Monday, September 14, 2009


Last night mom was watching recorded ANTM...or America's Next Top Model. Dad says he doesn't know how mom can watch that crap. Mom says to leave her alone and decided to show dad what she's learned from years of watching Tyra. So who was her photo subject? Me of course! I'm now ANDM...or America's Next Dog Model!

Here I am getting ready for my shoot...notice how I "smile with my eyes" and my giant tounge just like mom and Tyra told me too!

Check out this pose below...I can sell any outfit I tell ya! Mom helped me vizualize by telling me to think of being in the Swiss mountains...with the hills alive with music and stuff.

No I worked my profile. This I think, really helps sell the outfit. And Tyra says it's ALL about selling the clothes!

I also channeled a little bit of Tyra by throwing a model-hissy fit. I mean I wanted some treats and some bully sticks STAT! Don't you know who I AM???

Finally, I just called it quits. The puparatizi was just too much...I mean all those flashes might give me wrinkles or somethin!

Dad says it has to stop raining soon. Mom and I have gone crazy. He's just jealous cause he can't smile with his eyes!!!


  1. I hasn't seen that show. It must not bees on Animal Planet. Mebbe they will has your ANDM show on AP. I be watching for it.

  2. Maybe woo should see my blog fur tues-day!

    Woo work it Anna-Girl...woo work it!