Thursday, July 5, 2012

DST: Duncan Savings Time

We're here, and alive. Sorry for lack of posts, but we have good excuses reasons:

1. It's too dang hot to do anything
2. Mom still has no mom

But there has been an interesting development. Duncan has moved on from Old Fart and has almost reached Diva Status.

During the last month, he has become very...umm..pushy when it comes to evening Nom-Time. Big boy has always loved nom-times, but he's reached new levels of demanding.

It is now evening nom-time at EXACTLY 7 p.m. No room for error...SEVEN PEE-EM!

He will actually awaken himself from his Old-Fart coma, walk over to mom and dad on the couch and huff, bark, whine and yes, even paw at them until they get up to feed his highness!!!

I am in awe of this brazen behavior. Even the kitties are in shock. The other night, dad was in the kitchen getting him and mom's noms ready and Duncan walked his fuzzy butt right in there, stood next to dad and gave him the nom-stare-of death. Dad told him to "get out" of the kitchen, and Duncan did, but then turned around and proceeded to bark at dad! Then huff, then give stink eye.

Mom laughed and said "Someone needs a Snickers!!!"


  1. OMD, what is it with these old pups? Phantom does the same thing at about the same time. He goes back and forth from Mom to .dad. He even rings the bell to go outside to get us other three to go out because he thinks the peeps will give him more treats if he is the only one inside. As soon as the door is open we all go out and he runs to the kitchen. We too are In awe of him

    Woos - The OP Pack

  2. That is funny , Duncan the Diva! Have a happy Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We could relate, also to the OP Pack. I ring the bell when she is to slow to serve dinner or I but her with my head
    Benny & Lily

  4. OH!! Do you get 'someone needs a Snickers' adverts over there too? Ours in the UK feature Joan Collins in full Dynasty gear being horrible to these guys getting changed after a football match and then someone gives her a Snickers bar and she becomes a guy with a beard and his pal says "You turn into a right diva when you are hungry".

    (I only watch TV with one eye when THEY think I'm asleep)

    Love and licks, Winnie

  5. Love the OLD FART status thingy... I guess that Duncan is gettin ready fur Declan's Olympic Event... B O L
    THIS was a majorly hysterical post...
    7 PEE M ...... LOVE IT!!!

    PeeS.... did you know that you have the dreaded DOUBLE Word/Numeral Varification thingy turned on? This is my THRID time.. THESE are really hard ones.

  6. BOL! Oh, those senior dogs! I tell you, I learned a lot from Lilac and when I get old, I'm going to try all her tricks. Those old dogs sure are nervy!

    Just another warning, Kuster will probably be on the blog tomorrow and if you have a weakness for dogs in uniform, bring your paper bag. The boy sure doesn't know anything about modesty!


  7. Do we has to let a boy into the Diva Club? OK, fine, I approve this one time only becoz HE IS SO GOOD AT IT!!!! It mite has taken him a whole lifetime but he finally got it.

  8. Did you enjoy rolling and playing on the park :D

    Puppy Bond | Paw Planet

  9. HaHa! This is what I call "elder dog wisdom". They've finally figured out that no matter what happens, the humans won't hurt or kill them. I think until they reach a senior status, they aren't too sure about us...Then all obedience goes flying out the window! Congrats on ultimate trust! :D

  10. Senior dogs, they are with attitude aren't they? Hope someone stocked up on Snickers.

  11. Hi there Anna! We have something for you! Come check it out!

  12. It's very important to train your human properly,routine is very important to us K9s, I keep telling She Who Thinks She Must Be Obeyed, but does she listen?