Friday, September 18, 2009

Sick Peoples

Sorry I haven't posted lately, I've been busy taking care of mom. She's still got the furball bug thing going on, but she's slowly getting better.

I've been doing a lot of fever checks (licking her forehead), bug patroling, tissue removal (tearing apart all her used tissues), bed sore reduction service (making her move by letting me out, feeding me, etc.) and kitty protection (I don't trust them near a sickly mommy!).

I found the best thing I can do is just crawl in bed with mom and let her snuggle up next to me and sleep. I admit, this is pretty awesome, I just wish she felt better. Daddy had to work last night and when he got home I was sooo hyper! So he stayed up and played with me and my Cuz. Then I went to check on mom and crashed. Dad said I'm the best doggie nurse ever and that he was very proud of me for being a good girl.

Mom says she has to feel better, we have a busy weekend! My b'day is Monday and we're going to see Granny and Papa and Aunt Temple Sunday and mom wants to make b'day cupcakes for me, Duncan, Lola and Rebel. How awesome is that??

Tomorrow is Duncan's kickoff picnic with his therapy buddies. Mom wants to take both of us, but daddy said only if she feels better. Duncan is a therapy dog that visits local nursing homes. I went once or twice last year...I'm a little wary of wheelchairs, but mom thinks I'll be fine as long as Big Bro Duncan is there with me. I would like to meet some of his friends though!


  1. You shore is a good nurse. I dinnot noes you could do all of those things for your mom. I has to remember that if'n my mom gets a hairball.

  2. Hope your mom feels better, Anna! That stinks that she isn't feeling well right now.

  3. Wish your mom will get well soon!!
    you are such a good girl!!


  4. WOW!

    Woo are pawesome!

    PeeEssWoo: Is your dad paying woo fur your nursing khare?

  5. Good job as the nurse on duty, Anna. Just tell mom not to try to bounce back too quickly. We sure hope she eels better very quicly.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  6. Anna, you're a wonderful nurse! I'm sure your mommy was super grateful to have you around patrolling. Hope you have a pawsome weekend!