Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Eye Got Poked and Help Needed

First, I'm calling in a personal favor for help. See, I got a buddy named Clover (that's him below, not me!), he's a GSD a lot like me. Well, his momma does A LOT of fostering, usually for doggie mom's and puppies on death row. The last foster she had, Momma, has become a foster failure and is now Clover's forever sister!

Bad news is, Momma has horrible heartworms. Boo on bugs! Momma's new mom needs funding for the heartworm treatment by Tuesday. Now I don't like to ask for money ever, but if you could, could you and your peoples visit her link, read her story and give a few green papers to help? Right now, she's only $175 shy of her goal! Clover's momma does SO MUCH for fosters that she's tight on cash for the emergency treatment momma needs. If all goes well, I'll keep you all up to date to her progress...the treatment will be hard since she's got so many bugs! Please use the power of the Paw for Momma!!!

UPDATE! All the green papers for Momma's treatment has been raised!! All $365 of it!! Apparently my eye funk has spread, cause now mom's eyes are all leaky from such great people on here and so are Clover and Momma's momma! She can't believe people that don't even know her opened there hearts and green paper holders!! I'm leaving the link up ONLY because you can read her story and see what angels foster parents are, but despite what the counter says, all the money has been raised!! God and dogs are good all the time!!


Now onto my vet visit...I got all kinds of poked and prodeded! Mom documented it with her new snazzy phone!


Waiting in my room...I think the greenery makes the room more relaxing and zen-fung-shway-ee.

I'm going to have to go through THAT door into the back?? Hey, wait, that's where they stick the thermometer up the "you know where"!!!

Dr. Vet and Blue Vet Tech Lady working on getting my tests ready....

Whew, back in the waiting room. Sorry, mom couldn't get piktures of me getting a gazillion eye drops, my eyelids peeled back and all that stuff. I did good though, mom had to keep petting me and telling me a good girl so I'd be calm...which worked. I just love hearing about how awesome I am...I am a diva after all!

So in the end, Dr. Vet thinks its follicular conjunctive-eye-tis....aka puppy pinkeye. She gave mom some drops and she wants to see me in about too weeks to make sure everything is okay. She did mention pannus to mom (a GSD eye disease) but doesn't think that's a problem. I hope not, that involves getting SHOTS IN MY EYES every few months! Oh helllll no!!

Getting the drops in my eyes wasn't too hard for mom and dad, and mom managed to get one in each eye this morning by herself. I need to get them 2-3 times a day. It sucks, but after each time I get CHEESE!! Score!! Mom said they looked less inflamed this morning, so I guess that's good.

Thanks for all the good vibes!! Let's hope it goes away!


  1. I sent over from green papers for your furiend and am keeping my paws crossed for her!

    And glad to hear you are doing better :)

  2. Anna, we are glad you went to the V-E-T. It sure sounds like you needed some drops for your eye. That's what mine looked like only they thought it was cherry eye and then went away overnight to end up as an infection in my anal glands of all places. We hope you get all well very soon. Those drops are hard to take but the cheese makes it worth it!! BTW...the dog on our blog today does look like your cousin for sure!! You are both beautiful divas!! We will check out your friend..that sounds so horrible with heartworms. Love your mom's phone takes wonderful pictures!!! Get well!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. We sent her a few green papers, and we sure hope she is feeling better soon!

    Greyhounds get pannus, too, and we are sure glad it isn't that! Blueberry has to get eyedrops once in a while for her allergies. She's allergic to cats. Anyway, she says they aren't any big deal and to just let them put them in so you can feel better!

    BTW, we have something for you on our blog tomorrow!


  4. Needles in the eyeballs? DUBBULL HELL NOOOOOOOO! We do be running away togedder if'n that efur woz to happen! Do not worry, I can see and lead the way. I be your seeing eye dog.

    Duss you has contact info fur the mom of the dog with the heartworm bugs? We has donashun monies from Chrissmuss we can use to help but cannot use them with ChipIn.

  5. I'm SO glad they raised all those green papers!! Paws are definitely crossed for Momma! I hope your icky eye goes away soon! How many doggies do you think pee on the greenery in the rooms??? BOL!

  6. Glad to see treatment green paper$ have been raised -

    We sent a few to Lexi the furry khute Dalamtian in need of heart surgery last night -

    I'm also furry happy to see woo handle the exkhursion to the vet so pawesomely!


  7. yeah for raising the green paper! you guys are awesome!

    go ducks!

  8. Such good news for Momma! I hope the treatment goes well and those icky bugs get dead. As for eyes, Anna, the mere thought of giving Nyxie eye injections makes even me cringe. I hope the drops do the trick - sounds like they're working well.

  9. Our paws will be crossed for your friend and we hope she gets well soon.

    We are glad to hear that your eye is okay! When your mom and dad give you the eye drop, just think about the cheese that you're going to get. It will be alright and your eye will be healed in no time.

  10. There's a lot of vetting stuff going on.... Hope our eyes get better with the drops and that Momma can get cured of all her bugs. Your post just shows how many REALLY nice peoples there are out there. We will be keeping good thoughts & crossed paws for you all.