were supposed to get like 4 inches of snow on Sunday (which is alot for the Dallas) and it snowed for about 2 hrs, nothing stuck and the sun came out to make mud. Lots and lots of mud. Sheesh....

  7. By the way...nearing the end of the game and it's looking good for your Tigers!!

  8. Oh dear, it seems it was really really cold there. Our part of the world used to be hot and hotter and hotter but it is so cloudy and gloomy lately. It rains a lot here too and many places are seriously flooded.
    Hope you all get a bit warmer by now.