Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Future's So Bright....

...I GOTTA wear shades!!

Or something like that. My Doggy and Gabana doggles came in yesterday, so you know mom had to try them on what do you think?

I kinda paw at them, but I do have to admit, I do look pretty adorable in them. They even have a cute bone on the side, see:

The only think mom doesn't like is that they don't sit well on my big ol' nose. The bridge part is a little too a diva fit, I broke one of the footsies on it. Whoops.

Right now my shades are in ER Superglue Mode and mom hopes it works good enough. She thinks she's just going to order me the regular ol' doggles that should fit better. But if anything, I can wear these on my high society days!

In other diva news, mom and dad have ALREADY planned our vacation this year! We're going back to Blowing Rock, NC for, get this, one and half weeks!! Mom said this should give us time to go a bit into the Furginia area that we didn't make it to last time. Only 248 days till vacation, I wonder how many doggles I'll have by then??


  1. OMD! They are beautiful! I am totally feeling left out. Morgan over at Tales & Tails got new shoes and you got new shades! Clearly my Mamma is not aware of the fashion requirements of us girls. We MUST shop this weekend!


  2. Wow, Anna, duss it make the werld look rosier? I wonner, if'n you get snow again, wot color yellow snow will be? Mebbe it be a good thing you hardly efur get snow. Looking good gurl!

  3. Looking through rose-colored glasses:) We wondered how you would keep them on, but we can see from your photos that they look pretty snug. We hope they help you out a lot.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Wow Anna!!! You look like a complete diva for sure!! Not that you didn't look like one before but you really look like you belong in a movie now!! That's cool how they strap on and we know it will take some time to get used to them. We sure hope they help. You guys are going back to the beautiful place you went last time? Wonderful!!! That was a really pawesome place! The countdown is on! You do look really great!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  5. Anna, you look FABULOUS! I think those look amazing on you! You have raised German Fashion to a new level. Morgan and I are going to show your pictures to Dad tonight.

    You will have so many cute pairs of Doggles! Will you get the ones with the flames on the sides? Or some blue ones to match your blue backpack?

    Oh! I know! You need to have your mom get you a new pink backpack to match your new pink Doggles! The whole ensemble has to match!


  6. Ohh la la, you're stylin', Anna! Setting the bar for doggie models everywhere.

  7. Anna, you are the most fashionable diva now! You look really really cool in your doggles and that is the perfect colour for you.
    Everyone will admire you with your shades on while you are out for walkies. Beware of paparazzi!!!

  8. Great glasses! My mommy's put glasses on me before, but she had to give me cheese in order for me to stay still! ;) Woofs & hugs! ~Bailey

  9. You're totally rocking those shades!

  10. Those shades look awesome! So stylish and pretty. Then again - it all looks good on you, Anna :)