Thursday, February 2, 2012

Upcoming Exciting News and Cousins!

Hey all! I'm back! Sorry I've been MIA again, but you know, stuff happens....or doesn't happen. Nothing too exciting has been going on BUT that's about to change!!

Next week I'll be announcing some exciting news!! Mom and Dad had a looong talk about it and consulted with all us furkids first. They know what's up. I approved, Simon approved, Duncan just grunted and fell asleep, Alley hid under the bed and Mia was too hopped up on nip to know any better, so they got a pretty good majority vote in the yes department.

There you go...that's all you get. I was on the fence about the new decision, but now I think I'm okay with it...for now.

In other news, Granny and Pawpaw are going out of town next week, so that means REBEL comes to stay!!! Whoo hoo! But this time, he's bringing my new cousin Dixie too. Not sure about that, she's still a puppy but mom said it's good toy sharing practice for me. I'll also have to be careful not to squish her. It's been a while since we've had a puppy in the house, so we'll see how this goes...

I'm off to catch up on blogs...I've read a few here and there but I admit, I've been a total slacker. :)


  1. OMD... ANNA... Shame on you fur TEASING us like this... You KNOW we will all get no naps fur wondering what is gonna happen. Come on... give us a HINT.

  2. I've got a guess but I shall keep quiet cuz Mamma says I might spoil it...


  3. What a tease you are Anna Banana.....

  4. Uh oh! Is there a new furkid on the way?! You'd better come back and give us the news real soon.

  5. *squeeee* You're getting a puppy, aren't you?! Oh, it will be so much fun to compare notes! Anna, I hope he's as much fun as Kuster is!


    P.S. Not too cougarish at all! Kuster thinks he's all that anyway and he already knows that most females find him irresistible!

  6. Common, whisper it in my ear. You can whisper furry quietly coz I has big ears. I won't tell. Fur real. Mom be the one with the big mouf, not me.