Thursday, December 29, 2011

Santa Roo Claus--Breaking Customs

Well, when we finally arrived home on Christmas Day, there was a package JUST FOR ME (well, not really)!! Mom's GSD message board peeps had a secret Santa exchange and my gift came from DOWN UNDER aka Australlia and my long-distance pen pall Miss Molly Moo (not a kangaroo, but a GSD too!) ! I guess this proves that Santa does deliver all over the world!

Simon and I checked out the package...I could tell my GSD brothers and sisters had sniffed it in customs so it must be legit! But Simon seemed VERY interested in it. Eh, stupid kitty, this is for me!

Whoo hoo! I TORE into my presents! Christmas rocks just for being able to tear apart paper and not get in trouble...

A FOOTBALL!! Wait, do they have football in Austraillia? Isn't it called socker?

And a stuffed dog and another ball all kinds of goodies!! But then something happened....

There was a package for the kitties!! But this wasn't any normal package...we did some sniffing work...

Oh, it's just a mouse! Whew...wait....last time the kitties had "just a mouse" it turned into a scary kitty Charlie Sheen type event...

Oh no!! Nip made it into our house again!! How did this EVER make it through customs!?! Don't they know how deadly this stuff can be! It turns kitties into evil crazy zombies!!

I tried to confiscate it from Mia, but alas, she also fell victim to the WKD (weapon of kitty destruktion)

As the kitties ran around like idiots, I ran to mom for comfort...and to throw my new squeaky toy in her face! Christmas rocks!


  1. Hey Anna!
    Wow, what a pawesome pressie pack! That football looks like fun and someone was surely a great shopper. I bet the kitties are all hungover after that! BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. What a fun package!! Your pen pal in Australia sounds very thoughtful indeed! Loved the photos of Anna opening her gift - Lady does that too, and Jessie used to do that as well. German Shepherds clearly "get" the whole gift opening experience. And it looks like the kitties had a fun Christmas too. The "Charlie Sheen" event post cracked me up, I missed that one back in March apparently. LOL! Merry Belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  3. You got some awesome presents! I'll keep my paws crossed for you that the nip doesn't take over the cat brains this time.

    You're on a GSD message board? How cool!


  4. Anna, you should so try to nom some of those nip mousies. Or mebbe not. I always get in trubbull coz I make them eggsplode nip all ofur the place. They is not all that tasty like the kittehs make them out to be. It all be a conspiracy by the kittehs to lure us dogs in and get us into trubbulls.

  5. Wow...look at those pressies!!! Awesome!!!

  6. What great prezzies. Hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year,