Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Zooming my 200th Post!

Holy crap!! This is my 200th post!! That's like...um....a lot!

To celebrate, here are some photos of me and Rebel ZOOMING around during Turkey day. Yes, we pretty much did four days of the following photos. I was konked out when we got home on Saturday!! I hope you all had a great Turkey Day!!

Nom nom...Rebel tastes like chiken!!

I've started boxing, it's a great way to stay in shape!

Duncan stays out of it....

Time to pose! Model time!

Back to nomming....Rebel says: HALP!!!!

Now it's time to ZOOOOM!!!


Duncan being handsome!

As we zooooom on!
In other news, our Auburn Tigers beat our hated state rivals the Crimson Tide Elephants. Yay! We have a big game this weekend, so you know the good luck collar will be worn!
I've also received some mail, as part of the Bloggin Xmas Card Swap! I'll be showing that off tomorrow. I LOVE getting mail!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

As I was sleeping on my nice, high, comfy bed, I dreamed about all the things I was thankful for!

My parents, Duncan, the kitties, my house, my toys, my noms, my granny and pawpaw, my furry friends, my pit, my bloggy friends, my backpack, cousin Rebel, Lola and Amos, my Aunt Temple and Uncle Matt, going on trips with my parents, so many things.

Tomorrow we're heading up to Granny and Pawpaw's for a few days and I won't be around the bloggy world, so I wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday filled with joy, laughter and time with your loved ones. Before the hustle and bustle that comes after Thanksgiving, be thankful for every minute you have with them and savor them all!

Oh, and also let it be filled with lots of naps and turkey!! Hugs and licks!!
~ Anna

Monday, November 22, 2010

Squatter no more!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I did, cause I got my bed back! Whoo hoo! Score!!

But it didn't come without work, hard work, which I supervised. Mom and dad painted all weekend. They got the bedroom done on Saturday, complete with new window trim! Then yesterday mom started painting in the new master closet and got most of that done. She even had the energy to give Dunc a bath! She's wonderwoman! Here's some pics of all of my hard work:

This is looking into the new master closet...yep that big room will hold all of mom's shoes, my toys and a thing or two of dads. :)

Those are the closet doors mom hated to paint. What's sad is there isn't anything behind there. They're just for looks right now until they tear down that wall as part of the master bath redo.

Mom has to get fabric to make new a new doo-vay cover and curtains.

Check out that window trim! Very cheap and easy actually. Go DIY mom and dad!

Ahh....the reward for all my hard work! Back up on top of the bed!

Simon and I check out the bed....seems everything is in order....


Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Coming....T-Day 2010

Oh, I can almost smell it from here! Mom and dad have been talking about one of my favorite days of the year (besides Christmas when I see Sandy Claws)....TURKEY DAY 2010!!

Next Wednesday, mom, Dunc and I will head up to stay at Granny and Pawpaws house. Dad has to work, so he'll be up the next day. What will follow will be Turkey Day MADNESS!! Here's how I see it going down:

1. LOTS of play time with my cousin Rebel
2. Extra goodies in the form of the turkey parts the peoples don't eat. I think they call them gibblets? I call them YUM!!
3. Duncan snoozes in the middle of the floor.
4. Aunt Temple and Uncle Matt come over and I give them kisses.
5. More play time with Rebel
6. Dunc's still snoring in the floor
7. A little piece of turkey or biscuit here or there
8. More playtime with Rebel
9. Duncan snoozes and poots in the living room.
10. We come home EXAUSTED some time Saturday!!

That's how I have it planned in my head. What's not to like about Turkey day?? Mom will make sure we have a special dinner of turkey necks, canned pumpkin and other goodies for the day, and we all get to hang out as a family and relax.

This makes me think, I'm so thankful for my family. That I have people who love their critters and treat them like family (cause, uh, we are!). I'm thankful for our squatter bedroom, all my toys, Duncan, all the great blogger friends I've met and for the kitties...yes, even the kitties.

Now, back to dreaming about TD 2010!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time Machine Thursday--Old School Collar

Today, we're actually going back to ummm yesterday? Not much went on today, and I'm like "well I have a time machine, so I can go back to yesterday!!" Got it? Good!

Anyway, so YESTERDAY back in 1558 was the beginning of the Elizabethan Age. It started like this:

This dude (Henry the VIII)...

(who mom likes this version better...I don't get it?)
...married all kinds of moms. And they had kids. One of them, Mary I:

Became queen. She died. Then her half sister Elizabeth, who was from one of the other moms that ol' Henry was with, became queen. Get it?

Elizabeth I (more Elizabeths followed....not real original with the names back then were they??) ruled during the "golden age." She also was known as the "virgin queen" because she wouldn't marry a dad so she could keep her focus on ruling England and making it prosper.

I started thinking, maybe this Queen Elizabeth numero One and I had more in common than I thought? I too am a pure girl (thanks to Dr. VET) and love collars....hmmm, what do you think??

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What's Black and White and Wet all Over?

Do you know? Do you have any idea? I'll give you a hint...it's not me!
Mom and dad were once again painting our squatter bedroom (I'll have pics after this weekend when they get done with it). I was laying on our squatter bed supervising, chewing a sock, and in walks Simon...and if we had theme music, this would have been the point that the "DUN DUN DUN!!" music would have started.

Simon is a know it all...as in he has to know it all. He gets right up in everybody's business, especially mom's business. Mom was painting the trim around the bathroom door. The paint is white. Simon is black. Figured out the answer to my post title yet?

Yep, mom's there, just a painting and she keeps telling Simon to get away from the door. Simon doesn't listen. Finally he walks out the freshly painted door without getting any paint on him and what does the doofus do? He rubs up next to the paint can!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
Now, mom didn't have the camera on her, so she didn't get a pikture. Dad and I were laughing, and dad said he looked like Pepe La Pu:

I don't know who that is, but I did my own recreation of what Simon looked like:

So mom sighed (said some other words) picked him up and took him to the bathroom. Uh oh!! We know what that means! Mia and I stood outside the door as we heard the water running in the tub. About 5 mins later Simon emerges looking like a drowned rat, but smelling rather powdery fresh.

Mom went back to painting and Simon just gave her the stink eye. This is further proving my hypothesis that kitties are rather weird!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living Like a Squatter

Sorry for the lack of posts. We haven't been doing anything interesting....well, unless you count mom and dad reducing my boudouir into a squatter's den interesting. Saturday, they began moving all the furniture out of the bedroom. Then they painted over the walls this HORRIBLE white color! Blah!

Mom said it was called "priming". I got excited, cause I thought she meant like Optimus Prime and our room would transform into a cool car or something. Alas, priming is what you have to do to cover up paint to put up new paint. Sigh.

They primed Saturday (then had to stop cause we had to watch our Auburn Tigers beat the Georgia Bulldogs!!). And instead of moving our nice big bed back into the room, they just moved in the mattress. So now we're living like squatters on the floor. No high bed. No TV, nothing. It's horrid! Here's pictures of me in our version of Gitmo:

The walls after they primed them...notice the non-working TV in the floor. Boo!

So I just accepted my fate as a squatter. The room has now been painted and the furniture and TV should be back in this weekend. Mom and dad are working on the trim and are going to re-trim the windows. I have a feeling this painting thing is going to cramp my style!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time Machine Thursday- Veterans

Happy Veterans day!! Today is the day we thank all the peoples who were in the military (or who still are) for fighting for our freedoms. Thanks to peoples like my PawPaw, we have the ability to run and live free--enjoying noms, toys, chasing squirrels and spending time with our families.

There's also another kind of Vet (and no, not Dr. Vet!). The K-9 veteran. Dogs are used a lot in military actions, we have been for years. But only recently, has it become common to help save these dogs when they come back from their tours. Before they were either put in the "Big Sleep" or sent off to more tours. Now there's a group working to give these brave vets a warm bed to sleep in with peoples to love them.

Please check out Save A Vet (http://www.save-a-vet.org/). They work to rehabilitate and save doggie vets, allowing them to live out the rest of their lives in peace. Mom has a shirt from them and it's pretty cool! Or just give $5 to give our K9 Vets a second chance at life.

Also, today is the anniversary of the end of World War One. Below are some doggies that helped fight the good fight in WWI:

So if any of your peoples served in the military, thank you!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wake up mom!

I don't know what's wrong with mom. You would think she'd give me an award for what I did this morning, but instead, I got the stink eye. Hmmm...

I awoke on the bed and realized that it was mom waking up time. I can tell because I have to go potty and my tummy is hungry and rumbly. I can also tell cause Simon is by mom's head, staring at her and ready to wake her up to go feed him his canned food. But mom's alarm didn't go off. Uh oh! Mom's going to be late!! Super puppy and kitty forces unite!

I started by slowly belly crawling up to mom and licking her face. She grunted and rolled over.

Plan B. I began crawling all over mom. I got a "Get off me!" from mom who burrowed deeper in the covers. Time for Plan C--the Cat plan.

Simon took over from here...he is quite magical to watch, he's got it down to an art. It starts off with meowing/howling. Then he literally runs all over mom, at times placing a paw on her face. If that doesn't work, he starts randomly scratching at doors/walls/anything to annoy mom enough to get out of bed. Mia even joined in with some mewing. I added to Plan C by chasing Alley under the bed, causing her to make devil noises.

Mom reaction--she got up, took Simon to the cat room and closed the door, then went back to bed. Uh oh. I was now reduced to using my puppy staring powers to stare at mom as she slept, occasionally putting my cold, wet nose up to her face. Then, I was shocked to see Simon had escaped the cat room and was back for more! He's AMAZING!! This time, I chased Alley ONTO the bed as Simon howled. Nothing.

Figuring mom just wasn't going to get up, I had almost accepted our failure, but then Simon did the unthinkable. He unplugged mom's alarm clock. With a perfectly timed nose bump, mom rolled over, saw this, said some "words" and just got up. Success!!!

Aren't you proud of us mom?? We didn't let you oversleep! Wait, what? Daylight Saving time? What the crap is that?? What, it's actually only 5:30 and not 6:30?? Oooohhhh! Our bad...yeah....we love you...you know what would make you feel better? Giving us some noms...yep, that should do it.

Sidenote: boys are stupid...dad and Duncan slept through all of this!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Modeling Job!

It's Friday! Whoo hoo! Well, it doesn't really matter to me, but it does mean mom and dad will be around for a few days, so that's good.

In other news, I have my first modeling job! Mom came home last night and showed me that I was being used as a model!!! Wow!

The lady that made my lucky Auburn Collar started a blog, and in the Auburn section, there I am modeling my collar!! Check it! http://atrexdesigns.blogspot.com/2010/11/auburn-football.html

I'm famous! I guess I need to start coming up with my list of demands...hmmm...well, I already am kinda spoiled, so I'm not sure what to demand. I guess I need to watch more of America's Next Top Model so I'll know what to ask for!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time Machine Thursday: Walking Like an Egyptian

Today's Time Machine Thursday takes us over the ocean to Ee-gypt! Apparently today in 1922 some dude named Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tut. It was a big deal because before all they found were tombs that had already been hit up by some robber peoples who robbled all the goodies. But King Tut's tomb was untouched by bad guys.

They also found, according to historikal records: "The most splendid architectural find was a stone sarcophagus containing three coffins nested within each other. Inside the final coffin, which was made out of solid gold, was the mummy of the boy-king Tutankhamen, preserved for more than 3,000 years."

I don't know why people want to look at a dead guy, but today a lot of people's do. Mr. T travels all over the world with his goodies so people can see them.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mystery of the Missing Kitty

When mom came home from work yesterday, she had a freak out. As she pulled up to the house, she noticed the front door WIDE OPEN!!

Mom started to wig out...the sheet-rock guys had come to finish the house and they'd left the door open, mom instantly ran in and did a kitty search (Dunc and I were safely in the backyard).

First kitty she found was Simon, he was actually by the door, but still in the house. Whew! Then she proceeded to the kitty cave of doom (aka under the bed) where she found Mia. Two down! But where was the fat devil kitty, Alley??

Mom looked all over in Alley's hidey spots, no devil cat. She took a flashlight and went outside looking for her. I volunteered to help, but since Alley doesn't like me at all, mom thought that I may scare her, so I watched from the backyard.

Dad called and asked how the sheet-rock looked and she said fine, but she was pre-occupied with finding Alley. Dad was at work and said he'd come home, but mom said that was okay, she'd find her. Mom asked the sheet-rock guys if they had seen a kitty (or el gato as she told them) and they said no.

At this point, mom was starting to freak out a bit...Alley cannot survive in the wild. She's kinda chubby and loves her kitty noms. Mom walked up and down our road, shining her flashy light into our neighbors shrubs (I'm suprised someone didn't call her in for being a cat burgalar!!). Frustrated and about to cry, dad called to check and said the last place he was Alley was the living room.

In one final attempt, mom looked UNDER the loveseat, and there was Alley! How she got under there we have no idea. More shocking is that the loveseat is RIGHT NEXT to the open door! Whew! Thank god Alley is lazy and didn't venture outside!!!

The sheet-rock guys said they were so sorry, they never saw any kitties and they opened the door cause the dust from the sanding of the sheet-rock was a lot. Mom said that was okay, everyone was accounted for.

Mom says there's no worse feeling that feeling like you've lost one of your furry kids! I told mom I'd never run away, that's what makes me better than a kitty. I know to stay home with my noms and toys. Apparently kitties don't know this. Again proving my theory kitties are weird.

In the end, the sheet-rock looks great, mom cleaned dust all night and we all slept soundly...me, mom and dad on the bed, with Simon curled up next to mom and Alley sleeping on mom's pillow. Glad everything is back to normal!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Just Say No to Evil Movies

Yesterday we didn't go hiking. Mom was LAAAAY-ZEEEE but that's okay. We just stayed home and watched scary movies all day.
Mom got sucked into some old Vincent Price movies on a classic movie channel. They aren't that spooky, but mom likes them. Then a friend called mom and asked if she wanted to go see a movie with her...Paranormal Activity Too.

Mom said NO! Not cause it's spooky (mom said the 1st one wasn't that scary to her) but Mom said there is a German Shepherd in the movie, and if there's a dog in the movie, nothin good can happen to it and she refuses to see it! You go mom! Stand up for movie dogs everywhere! Viva la doggie movie resistance!

Mom hates when critters in movies get hurt. She lost it during I Am Legend....apparently something bad happened to the doggie (also a GSD) in that movie and mom didn't care about the rest of the movie or the peoples in it. She hasn't even watched Marley and Me cause she knows what's going to happen...which is apparently bad. We don't talk about it.

Dad laughs at mom during a movie when some animal gets hurt and mom is all: "Oh that poor dog/cat/horse/fish/bunny/cow/groundhog/etc!!"

And Dad is all: "Oh, nevermind the 200 people that just died!"

And Mom is all: "Shut up! Poor critter!!"

And Dad is all: "You're right, I'm sorry dear..."

Dad is smart.

Even last night, mom was watching some zombie show on TV and the horse the dude was on got the bitey put on and eaten by zombies!! Mom said that was uncalled for! Poor horsey!

So I'm standing by mom and her boycot of critter harming movies. You go mom!!