Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wake up mom!

I don't know what's wrong with mom. You would think she'd give me an award for what I did this morning, but instead, I got the stink eye. Hmmm...

I awoke on the bed and realized that it was mom waking up time. I can tell because I have to go potty and my tummy is hungry and rumbly. I can also tell cause Simon is by mom's head, staring at her and ready to wake her up to go feed him his canned food. But mom's alarm didn't go off. Uh oh! Mom's going to be late!! Super puppy and kitty forces unite!

I started by slowly belly crawling up to mom and licking her face. She grunted and rolled over.

Plan B. I began crawling all over mom. I got a "Get off me!" from mom who burrowed deeper in the covers. Time for Plan C--the Cat plan.

Simon took over from here...he is quite magical to watch, he's got it down to an art. It starts off with meowing/howling. Then he literally runs all over mom, at times placing a paw on her face. If that doesn't work, he starts randomly scratching at doors/walls/anything to annoy mom enough to get out of bed. Mia even joined in with some mewing. I added to Plan C by chasing Alley under the bed, causing her to make devil noises.

Mom reaction--she got up, took Simon to the cat room and closed the door, then went back to bed. Uh oh. I was now reduced to using my puppy staring powers to stare at mom as she slept, occasionally putting my cold, wet nose up to her face. Then, I was shocked to see Simon had escaped the cat room and was back for more! He's AMAZING!! This time, I chased Alley ONTO the bed as Simon howled. Nothing.

Figuring mom just wasn't going to get up, I had almost accepted our failure, but then Simon did the unthinkable. He unplugged mom's alarm clock. With a perfectly timed nose bump, mom rolled over, saw this, said some "words" and just got up. Success!!!

Aren't you proud of us mom?? We didn't let you oversleep! Wait, what? Daylight Saving time? What the crap is that?? What, it's actually only 5:30 and not 6:30?? Oooohhhh! Our bad...yeah....we love you...you know what would make you feel better? Giving us some noms...yep, that should do it.

Sidenote: boys are stupid...dad and Duncan slept through all of this!!


  1. BAHAHAHAHHAA! Momma told us all about this "fall back an hour" crap. Whatever... time to eat woman! McIver can't seem to go to bed. He sat in the doorway last night staring at Momma and Daddy and turning his head to the side cuz it was WAY to early for sleep. THEN he jumped on the bed and snootered Momma awake this morning at 5:15am. She was NOT happy!


  2. Great job Anna!!! You make us proud!! We have to do that to our mom sometimes to. We don't understand why peoples want to change the time anyways because it makes no sense to our stomach. That's funny that the "boys" of the house slept through it!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  3. BOL - that time change can really get the peeps messed up. All the little bipeds have been up super early around here. We got the Momster up early on Sunday, but so far this week, she says we are doing OK. Hope your Mom forgives you both and realizes you really were trying to help:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Haha--I feel your pain...every Sunday morning :(

  5. Oh, young Jedi, you has so much to learn. When you want your mom to FLY out of bed on the furst try, just pretend you is horking something up. Fur added effect you can do in on top of the bed. Trust me on this, they wake up PRONTO!

  6. Shawnee has shared some pawesome advice!

    File it away fur NEXT time!


  7. Wow, Your mommy must be a really HARD sleeper!!! My mommy gets up fussing when we wake her up too early and for some reason she says we have been doing that since Sunday. She says we need to readjust our clocks.
    Way to go guys, if she had been late she would have appreciated your fine efforts more.

  8. Shawnee is a master of the Force! Another good trick is making a particular stink that will make them think you had a bathroom emergency. Lilac has also got the cold nose technique perfected to an art form!


  9. What about a few deep breathings onto your mommy's face, especially the nose!

  10. Your mommy sounds like my mommy! I really have to get creative to get her up. She even takes my collar off at night so she doesn't hear it tink...tinking :)