Monday, December 5, 2011

Post Turkey Day Pout

Hey all. Sorry I haven't been can blame mom. Totally blame mom! I hope you had a great Turkey day! Ours was pretty cool. I played with Cousin Rebel a lot but mom didn't get ANY photos. Strike one mom!

Then when we got home, we watched the Iron Bowl and our Auburn Tiger kitties lost to our nemisis Alabama. How could mom and dad let this happen?? Strike TWO!

The final straw that broke the Anna's back was when we didn't do ANYTHING for like a week cause it was "cold" or "raining like a flood". I don't care! I need to get out! So I went stir-crazy, which drove mom and dad crazy so they took us out Saturday! Score one for the dogs!

Bout time dad. Let's go!!!

Dunc was even ready to get out. Once we assured him we weren't going to see Dr. Vet!

Ahh....the trail!  Time to run free!!

I then turned the table on mom. She wanted all kinds of nice piktures and I was like NO!!! You had your chance and you Epic Failed!!

A cute picture of me and my brother? Oh hell no. I'm putting my head by his butt! Pffffftt!

After a while I relented and gave mom a glamour shot.

I hope you had a great holiday. Mom says I need to play my cards better if I want to get Christmas presents. I don't believe her, Granny and Pawpaw get me presents regardless of how snotty wonderful I am!!! :)


  1. Finally, it lookss like your hike was well worth the wait
    Benny & Lily

  2. Yeah, that go stir-crazy thing werks pretty well, dussn't it? But I is skeered to try that at my age coz mom would get all worried like "OMG! Are you SICK?!?!?!" and I would end up at Dr. V-E-T. So milk it fur all it be werth while you is young.

  3. Oh, we know allllll about stir crazy here! Try a pent up German Shepherd and a wild, savage German Shepherd puppy at the same time! Insanity! I sure hope we get to start hiking again in January. I miss it!


  4. Wonderful POST... LOVE the Cold Shoulder pic.. THAT showed HER!!! We MUST keep THEM in THEIR place. Right Anna?

  5. It seems you had a wonderful hike. That place looks so neat!

  6. Oh, we feel your pain. It's been raining here for 40 days and 40 nights, and we're all stuck inside and bored to death. You know it's getting bad when you start thinking you might pile the dogs in the truck and just drive around for awhile and then come back home!!!

  7. what a great day, your place was really beautiful!

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  8. .,oh how's the hiking? I bet you guys have a wonderful hiking.

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