Monday, September 21, 2009


Annabelle at 7 weeks!!

Get out the party hats and the presents! Today's the day! I'm officially one year old!!
Mom woke me up this morning by singing Happy B'day to me. I was expecting breakfast in bed or something, but nope. And when I tried to take my chiken to bed mom yelled at me. Guess I can't have it all on my b'day. :(

Here are some photos of me as a little puppin for your viewing pleasure:

So yesterday we went to Granny and Papa's. I got to see my cousin Rebel, he's a shelti and LOVES to play! Mom said he's coming to stay with us for 10 days next month when granny and papa go out of town. I can't wait to show him my pit!

Mom brought the puppy cupcakes with us and she frosted them and made them all yummy!

"Did someone say cupcakes???"

Notice I'm sportin' my B'day Band-Anna mom made for me!

There's the cupcakes!!! Yumm!!!!

Rebel really liked his! After licking all the icing off!

We had a really good time. Mom and dad got some prezents too. I was tired by the time we got home. Mom said tonight Aunt Temple is coming down to stay with us. I was like "wow! I'm important!" then she told me it was because Aunt Temple had some work stuff to do in town--but she'd be happy to see me on my b'day too.

I heard mom mention to daddy something about going to Petsmart to get my prezent and then getting me a b'day hat. I'm not too sure about the hat thing, but I'm all about presents!! Mom said I'm not a "puppy" anymore, but dad said I'd always be his little pumpkin puppy! I'm so glad they're my parents, and also glad there's extra cupcakes left over for tonight!!!


  1. Happy first Birthday, Annabelle - love using your full name. Look at those cute puppy ears:) Your cupcakes look sooooooooooo yummy. Have fun at Petsmart and pick out a great toy.

    Woos, the OP Pack

    Pee Ess, yes, you are right, it was beautiful here yesterday but right now it is raining very very hard:(

  2. Happy Barkday to woo!

    Tank woo fur sharing those khute puppy pikhs of woo - so, when did woo get those serious ears of yours?

    I bet woo will have SOOOOO much fun having your own Sheltie around!

    Enjoy your trip and make sure woo pikhk out something pawesome!


  3. Happy Birfday, Anna! Wow, your mom is getting so good at making those Band-Annas that you even gotted a birfday one!

  4. Happy Barkday !!!
    you are so cute when you are little . :-)


  5. Happy Birthday, Anna. Looks like you had a great day with your family. Loooove the puppy pictures!

  6. Happy Barkday Anna! I lurve all your puppy pictures!

    Hope you get something super fantabulous at the petsmart - you deserve it!