Friday, December 30, 2011

Zombie Kitty Attack

It happened. The kitties got hopped up on nip and did the was nice and quiet, we were all asleep in bed and then it happend. The best way to explain it is with my artist renditioning skillz....prepare yourself...

Yes, I saved my peoples by leaping onto the bed (and possibly landing on their kidneys and spleens) and chasing off the crack-head, hopped up kitty. Duncan kept the front of the bed secure in his comfy dog bed. It was every man for himself, but we prevailed.

Mom woke up to Simon sleeping by her this morning, he claims he blacked out and doesn't know what happened...but the nip-mouse on the floor by the bed is all the evidence we need...

I guess this is my last post of 2011! I hope you all have a happy and safe new years! Don't drink too much champagne and keep the kitties away from the nip!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Santa Roo Claus--Breaking Customs

Well, when we finally arrived home on Christmas Day, there was a package JUST FOR ME (well, not really)!! Mom's GSD message board peeps had a secret Santa exchange and my gift came from DOWN UNDER aka Australlia and my long-distance pen pall Miss Molly Moo (not a kangaroo, but a GSD too!) ! I guess this proves that Santa does deliver all over the world!

Simon and I checked out the package...I could tell my GSD brothers and sisters had sniffed it in customs so it must be legit! But Simon seemed VERY interested in it. Eh, stupid kitty, this is for me!

Whoo hoo! I TORE into my presents! Christmas rocks just for being able to tear apart paper and not get in trouble...

A FOOTBALL!! Wait, do they have football in Austraillia? Isn't it called socker?

And a stuffed dog and another ball all kinds of goodies!! But then something happened....

There was a package for the kitties!! But this wasn't any normal package...we did some sniffing work...

Oh, it's just a mouse! Whew...wait....last time the kitties had "just a mouse" it turned into a scary kitty Charlie Sheen type event...

Oh no!! Nip made it into our house again!! How did this EVER make it through customs!?! Don't they know how deadly this stuff can be! It turns kitties into evil crazy zombies!!

I tried to confiscate it from Mia, but alas, she also fell victim to the WKD (weapon of kitty destruktion)

As the kitties ran around like idiots, I ran to mom for comfort...and to throw my new squeaky toy in her face! Christmas rocks!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Christmas Surrprise

Hey everyone! I hope you had a super duper holiday! Ours was pretty good...and eventful! We left Friday for Granny and Paw Paw's and I was like "SCORE! Time to play with cousin Rebel!!"

But when we entered the house something was off....I detected something...something small and fluffy...


Yep, Cousin Rebel got a little sister!! Her name is Dixie (I think granny has this whole Gone with the Wind theme going...). At first we were like "Wha?!?!" and Duncan was all "Oh @#$^" but then, we were captivated by the power of prepared, I warn you:

I admit, even I had my doubts....(yes, that's a bit of stink eye below)

 But then I realized I could form her into my NEW Minion!! I'll have an army of Sheltie minions!!!

Then Rebel and I remembered there was something much more important to take care of.....


I stared off slow.....then I got a whiff of that tape and paper and bows and next thing I know....

I went into a present opening FURRY!!!

 In my present-induced state I even went after the paper mom put away!! It was MADNESS!!!

Nothing was left but to collapse with my new grunting piggy!! But there's more tomorrow, when I show you what I got from the Santa Down Under!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Occupy Couch--Senior Style

A few weeks ago I posted about how Alley, the kitty, had emerged and begun an Occupy Couch movement . Don't worry, that is over, she didn't have the moxi to carry it on for long. But the other night, while mom was watching TV, a NEW Occupy Couch movement took off before our very eyes--a senior one.

Duncan is funny. He's all "Ohh...ouch, I'm old and arthritic! Pitty me! Give me noms! It's all I have to live for blah blah blah..." If mom and dad try to get him on the couch when they're there, he lifts one little paw and is all "Ohhh..ouch...can't make it....bad knees you know....ow....noms?" But an amazing thing happens whenever mom and dad leave home...he hops his jolly old butt up on the loveseat, stretches out and begins to snore.

Then when mom and dad get home, he hops down and stands there like "Ohhh...ouch....I've been laying on this floor all uncomfortable and old, must have noms blah blah blah..." but mom and dad don't buy it, they've caught him on the loveseat and realize there's always a mysterious "warm spot" that is quite Duncan sized on the couch...

So imagine mom's suprise when she was sitting on the couch talking to dad on the phone and I was happy puppy land nomming my bully stick on the floor when Dunc jumped his big ol' butt up on the loveseat...IN FRONT OF US ALL!! Mom was like "holy crap!", I was like "Whaaa?" and dropped my bully stick, Simon was all like "Hmmph, I 'm a kitty so I just sleep through stuff."

Funny thing is, Dunc just refused to look at mom. As if by not acknowledging her presence she wasn't here and wouldn't know he was snoring on the loveseat! Mom was like whatever, took a bath and when she got out he'd gone back to his uber-comfy orthopedic dog bed, like nothing had ever happened.

I have to admit, I'm quite impressed...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Request and Epic FAIL Christmas Photos

First off, I ask all of you to pray for our friend Reilly who is having a biopsy on a nasty bumpy on his leg this morning. Please keep paws crossed and zoom good thoughts to him, his mom and dad and his little brother!!

In other news, the Christmas tree is up, mom watches all these feel good fa-la-la-la-la movies and she gets visions of grandeur in her head, making her block out any and all past failed attempts for a Xmas photo, but mom had some spare time and thought "I should try to get photo of Anna and Duncan together!!"

I looked at her like she was is you thinking?? This will end in your cursing and being a grumpy elf...but whatever....

I am at full attention, then Duncan goes BLUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Hmm...Dunc you smell a little like that beef mom had, trying to bribe us for photos....why does you look like you're waiting on death row??

At this point mom sayz...and I quote "OH FOR ALL THAT'S HOLY!!!"

Sidenote, I think I had a itchy...I don't know why Duncan had an extreme close up...

Duncan finally coroperates...but wait, where's me?!?

I gave up on this trainwreck a while ago!

Mom quote "Screw it!"

Who knew getting a kitty, let a lone the spastic kitty Mia, to pose would be easier?!?! 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Post Turkey Day Pout

Hey all. Sorry I haven't been can blame mom. Totally blame mom! I hope you had a great Turkey day! Ours was pretty cool. I played with Cousin Rebel a lot but mom didn't get ANY photos. Strike one mom!

Then when we got home, we watched the Iron Bowl and our Auburn Tiger kitties lost to our nemisis Alabama. How could mom and dad let this happen?? Strike TWO!

The final straw that broke the Anna's back was when we didn't do ANYTHING for like a week cause it was "cold" or "raining like a flood". I don't care! I need to get out! So I went stir-crazy, which drove mom and dad crazy so they took us out Saturday! Score one for the dogs!

Bout time dad. Let's go!!!

Dunc was even ready to get out. Once we assured him we weren't going to see Dr. Vet!

Ahh....the trail!  Time to run free!!

I then turned the table on mom. She wanted all kinds of nice piktures and I was like NO!!! You had your chance and you Epic Failed!!

A cute picture of me and my brother? Oh hell no. I'm putting my head by his butt! Pffffftt!

After a while I relented and gave mom a glamour shot.

I hope you had a great holiday. Mom says I need to play my cards better if I want to get Christmas presents. I don't believe her, Granny and Pawpaw get me presents regardless of how snotty wonderful I am!!! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Gobbles

I'm here to wish you all a happy and wonderful Gobble Day!! Mom has been taunting me by saying words such as:

Aunt Temple
Unlce Matt

So tomorrow we're loading up and going to Granny and Pawpaw's for Gobble day which means PLAY TIME with cousin Rebel!!

Then Saturday is the IRON BOWL between Auburn and the Tide Elephants of Alabama. We're still hoping our Tigers can beat the odds, never count out the underdog

Later that weekend it's time for the CHRISTMAS TREE!! Which means PRESENTS!! It's going to be a busy week, but bring it!

I'm very thankful for everything in my life, yes, even the kitties. I'm one lucky gal!! I'm very thankful for my mom and dad, friends, toys, noms and all of my bloggy friends! May you all have a wonderful Gobble Day with extra noms and ear scratchees!

p.s. and I'm not just sucking up to mom for Christmas presents, but it couldn't hurt, right?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy Couch

Something weird has happened at our house...

It all started with mom getting our new coffee table. Isn't it cool? It looks like an old barn door. One of mom's friends made it! Mom said this is step one of "re-fur-nishing" the house. I think there's plenty of fur since she's ALWAYS vacuming and complaining about black furballs, but mom says it's time to get rid of the old, hand me down stuff and get "real people" stuff. This includes our couches. (see if you see anything odd in this photo?)

Apparently mom and dad don't like our ghetto furniture. Who can blame them, after what I...err...the kitties did to the couch years ago.... but now that the remodel is done, it's time to get some new stuff!

I have to say, I'm not too worried, as long as it's a big enough couch for all of us, but apprently, mom and dad have pissed off Alley...yes, if you look closely in the first photo you will see the reclusive cat who dwells in mom and dad's bedroom lair, making devil noises and only emerging to feed....much like a vampire or zombie.

Mom and dad said Alley doesn't do well with change, so apprently it only took her three years to get used to me and emerge! Way to be on it kitty!

My theory is she heard mom and dad are getting new digs so Alley is occupying the couch...since she doesn't do well with change...well she does but only in three year intervals. She has been occupying for the last three days.

Until then, I'm quite confused as to why there are now all THREE kitties in the living room...napping on my couches. Is it a sign of the apoco-lips? I'm keeping my eye on them....