Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tracking Take 2

We did some more tracking this weekend and THIS time, dad got some pics of me in action!

Check out my mighty sniffer (mom says excuse her appearance, they had been pressure washing that day and she didn't get gussied up to go out in the field!)

Me pullin mom along the track...

Using da sniffer!

Mom's fave photo...check out that focus! I'm a MACHINE!!!!

I found the article at the end! A sock! With hotdog on it! Sweet!

Mom also got me a harness this weekend...that way she's not pullin' on my neck while I'm sniffin. It's pink (of course) and we tried it out at home yesterday. It's pretty cool. And now when I see that I know that it's hotdog...I mean, trackin' time!

HOPEFULLY we'll get out to the fields to try out my harness today. My longest track this weekend was 50 yds. Mom is planning on doing 80 today. I better rest my sniffer!


  1. Great tracking, Anna. Maybe you can come help me with my tracking - check out my blog post today - I really need help getting at what I sniff.

    Woos, Thunder

  2. Oh yes Anna!

    Go help TD with his trakhking!

    My mom says she understands the lakhk of getting gussied up! She had to pull a hat on fur our furst walk today - I'm glad no one saw me with her!


  3. I've got to get a harness for Marge when she's out on her long line, too.

    Tracking is awesome! GREAT JOB, Anna!

  4. Hey Anna! We just wanted you to know that we gave you an award yesterday! Come by our blog and check it out.

    Chihuahua kisses,
    The Munchkins

  5. Great tracking Anna! I can't wait to see pictures of you in the pink harness!

  6. Hey Anna! Do you know if your mom read any good articles about how to have you practice your tracking? I'd like to get my Jaxson some practice with that but im not sure where to start!
    -Tara, Jaxson's mom