Monday, November 1, 2010

Just Say No to Evil Movies

Yesterday we didn't go hiking. Mom was LAAAAY-ZEEEE but that's okay. We just stayed home and watched scary movies all day.
Mom got sucked into some old Vincent Price movies on a classic movie channel. They aren't that spooky, but mom likes them. Then a friend called mom and asked if she wanted to go see a movie with her...Paranormal Activity Too.

Mom said NO! Not cause it's spooky (mom said the 1st one wasn't that scary to her) but Mom said there is a German Shepherd in the movie, and if there's a dog in the movie, nothin good can happen to it and she refuses to see it! You go mom! Stand up for movie dogs everywhere! Viva la doggie movie resistance!

Mom hates when critters in movies get hurt. She lost it during I Am Legend....apparently something bad happened to the doggie (also a GSD) in that movie and mom didn't care about the rest of the movie or the peoples in it. She hasn't even watched Marley and Me cause she knows what's going to happen...which is apparently bad. We don't talk about it.

Dad laughs at mom during a movie when some animal gets hurt and mom is all: "Oh that poor dog/cat/horse/fish/bunny/cow/groundhog/etc!!"

And Dad is all: "Oh, nevermind the 200 people that just died!"

And Mom is all: "Shut up! Poor critter!!"

And Dad is all: "You're right, I'm sorry dear..."

Dad is smart.

Even last night, mom was watching some zombie show on TV and the horse the dude was on got the bitey put on and eaten by zombies!! Mom said that was uncalled for! Poor horsey!

So I'm standing by mom and her boycot of critter harming movies. You go mom!!


  1. I laughed so hard reading couldn't be more like my house! The way I see it, in the movies where animals and people get hurt, usually the people have done something Stupid to get into the situation. Not so with animals - they're just along for the ride and the next thing you know - zombie attack! I can't watch I Am Legend either. Now that I know what happens, the entire time I'm sad for the dog - even if I miss the scene where he's killed. Tears - BIG, FAT, TEARS. Matt gives me the same rationale, "what about the people?" I just shake my head and grab another tissue!

  2. My mom is the same way with animails getting hurt in movies! Just uncalled for!!!
    ps. my friend Dillon (he's not a blogger :-( BOOOO) reads my blog every day, and his momma found a recipe on your bloggie for pupcakes! So she made them for Dillon's gotcha day yesterday! She saved one for me and one for my brotha from anotha motha, Emmett - we will be enjoying them tonight! I'm sure I'll blog about it! Just wanted to let you know they loved your recipe!

  3. That sounds so much like my mom!! She watches movies and cries if one critter gets hurt. Doesn't matter that the world may be coming to an end....a critter got hurt and she's bawling. She just went to see Secretariart and cried through the entire movie because the horses were so pretty!! Crybaby she is when it comes to animals. She completely lost it watching a rerun of Lassie Come Home the other week. I have no idea what to do with her. Lots of love, Holly

  4. There is a khopy of 8 Below upstairs that hasn't seen the of the DVD player...

    AND from what I hear, it won't evFUR -


  5. My mom do be just like your mom. When she woz a yungun she would run in the bafroom and slam the door shut if'n it looked like an animal woz going to get hurted on televishun. But hoomans would get all shotted and banged up and she did nuttin. Her kin would laff at her about it.

  6. I think you've got the right idea, Anna! We don't like to see animals get hurt, either. Mom says she's still traumatized from seeing Bambi in the movie theatre when she was three or four!


  7. I'm just like your mom. I never like bad and lousy ending of critters in the movie and I'd not watch any movies with animals get hurt in it. Worst still, I'd use up a whole box of Kleenex!