Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Hike of Bad (poofy) Decisions

So I'm back to tell about another one of our hikes we had in North Carrylina. It was too the spoooooky woods, one of our favorite hikes we go on each trip.

This time, it had (notice HAD...warning bells people!) rained the day before and that morning so the woods were all foggy, which is perfect for the spoooooky woods trail. So we loaded up and took off. When we got there, mom asked dad "Should we take our raincoat pullover things?" 

Dad: "Nahh...it's nice out" 

DING DING DING BAD DECISION ONE!! (I think you can see where this is going..)

So we get out, no one else is there, so I get to run free. We get in the creek, mom starts taking piktures and then realizes.."oh crap, my camera battery is about dead and I don't have a charger"  Ughhhh BAD STUPID DECISION TWO!!!

But we did get a few creek pics:

That's it...the rest will have to be through my artist renditionings...

So anywhoo, we get to walking and we're having a good time, then we think we hear a BOOM....

Mom: Was that thunder?

Dad: Nah, I think it was a car on the parkway....

We keep going DING DING DING!! BAD DECSION THREE!!!! Since when does Mom EVER listen to dad?!?!? WHEN?!?!?!

Well, we go to the end, then start heading back...it's over a mile back to the car...and then we start to feel small little drops...you know that moment when you kinda just hope it's bird poop? Nope, it's rains...from the sky....

Mom and dad look at each other and say some four letter words I'm not allowed to say.
I'm fine, I like water.
Duncan also says some choice words and gives mom and dad the stink eye....

It then starts to rain. Hard.

We stop at one point under some foliage for cover. I'm good. Dunc's pissed and mom says:

"I have water going down the crack of my (edited for younger readers) butt ...let's just go!!"

So off we go...and it's POURING! We finally make it to the car where:

Dunc's all wet, poofy and pissed...
Mom and Dad are soaking wet...all the way to their underpants...
Even I'm not too happy, the rain is beating down my ears...funs over.

So then mom got the smart idea to go into the people potty shacks and dry off and change into her nice dry rain coat, so at least part of her be dry...dad did the same...Dunc and I stayed wet in the back of the car.

We was soaked to the bone. It took about four towels to get us puppers dry enough to go in the cabin. Mom and dad took warm, intentional showers and we called it a day!! It took Dunc about the next day to dry and un-poofify. The next day (and rest of the trip) our car smelled like wet peoples, wet dogs and just WET!

It was so much fun!!! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Seekret Mission Reveal!!!

Okay, so we're back from North Carrylina so I'm going to reveal my Super Seekret Mission (SSM)!!

See, we was supposed to go on our SSM Monday, but mom and dad made an executive call saying "it sure is raining a bunch...we may have to scrub the mission!" So they made a super seekret phone call and confirmed that it was a rainy mess out there, then I guess they spoke to someone very important and rescheduled the mission!! It must have been someone high up, like the president or Grandma to get that clearance!

So we did other stuff (I'll post later) and then Wednesday came up and mom and dad loaded just me in the car, they left Duncan. I guess they were afraid he was too old for the SSM, you must be in top physycal shape for that!

And we drove...and drove...and drove...it was like 2.5 hours! Where were we?!? Cuba?!!? Finally we got there...

Hmm...Hanging Rock...I'm sniffin for clues for our SSM...something smells odd...

Yes, we is going way up there! The way...lots of steps...lots and lots of steps!! Mom was hard-core pioneer preggo woman! Along the trail, I kept semlling something...hmm...what is that?!?!

Ahh...the views were beautiful once we caught our breafs...but then...my snooter went in overdrive...what was it!?!?!

Wait...what do I see!?!?!






I snootered and found Shawnee!!!

And Shawnee's mom!! Now, I must apologize...my mom, KNOWING we was going on a SSM did something that should get her fired from the bureau!! She didn't bring the camera charger!! WHAT THE CRAP MOM?!?! So I have some photos, a few I lifted from Shawnee and you can see the photos a "good mom has a charged camera for" on her site.

Family shot of me, mom, dad and the invisible people puppy....

Then one of me and the dad!

On the way back down, Shawnee and I worked on our synchronized supermodel struts...We got it going on, no?

Then we showed our parents our butts as they gabbed about all kinds of stuff. We ain't got time for gabbing! We have hikin' to do!!!!

It was great to meet a fellow hiking shepherdess, especially a famous one like Shawnee! We even met another longcoat GSD on the way back down. It was a super seekret supermodel meet up!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shh...Super Sekret Mission!!

It's all excitement at our house right now, cause Saturday we're leaving for VACAYSHION!!! Whoo hoo! We normally don't go on vacay until September, but since that's when the Invisible People Puppy is showing up, we're going now back to the North Carrylina Mountains while mom is still able to do some hiking!! Score!!

As I was getting my backpack and stuffs prepared, there was  knock at the door and a package waiting for me...oh, you didn't know that I was a part time super sekret spy? Well I is, but keep it on the down low, k?

And no, Duncan's feet are not part of the mission....

Hmm....wonder what it is???

Give me the Mission mom!!!

Go away Simon!! Not for Kittehs!! For Super Sekret Spy Anna!!

Ooohhh....a map?!?!

Just as I was looking at my super sekret Mission instruktions....

Oh no! It said NO KITTEHS!!!!

NOM NOM NOM!! Must potekt the evidence from the evil kittehs!!

Hmm...wonder what the PRIZE is?!?! I accept this mission and will fill you in when we return!!

TO BE CONTINUED......(start DUN DUN DUN music!!)