Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mystery of the Missing Kitty

When mom came home from work yesterday, she had a freak out. As she pulled up to the house, she noticed the front door WIDE OPEN!!

Mom started to wig out...the sheet-rock guys had come to finish the house and they'd left the door open, mom instantly ran in and did a kitty search (Dunc and I were safely in the backyard).

First kitty she found was Simon, he was actually by the door, but still in the house. Whew! Then she proceeded to the kitty cave of doom (aka under the bed) where she found Mia. Two down! But where was the fat devil kitty, Alley??

Mom looked all over in Alley's hidey spots, no devil cat. She took a flashlight and went outside looking for her. I volunteered to help, but since Alley doesn't like me at all, mom thought that I may scare her, so I watched from the backyard.

Dad called and asked how the sheet-rock looked and she said fine, but she was pre-occupied with finding Alley. Dad was at work and said he'd come home, but mom said that was okay, she'd find her. Mom asked the sheet-rock guys if they had seen a kitty (or el gato as she told them) and they said no.

At this point, mom was starting to freak out a bit...Alley cannot survive in the wild. She's kinda chubby and loves her kitty noms. Mom walked up and down our road, shining her flashy light into our neighbors shrubs (I'm suprised someone didn't call her in for being a cat burgalar!!). Frustrated and about to cry, dad called to check and said the last place he was Alley was the living room.

In one final attempt, mom looked UNDER the loveseat, and there was Alley! How she got under there we have no idea. More shocking is that the loveseat is RIGHT NEXT to the open door! Whew! Thank god Alley is lazy and didn't venture outside!!!

The sheet-rock guys said they were so sorry, they never saw any kitties and they opened the door cause the dust from the sanding of the sheet-rock was a lot. Mom said that was okay, everyone was accounted for.

Mom says there's no worse feeling that feeling like you've lost one of your furry kids! I told mom I'd never run away, that's what makes me better than a kitty. I know to stay home with my noms and toys. Apparently kitties don't know this. Again proving my theory kitties are weird.

In the end, the sheet-rock looks great, mom cleaned dust all night and we all slept soundly...me, mom and dad on the bed, with Simon curled up next to mom and Alley sleeping on mom's pillow. Glad everything is back to normal!!


  1. Harry's a big dum-dum kitty too! Wif NO street smarts he tries to run out da door every time Momma goes to check the mail. I tell him he's gonna get runned over! Now Momma carries him to the mailbox like a big fat baby!! Now they both look kinda dum-dum!

    Snooter sniffs,

  2. Hi! I am a new follower. My auntie Jen Jen made some nummy treats from your mom's recipe and told me to come check you out! I agree- kitteh's are wierd and all I want to do is chase them down! My mom loves them and wants them but my dad's wif me! No kitteh's :)
    Stop by and visit me if you can!

  3. Wow, we were hanging on every word waiting to hear that Alley had been found. Silly cats, why do they always want to hide under the furniture? We can just hear the big sigh of relief from Mom when she saw her under there.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Whew, you done gibbed me a skeer there! Those silly kittehs and they hidey spots. I has a funny story to tell you and I try to make it short. Peeples had 4 kittehs, 1 woz all black. Told werkman no to leave door open coz of kittehs. Werkman went to get tool out of truck. On way back to howse black kitteh sitting in front yard. Oops. Werkman picks up kitteh and puts him inside, locks up and leaves. Peeples come home and find FIVE kittehs in their howse - 2 black ones and one woz not theirs. The werkman had picked up the naybor's kitteh thinking it be their kitteh wot gotted outside and put it in their howse. BOL!

  5. Thank goodness!! I am so happy that everyone is safe!! That is a horrible feeling to think one has gotten outside and you have no idea where he or she could be. I've spend many nights in the past staying up all night long when a kitty or one of my dogs managed to get out the door and escape. Going up and down streets in the middle of the night crying and with a flashlight. I'm really glad she was found and everything is fine! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  6. Glad everyone is safe and sound! It's always a scary whe you think, or as my mom has experienced in the past -when I DO, your pets have gotten out! Mom just about stops breathing.

  7. oh big WHEW! Just leaving the door open.....eeeks! Can imagine the panic...and then joy when all furries are accounted for :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  8. I felt my heart start beating faster as I started to read your post! Then Mom said that we lived too far away for Alley to have hidden in one of our shrubs, so I sat back down to finish the story. I'm glad it all turned out okay!


  9. I was so worried about Alley while I was reading your post as it really scared me off. So glad that Alley was found safe and sound at last! Now you all know her favourite secret hideout, next time, check that spot first! Sure you can find her there!!!

  10. What a scare! We are glad that efurone is safe and sound!

    Happy Wednesday!
    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  11. what a scare! glad everyone is safe and sound!

  12. O My, Finally I can breave... I say this, and I am a first class bolter. It's not that I don't intend to return... it's just that adventure sometimes calls my name!

    So happy all are present and accounted for... I knwo how much that means to a the Mom!

    wif love from the Luke

  13. Oh that is so scary...I've had a few scares myself with both dogs and kitties, but fortunately all came home safely. Glad to hear everyone's home. And she's right -kitties are weird ;)