Monday, February 13, 2012

Camp Anna

All is going well here at Camp Anna--well, it's going good for us puppies!

Dixie and I are having a BLAST! Rebel too, although Dixie is a lot of fun cause she just plays and plays and plays and plays...but I think Camp Anna is taking it's toll on the Anna! I'm getting sleepy!

The cousins leave tomorrow, Granny and Pawpaw are coming to pick them up about lunch. I keep thinking this isn't true, but apparently I heard mom and dad say "It will be so nice just to have our two here!" and Dad keeps asking "When are they coming back to pick them up?"

It's not cause they're bad, but I think Dad forgot how you have to continuously watch a puppy and not Law and Order  much work it takes to have a puppy. I think I've spoiled him by being so self-sufficent. Mom is okay, but since she's so sleepy with the people puppy, I think she's ready for Camp Anna to end as well. Although, Dixie is pretty dang adorable and makes them laugh, and mom had the BRILLIANT idea of bringing out our Squirrel Dude (like a Kong) and putting kibble in it! It's kept Dixie busy for HOURS!

As for me, I have to admit, I'm pretty sleepy. I think I may pass out for a few days after Camp Anna lets out, but until then, I'm having a blast!!! Team Old Fart (Duncan and Simon) has already packed the cousins' bags. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Youth vs. Old Farts

On this couch, we have the youth!!!!

And on this couch, we have the disgruntled old farts....

But we all come together for noms and treats!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Anna vs. Two Cousins

Hey all! Thanks for the support of the new people puppy! Mom said I have a while to figure this thing out, but she knows I'll be a natural! Mom's also sick of people asking her "Well, when IT gets here, what are you going to do with Anna?"

What do you mean "do with Anna?" Mom gets mad when people think just because there's a new people puppy you have to treat your other critters differently. Mom said she fully wants me involved with the new people puppy. So PPPFFFT! to any non-Anna supporters (not you guys of course!!)

In other news, I    AM    HAVING     A    BLAST with my TWO cousins! Tell you what, that little Dixie is a spitfire!! I have to be careful not to squish her, but she's pretty hardcore!

I like to CHASE her!! Run puppeh!!!!

Check out that little floofy puppy butt! She's after Rebel...thinking she's all big and bad...then...

RUN AWAY!!! Here I come!! Muwhahahahahahaha!!

She likes to play with us big dogs....

But then tries to "hide" under Rebel...I'm not buying it...pffft!

But then she gives me puppeh kisses and I fall under the puppeh spell! It's going to be such an awesome week!!!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Suprise Reveal!

Well, I was going to make you wait, but I'm not....I was just going to post photos of me and Rebel and Dixie playing, but I'll save that for later this week....I will reveal our exciting news!

So we're adding a new packmember to the family! I'm quite excited. The parents are of wonderful breeding stock (American-English working lines) with good temperments. Duncan is kinda "whatever" about the whole thing. The kitties, well, Simon is cool with it. Alley doesn't do well with change whatsoever no matter what it is and Mia should be pretty oblivious.

Mom said I've done so good with Dixie and sharing my toys that she knows I'll be a great big sister! Well duh! Dad said I'll be super and probably protektive over the little one. I have so many things to teach my new sibling!! But mom said that we have to wait until it comes home...I'm confused about this new puppy seems like it's going to take FOREVER! September to be exact...and even then I'm not going to be allowed to "play" with it AND it's going to get  it's own room....I might need to do more investigation on this matter...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Upcoming Exciting News and Cousins!

Hey all! I'm back! Sorry I've been MIA again, but you know, stuff happens....or doesn't happen. Nothing too exciting has been going on BUT that's about to change!!

Next week I'll be announcing some exciting news!! Mom and Dad had a looong talk about it and consulted with all us furkids first. They know what's up. I approved, Simon approved, Duncan just grunted and fell asleep, Alley hid under the bed and Mia was too hopped up on nip to know any better, so they got a pretty good majority vote in the yes department.

There you go...that's all you get. I was on the fence about the new decision, but now I think I'm okay with it...for now.

In other news, Granny and Pawpaw are going out of town next week, so that means REBEL comes to stay!!! Whoo hoo! But this time, he's bringing my new cousin Dixie too. Not sure about that, she's still a puppy but mom said it's good toy sharing practice for me. I'll also have to be careful not to squish her. It's been a while since we've had a puppy in the house, so we'll see how this goes...

I'm off to catch up on blogs...I've read a few here and there but I admit, I've been a total slacker. :)