Monday, July 30, 2012

Nesting Ninja Invaders

We're only 39 days away from the appearance of the Invisible People Puppy, which means mom is doing something weird...they call it "nesting". I'm not sure what that means, mom's not a bird, but apparently it does lead to massive house cleaning/redoing/daddy tasks and a lot of supervising from yours truly! It also causes dad to curse at something called "Pinterest".....

So this weekend, mom and dad decided to revamp the spare room and made  had dad help. I was cool with it, cause this is where Aunt T and Lola stay when they visit, and mom said Granny and Pawpaw will be visting a lot more soon. Let's do this!

Part of this process was getting a new peoples bed. The other one was OLD so out it went and in came a new, nice peoples mattress. There was furniture painting and mom made pillows and blah blah blah, but let's get to the part where things get weird...

We has these "garbage ninjas" in our neighborhood. Our city allows you to put all kinds of junk on the curb and they pick it up once a week, that is if it survives our local junk/garbage scavengers—the Garbage Ninjas. They are usually unseen, and your stuff just disappears within minutes of setting it out, so the below scene is what we believe to be “GNIs” or Garbage Ninja Imposters.

So after we'd finished all the new bedroom stuff, we looked up and witnessed the following…which mom took photos of:

The Scene: Mom: Honey, there’s some ninjas out here taking our mattress…

Wait, is he putting this on TOP of the van?? (this is after sever failed attempts to put them in the back of said van). He kept talking to something “in” the van but we didn’t know what it was….

Just as we wondered how they were going to secure it, this giant extension cord comes flying out the passenger window…I crap you not.

Like a redneck spider monkey, he climbs up, smoking, droopy-drawers and all, to HOIST the mattress up! Mom apologizes that she didn’t take a photo of it landing on top of him, making a redneck spider-monkey mattress sandwich, she was laughing too hard and trying not to pee herself…So, use your imagination, it looked a lot like Wiley Coyote  when a rock lands on him, little arms and legs sticking out. (But do know that the cig was still lit when he emerged!)

Time to secure this baby! Yes, they opened the passenger door and tied the extension cord through the window….if you look closely you can see the arm of his extension-cord hurling female cohort….no pictures of her either, but let's just say, neon pink tube top okay?

Oh yeah, this puppy is up to code!! And they drove off….God bless America.

Mom laughed so hard, dad had a look of shock and horror on his face, I was so shocked at this whole thing I didn't even bark at them...

In other, less entertaining news, during her "nesting" mom found her camera charger!! Yay! So now there's no reason that there shouldn't be more ANNA photos on here!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

DST: Duncan Savings Time

We're here, and alive. Sorry for lack of posts, but we have good excuses reasons:

1. It's too dang hot to do anything
2. Mom still has no mom

But there has been an interesting development. Duncan has moved on from Old Fart and has almost reached Diva Status.

During the last month, he has become very...umm..pushy when it comes to evening Nom-Time. Big boy has always loved nom-times, but he's reached new levels of demanding.

It is now evening nom-time at EXACTLY 7 p.m. No room for error...SEVEN PEE-EM!

He will actually awaken himself from his Old-Fart coma, walk over to mom and dad on the couch and huff, bark, whine and yes, even paw at them until they get up to feed his highness!!!

I am in awe of this brazen behavior. Even the kitties are in shock. The other night, dad was in the kitchen getting him and mom's noms ready and Duncan walked his fuzzy butt right in there, stood next to dad and gave him the nom-stare-of death. Dad told him to "get out" of the kitchen, and Duncan did, but then turned around and proceeded to bark at dad! Then huff, then give stink eye.

Mom laughed and said "Someone needs a Snickers!!!"