Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Duncan-ator

This morning mom left with Duncan....and no me. Daddy stayed home with me and I was very upset that both mom and Dunc left me....I mean, I'm supposed to go everywhere! So I woke dad up and demanded he tell me where in the bloody blazes they went.

Dad said "Dr. Vet"

I said "But I always go for moral support when Dunc goes to Dr. Vet...what gives?"

Dad said "Duncan is getting laser therapy"

This kinda scared me...I mean, I love to play with Duncan but what kind of unfair advantage will lasers give him??? I was thinking of this:

But dad said that what it's nothing like that (whew!) that it's a therapy to help with Dunc's "authoritis". It's a new therapy called a k-laser and it's supposed to make him feel all better. So I anxiously awaited his arrival home (just in case dad was lying and Duncan was actually turned into a robo-dog with laserbeam could totally happen okay??).

And what do you know, he came home normal. Mom said he really liked it, that it was like a "spa" treatment and that since his authoritis isn't too bad that it should work wonders for him. He has five more treatments to go. I'm so excited my big bro is going to feel better! This means more playtime for us!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Guess what I did....

I pooped IN the ocean!!! It was quite refreshing, despite the look of utter horror on my mom and dad's faces. Since we got down here I haven't pooped...I hadn't felt the need. And there we were frolickin' in the water and BAM! I had to go! So, I did what any other dog would do, I popped a squat, it just happened to be in the tide.

I thought mom and dad would be happy, they seemed to be quite concerned about my lack of poo, and I think after the initial shock they were. You think I would have even got a thank you for mom since she didn't have to use a pooper bag or nothing!

Oh well, you know how it is, when you gotta go you gotta go.

I also discovered something I could do today, I can DIG ON THE BEACH and NOT get in trouble! It's pretty freakin' awesome. I can dig holes everywhere and no one tries to stop me. I have a small army of pits out there...I'm hoping to catch one of those stupid birds or "SEE-GIRLS" as mom calls them.

Anyway, here's some pics of the day. Mom and dad said if the weather holds out we're goin "crabbin" tonight. I have no idea what the hell that is, but I'm going to take a nap and think about it. Enjoy!

Dig dig dig!!


I'm lookin' for pie-rate treasure!!!

No pie, but I have lots of sand on my face!

What you think Duncan??

I think you're working way too hard, it's a vacation you doofus!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Vacation Day One

So last night mom and dad packed up everything we own in preparation for our "vacation". Duncan said the last time he saw so much crap go in the car it was for Christmas when mom and dad load up all the presents.

So this morning I wake up all excited. Mom and Dad wanted to sleep so they put me outside, so I just barked outside their window....they took the hint. We finally got loaded up...then I realized that "vacation" means staying in the car for a looong time with occasional breaks. At first I thought this was pretty lame, then we finally arrived.

Kudos to mom, the beachhouse is pretty top notch and very fitting of my diva and Duncan's pimp status. It's like something off MTV doggie cribs! We FINALLY made it to the big water...Dad warned me it was like the biggest creek ever and holy crap was he right!

At first I ran away from the waves then I jumped in and started swimming....other than the fact the water tastes like complete butt, it's really cool. I even saw some little bird thing and wanted to chase it but dad said no. Anyway, here's some pics from my day, the beach is pretty cool and Duncan and I mucho tired!

Dunc and I are big pimpin on our patio!

What is all this stuff???


Don't fall for it Dunc!

He totally fell for it...

This is the biggest creek ever I think!

Dunc says LIFE IS GOOD!!

Yeah, I think I can get used to this!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vote for me!

Okay, so I'm pretty competative...and the HEAT is ON people!!! I'm entered in the most "Ear-isitable" contest over at the Tiffany and the Munchkins and I can almost taste the victory people!

Right now I'm in a dead heat versus Coco, the Chihuahua...we're neck and neck and I need your help to win! This is serious people...for a diva such as myself I need self gratification and this fits the bill. Also, mom uped the stakes and said if I win she will un-condemn my MUD PIT!!!

It's do or die wouldn't deny a cute little German Shepherd the chance to frolick in mud and gunk would you (I'm batting my eyelashes right now and giving the saddest puppy eyes)??

Paid for by the Anna for most "Ear-isitable" dog coalition. It is not intended to declare that Anna's ears are better than any other ears, only that she really really really wants to win and have her mudpit back.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rain...Le Sigh

Sigh. While the last few days have been awesome with cupcakes and toys and whatnot, I swear, all this rain is driving me crazy! It's rained here like everyday for two or three weeks!

My yard is a mess. The grass is tall and my mud pit/hole is in a constant state of disrepair. I am worried that it's going to be condemmed. There was finally a break in the rain enough for dad to try to cut the grass but then the wheel came off the lawnmower (I thought this was funny, apparently, not so much to Dad) so we have this lovely crop circle in the front yard.

Oh, and ants are freakin everywhere!! Ants are basically impossible to attack. The only good thing I've found is that the froggies come out but there's only so much froggie squishing a girl can handle.

We haven't done any tracking since mom was sick and the rain has been so bad. I can't go play in the creek cause the creek is flooded and mom say the "curr-ent" is too strong and might sweep me away...which sounds like a bad thing.

At least I'm not in George-ah where apparently it's really bad. I hope any of my George-ah friends are okay and safe with their peoples.

Mom said she's never seen so much rain neither, but again, I'm only like one so I'll have to take her word on it. Mom says hopefully it will be sunny when we go to the beach this weekend. I hope so! I need some Vitamin D! Stat!

It's so rainy I haven't even seen any squirrels! I thought I saw one the other day, went to chase it and it was just a stinkin' pinecone. Bah. Rain sucks cat poop.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

B'day Loot and a Stupid Hat

Thanks for all the B'day wishes! It was the best birthday EVER (well, it was my first, but it was the best!).

I got all kinds of great prezzies! Mom did good. I loved unwrapping them. You actually get to destroy paper and NOT get in trouble. It's actually encouraged. I didn't ask questions, I just went with it, and after you destroy the paper there are prizes inside. I think birthdays should be everyday. Here's my loot!

Hmm....wonder what's in here???

OMG a pink camo WUBBA!!! I love wubba's!!!

What do you think Duncan??

Wow! Wubba, a giant spider and an Octopus Cuz!!

Yeah, I racked up! I love Wubba's (go get your dog one now!) and I've already partially amputated on of spider's legs. The Octopus Cuz is also great, it's by the same people who make my Bawk Bawk and Cuz. They squeak LOUD!

Okay, now onto a more pressing subject. Mom decided to humiliate me by putting an ice cream cone on my head. This is NOT cool like a Band-Anna. Here's the photographic evidence of my torture...someone call the SPCA on them!!!

So I destroyed the first one, thinking awesome it's all done! But noooooo mom got a pack of the damn icecream cones. I finally relented so she could get one more picture....

Then tried to find the ice cream in the cone. There wasn't any, so I just destroyed this one as well. She gave up after that, but she was highly entertained and said I looked "so cute". I ain't buying it. Whatever makes her happy I guess...but sometimes peoples are so weird.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Annabelle at 7 weeks!!

Get out the party hats and the presents! Today's the day! I'm officially one year old!!
Mom woke me up this morning by singing Happy B'day to me. I was expecting breakfast in bed or something, but nope. And when I tried to take my chiken to bed mom yelled at me. Guess I can't have it all on my b'day. :(

Here are some photos of me as a little puppin for your viewing pleasure:

So yesterday we went to Granny and Papa's. I got to see my cousin Rebel, he's a shelti and LOVES to play! Mom said he's coming to stay with us for 10 days next month when granny and papa go out of town. I can't wait to show him my pit!

Mom brought the puppy cupcakes with us and she frosted them and made them all yummy!

"Did someone say cupcakes???"

Notice I'm sportin' my B'day Band-Anna mom made for me!

There's the cupcakes!!! Yumm!!!!

Rebel really liked his! After licking all the icing off!

We had a really good time. Mom and dad got some prezents too. I was tired by the time we got home. Mom said tonight Aunt Temple is coming down to stay with us. I was like "wow! I'm important!" then she told me it was because Aunt Temple had some work stuff to do in town--but she'd be happy to see me on my b'day too.

I heard mom mention to daddy something about going to Petsmart to get my prezent and then getting me a b'day hat. I'm not too sure about the hat thing, but I'm all about presents!! Mom said I'm not a "puppy" anymore, but dad said I'd always be his little pumpkin puppy! I'm so glad they're my parents, and also glad there's extra cupcakes left over for tonight!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mojo and Cupcakes!

Hey everyone. I hope you're having a great weekend so far. Mine has been aciton packed. After the picnic yesterday, mom and I got ready to watch Auburn play! Dad had to work so it was just me, mom, Duncan and the kitties (I don't really count them though).

It started off bad. Real bad. Auburn kitties weren't doing well. Then mom realized what it was! I wasn't wearing my lucky Band-Anna! Mom said I needed to wear gave our team secret mojo powers. I was like, whatever, but it actually worked!! We came back and won....I am now drunk with power. Mom said I HAVE to wear my Band-Anna for every game and even though I got it dirty by celebrating in the dirt, we can't wash's part of the mojo!

Notice the lucky game/mojo dirt!
Mom also made some puppy cupcakes for my b'day party with my cousins today! It was really easy and really yummy (I HAD to taste test one!!!)
Here's the instruktions for your peoples so they can make them for you!
1C flour
1tsp vanilla
1/3 C honey
1 egg
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 C peanut butter
1/4 Veg oil
1 C sliced/diced carrots

Mix all together

Should be a kinda thick paste

Pour into muffin pan and bake at 350 for 20-30 min.

Then there's the frosting....which is 1pkg reduced fat cream cheese and 2 Tbs honey. Put on the cupcakes. Mom said then she's going to roll the frosted cupcakes in crushed up milkbone treats! Score!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Therapy Friends

My mom wants to thank you all for the get well wishes. She's not 100 percent, but she's much in she finally put on her "face" and went out of the house today! Go mom!

She took Duncan and I too see Dunc's therapy friends. Duncan is a therapy dog and visits nursing homes. They were on the "off season" but are gaming up for another year of visits. I went on one or two last year, but I was just a little pup and don't remember much about them. I do remember I was more interested in other dogs than the people!

Mom says I may get to go to some this year, although I'm not a "natural" like Dunc is. He just sits there and will be petted for HOURS and makes the people he visits really happy. So, in order to be awesome like my big brother, I got to meet some of his therapy buddies.

Duncan said he'd teach me to "work the crowd" like he does...he's such a pro!!!

These are "the poodles" Duncan's nemisis although he doesn't pay them any mind.

I thought someone had drug in and killed a bear....

OMG it's a dog!! I thought I was big, but holy crap!!! (he drooled.. A LOT!)

Checkin' out the puppies and peoples

This husky was just rescued...they had to shave her cause her coat was so matted and nasty. I like huskies!!

All in all it was a good day. It stopped raining enough for us to enjoy the picnic. Mom is getting me ready for my b'day party tomorrow and made some doggy cupcakes. I'll show them to you tomorrow...I taste tested one, it was delicious! Shhh!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sick Peoples

Sorry I haven't posted lately, I've been busy taking care of mom. She's still got the furball bug thing going on, but she's slowly getting better.

I've been doing a lot of fever checks (licking her forehead), bug patroling, tissue removal (tearing apart all her used tissues), bed sore reduction service (making her move by letting me out, feeding me, etc.) and kitty protection (I don't trust them near a sickly mommy!).

I found the best thing I can do is just crawl in bed with mom and let her snuggle up next to me and sleep. I admit, this is pretty awesome, I just wish she felt better. Daddy had to work last night and when he got home I was sooo hyper! So he stayed up and played with me and my Cuz. Then I went to check on mom and crashed. Dad said I'm the best doggie nurse ever and that he was very proud of me for being a good girl.

Mom says she has to feel better, we have a busy weekend! My b'day is Monday and we're going to see Granny and Papa and Aunt Temple Sunday and mom wants to make b'day cupcakes for me, Duncan, Lola and Rebel. How awesome is that??

Tomorrow is Duncan's kickoff picnic with his therapy buddies. Mom wants to take both of us, but daddy said only if she feels better. Duncan is a therapy dog that visits local nursing homes. I went once or twice last year...I'm a little wary of wheelchairs, but mom thinks I'll be fine as long as Big Bro Duncan is there with me. I would like to meet some of his friends though!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I'm worried about mom and dad...I think they have hairballs!!!

They keep coughing. But no furballs come up. They just cough. And cough. Then lay around. I didn't even get a walk last night!

So after realizing one of my worst fears might be coming to pass, I asked mom, "Mom, are you turning into a kitty??" and she said no silly, that mom and daddy were feeling under the weather. That they must have caught a bug from somewhere but they should be better soon.

After hearing this, I've gone on bug patrol around the house....going after any sort of bug. Flies, ladybugs, moths. I ain't takin the chance of them getting to my peoples! Then after a small bug massacre, mom explained that it's not an actual "bug" but a cold. I still have no idea what she's talking about so I just nodded my head and kept looking for bugs.

I hope they feel better soon. We leave for the beach in a week-ish and we're going to Granny and Papa's this weekend for b'day celebrations. Until then, I'm on bug patrol. I've even wrangled the kitties to help me watch out for bugs, since the kitties need the peoples for foods!

Monday, September 14, 2009


Last night mom was watching recorded ANTM...or America's Next Top Model. Dad says he doesn't know how mom can watch that crap. Mom says to leave her alone and decided to show dad what she's learned from years of watching Tyra. So who was her photo subject? Me of course! I'm now ANDM...or America's Next Dog Model!

Here I am getting ready for my shoot...notice how I "smile with my eyes" and my giant tounge just like mom and Tyra told me too!

Check out this pose below...I can sell any outfit I tell ya! Mom helped me vizualize by telling me to think of being in the Swiss mountains...with the hills alive with music and stuff.

No I worked my profile. This I think, really helps sell the outfit. And Tyra says it's ALL about selling the clothes!

I also channeled a little bit of Tyra by throwing a model-hissy fit. I mean I wanted some treats and some bully sticks STAT! Don't you know who I AM???

Finally, I just called it quits. The puparatizi was just too much...I mean all those flashes might give me wrinkles or somethin!

Dad says it has to stop raining soon. Mom and I have gone crazy. He's just jealous cause he can't smile with his eyes!!!